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Fan-Tastic Fan Review // RV Rooftop Vent

This Monday our “Word of the Week” is Fan-Tastic Fan. We recently installed one of these roof top vents on our vintage camper and have already noticed a huge difference.

Watch the video:


What is the Fan-Tastic Fan?

The Fan-Tastic fan is a rooftop vent that pulls hot air out of an RV and keeps cool air flowing through. They fit in a standard 14×14″ vent/skylight fitting and wire into preexisting DC power.

There are many different models of the fan ranging from $130 to $322 – each model preforms the same main function, but as the price increases, automated and wireless features are introduced.

We installed the high-end version – model #7350 – which includes an automated vent lift, reverse air flow, a built in thermostat and low amp draw. One of our favorite features of this model is the vent’s rain sensor. If it notices rain in the air, the vent will automatically close and turn off.

Was Install Easy?

We installed the vent ourselves and found the process to be pretty easy and only needed basic tools. The most challenging part was removing the old vent and cleaning the surface area in preparation to install the Fan-Tastic fan. Watch Love Your RV do a complete install!


Once the area was cleaned, the new vent fit into the original opening and could be screwed down and sealed. Remember, each RV is different and will present its unique challenges. Because our molded fiberglass roof is so thin we made a small wooden frame for added support.

We used lap sealant to make everything watertight. Last night, after a heavy rainfall, the vent proved to be installed and sealed without any issues!

Our Experience

During our first week of using the Fan-Tastic fan we have noticed great changes. We’re currently located in south Alabama with electric hookups and have been running our AC non-stop. The new fan has allowed us to turn the AC off in the mornings and the evenings and still feel cool.

We see the most potential for the fan when we’re boondocking off grid. Because of its low amp draw, we’ll be able to stay cool without running out of power or having to use our generator.

Overall, there is huge upside with our new Fan-Tastic Fan and we wish we would’ve invested in one sooner!

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  1. Mick says:

    We love ours.

  2. We installed one in our last RV and miss it in our new RV! It is definitely on our wish list and one for free even better:)

  3. Robert says:

    I have a 1972 airstream