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This week our Q&A comes from a question we received from Kathy on our YouTube channel. She wanted to know some info about Harvest Hosts:


Kathy’s question made us realize we’ve yet to discuss, in depth, about the perks of being a member of Harvest Hosts.

Watch the Video:

What is Harvest Hosts?

We like to think of Harvest Hosts as a “data-base of farms & vineyards that allow members free overnight camping”. The only requirement is that your RV must be self-contained.

A yearly membership costs $44 (or $40 is you sign up for auto-renewal).

Harvest Hosts official description of the membership is this:

Harvest Hosts’ goal is to provide fun, new experiences for self-contained RVers. Visit interesting locales, enjoy wine tastings, farm tours or museums and purchase locally grown products. You’ll enjoy supporting the local economy and at the end of the day you’ll have a unique and special location to spend the night for free.  When considering how much to spend at a Host, please consider how much money you are saving by not being in a campground.

Is it Worth the Price?

If you follow our travels, then you’re well aware that we focus on minimal expenses and track our budget daily. For any yearly membership to be worthwhile it must provide savings and/or experiences.

Harvest Hosts is awesome of both fronts! We’ve camped at 7 unique HH locations this year for a total of 12 nights. That equals a daily average of $3.67, by years end we’ll probably get the average close to $2.00.

Is it Easy to Find Harvest Hosts Locations?

Super easy! We’ve linked a HH-locations map below; as for our personal experience, we’ve always found HH locations with ease.

And, to answer Kathy’s initial question; we saw many NorCal locations. In fact, we just left a participating vineyard located right outside of Sacramento.


Our Harvest Hosts Experience

We’ve camped at Harvest Hosts locations from Michigan to California; some of them have been once-in-a-lifetime experiences that are unique to Harvest Hosts members.

Our favorites (so far) have been camping at a lavender farm on the Olympic Peninsula, a honey farm in Texas, an apple orchard in Washington, and a “mom & pop” soap farm in Michigan (where a family makes soaps & salves from goat milk harvested on site)!

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