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Top 5 RV Renovation Upgrades

Top 5 RV Renovation Upgrades

This week our “Five for Friday” is all about RV renovations. We spent 6 months renovating our rig before hitting the road and continue to make small upgrades here and there.

We understand that all rigs are unique and that different travel styles require different modifications. But, these are the five renovations that have greatly improved our RV experience.

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#1 – LED Lights

Upgrading to LED lighting is an easy way to conserve energy and extend boondocking adventures. There are many advantages to LED lights; including low heat, low energy consumption, and a long life.

We bought some pretty generic LEDs from Amazon and wired them up ourselves in one afternoon.

The only downside to LED lighting is the lack of ambiance. They can often come off as harsh and super bright.

#2 – Fan-Tastic Fan

This is our most recent upgrade and it may turn out to be one of favorites. Before installing this rooftop fan, we have the original 1985 sky light that offered minimal air circulation.

The Fan-Tastic fan offers forward and reverse fan motion and creates tons of flow through our camper. It wires directly into the DC electrical system and doesn’t pull much energy. We’re hoping this helps us stay cool on warm summer days and helps us cut down on on generator usage while boondocking.

There are many different models ranging in price and features – this is the fan we installed.

#3 – Large Tool Box

Our 1985 Fiber Stream is only 16 feet long and has minimal storage space. Installing a large plastic tool box gave us extra room to store supplies and didn’t add too much weight to the camper.

We installed this box on the tongue, but there are many ways to install it to the rear as well. The extra storage acts as our tiny garage – carrying tools and outdoor RV gear.

#4 – Solar System

As avid boondockers, having a good solar set is key. On our roof we installed two 100w solar panels and upgrade the RV’s battery to a sealed 200ah AGM. If we had more space, we’d love to install a more substantial system – but this works well for us now.

We also add a 1500 pure sine wave inverter and upgrade our converter to a smart, 4 stage unit.

Overall, this system has let us take extended boondocking trips. Just the way we like it!

#5 – Composting Toilet

Many would debate that a composting toilet is not an upgrade – and we totally get it. But for us, and our vintage camper, it was a huge improvement. Our original black water tank was only 7 gallons!

By adding a composting toilet we’re able to get a lot more time camping in the boonies.

During a typical boondocking session we can last between 2-4 weeks before emptying our compost. We wrote an article about it here and, in case you’re wondering, this is the model we installed.

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Sunny Junket (leslie & eric)

Friday 2nd of June 2017

Do you miss having an awning? We are about to set out in our 1982 18ft trailer. The awning needs to be replaced and we were told that it was not original to the trailer. Also we have weight concerns like you guys as we are currently in an inferior tow vehicle. We are now considering getting rid of the awning and seeing if we really need it. Thank you, love you guys, you are a total inspiration!

Ron M.

Sunday 7th of May 2017

LED lights never come off as harsh ... if you get the right color. I stay away from "daylight" ones and go more for "warm white". What you want to look at is the rating of the bulb in Kelvin degrees; Kelvin is what is used to measure the color of light. "Daylight" is typically 5000K and "Warm White" is usually 2800-3000K and is comparable to the light from the incandescent bulbs used for decades. I prefer about 3200K but a good compromise that leans toward daylight is around 4000K which is what is recommended for museums, photography exhibitions, etc. You may have to shop around but you can find more soothing LEDs in just about any size/shape nowadays.

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