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The Ultimate California RV Show Guide | 2019 Update

The Ultimate California RV Show Guide | 2019 Update

The California RV Show is making BIG upgrades this year and we’re here to guide you through all the latest changes.

However, one thing that isn’t changing – the California RV Show is still the largest RV show on the west coast. Spanning 10 days, and 1,300 RVs, you’ll be able to tour all the newest RVs in the USA.

Best of all, 14 different dealerships will be vying for your attention. This means the deals are better than ever.

Tom Gaither, director of California RVIA Show says:

“This is the only show on the West Coast sponsored by RV manufacturers that has more than 1,000 new 2020 models on display, and it’s the only time consumers can meet the manufacturers, get advice on the different RVs on display, and make a great deal with one of the 14 dealerships we will have there.”

When Is The California RV Show?

The 2019 California RV Show launches on Friday, October 4th at 10am.  The show runs for ten consecutive days – the final show day is Sunday, October 13th. Show hours are the same each day, opening at 10am and closing at 6pm.

Where Is The California RV Show?

One of the biggest changes to the show this year is location. Moving from their longtime location, the L.A. Fairplex in Pomona; the California RV Show found its new home at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana.

This new location boasts over one million square feet of display space and 3,000 parking spots. All the parking is free, by the way!

How Much Does The RV Show Ticket Cost?

Yes, there is free parking…but, it still costs to enter the show. Single day tickets bought at the gate are $15, online they’re $13. Active duty military/veterans attend for free. Children under 12 attend for free, too.

Additionally, we have an exclusive discount code to share with you! Use the code “RV5” to save $5 on your online tickets right here.

California RV Show | Guide 2019

California RV Show | Guide 2019

2020 RVs to Tour at the Show

With over 1,300 RVs on site, it can seem overwhelming to know where to begin. Below we’re featuring a few of our favorite RVs that will be at the 2019 California RV Show. These 2020 units have the most high-tech features and amazing functionality.

If you’re attending the show with intent to purchase an RV, you’ll want to check out these RV Shopping Comparison Printables.

Sportsmobile Class Bs

There’s a lot of buzz about millennials + the RV market. While some of the buzz is simply driven by industry “click bait”, it’s true that millennials are buying more RVs than ever. If you want to know what type of RVs they’re buying, look no further than Sportsmobile.

Price: $40,000 and up. The coolest part about this company is their transparency. They essentially give you a menu, and you design the rig you want. Here’s a look at their price & options “menu”.

Why You’ll Love It: Ultimate portability! These Class Bs can park anywhere and handle like a regular vehicle. The build-out options are amazing. You can create an urban, stealth-camping van, or an off-grid home on wheels (and everything in between).

Jonathan Feld, the President of Sportsmobile says:

The 4×4 mid roof Ford Transit offers a great roomy interior with taller head room than most pop up vans when the roof is down. When the top is raised, Shaquille O’neal could stand up with room to spare and there is also a drop down bunk that offers sleeping for 2 on a six foot bed. It’s off-road capabilities and roomy interior will be a popular option for people moving forward.

ModVans: Modern & Modular Camper Vans

Here’s another small, and super functional RV. Like the Sportmobile, we really enjoy the customization options on these vans.

Price: $78,000 and up. These Class B RVs can be customized from the comfort of your computer. This online build-out option, make it exciting design your ideal rig.

Why You’ll Love It: You can design your ideal RV, then sit back, relax and wait for it to arrive! Class Bs are becoming increasingly popular for both young & old RVers. Make sure you check these out at the California RV Show!

Airstream Nest

Airstream has taken note from the consumer; small, portable RVs that can go off-road are all the rage among younger RVers. At the California RV Show you’ll be able to view two of Airstream’s small trailer options.

Price: Starting around $47,000

Why We Love It: Quality, baby! The molded fiberglass shell is made of only three pieces. That’s not a lot of entry points for water. I know leaks aren’t a huge concern for brand new RVs…but, give it a few years and it’ll be a problem for most. The Airstream nest alleviates those leakage concerns and is built to last the test of time.

Secondly, Airstreams hold their value better than any other RV manufacturer. Sure you’ll pay more upfront. However, you’ll have much more value left in the RV five years from now.

inTech RV – Sol Dawn

If you like the look of the Airstream Nest, but don’t like the price…check out the inTech Sol Dawn. It has a similar size and weight – however, a much more economical price tag.

Price: around $27,000

Why You’ll Love It: Tow-ability! Weighing between 2,590 – 2,695LBS you can tow this trailer with most SUVs. The huge front window is one of our favorite features. When you set up camp at these epic boondocking spots, you’ll have an awesome view from inside the trailer, too!

The spacious interior of the Dawn is designed for a 6’4” main walking area allowing this unit to fit most any customer. The bathroom carries on the Sol family tradition of a large and luxurious wet bath that is unmatched in a unit of this size. The footprint of the bathroom is 29.5” x 44” and the head height is a very usable 5’9”.

California RV Show | inTech Sol Dawn

California RV Show | inTech Sol Dawn

Storyteller Overland | MODE 4×4 Adventure Van Series

If you can’t already tell, small RVs are all the rage this year! The Storyteller Overland is one of our favorites of the bunch.

Price: around $150,000

Why You’ll Love It: Storyteller Overland has put serious attention to detail into the Mode 4×4. Here’s just a few of the amazing features: lithium battery system, solar options, diesel options, 3.6kw Pure Sine Wave AC/DC inverter, and Indoor / Outdoor HALO FlexShower System.

Trip Planning for the California RV Show

Whether you’re traveling by car or RV, there are many nearby options for setting up your weekend basecamp.

If you’re traveling from afar, we recommend using the RV Trip Wizard tool. This tool lets you enter your RV specs, your preferred travel style and desired camping experience. With that info, it’ll give you the best camping (and points of interest) along your desired route…and, best of all, RV Trip Wizard will only route you on roads that your RV can fit on, there’ll be no worries of low hanging bridges!

Patrick B., an avid RVer with a larger diesel motorhome, says:

“As an RV’er, there is just one tool I use for complete RV trip planning. RV Trip Wizard is the only program that can give me all the campground information I need, show me when I can expect to refuel, budget my expenses, and put it all together on an easy to read map. With its unique distance rings and RV Routing I can plan an entire trip, start to finish, knowing every campground and route I choose can handle my RV.”

Nearby Campgrounds

Rancho Jurupa Park

Price: around $45

Distance to the California RV Show: 12 miles

What’s The Word: Hoss & Elly on Campendium say, “This campground was an unexpected gem. There are two camping areas: the Lakeview Campground which was built in the 1960’s and the Cottonwood Campground that was built around 2006. There is a noticeable difference. If you can, grab a spot in the Cottonwood area since that is the nicer area. All of the RV spaces in this area are cement pads and most are large enough to fit large motorhomes or 30+ foot trailers plus tow vehicle.”

Terrace Village RV Park

Price: around $45

Distance to the California RV Show: 15 miles

What’s The Word: A recent reviewer on Campground Reviews says, “It’s hard to find a decent place in east LA and this definitely fills the bill. Small, significant number of permanent residents, quiet but easy freeway access as well as close to grocery stores, etc. Would definitely recommend this as a safe base from which to explore east LA.”

Glen Helen Regional Park

Price: around $30

Distance to the California RV Show: 15 miles

What’s The Word: StellarLife on Campendium says, “This is a bare bones campground, but my favorite! We stay here frequently, for 2 weeks at a time. I LOVE that the campground is separate from the park, with its own gated entrance. I usually call ahead and ask for the gate code. We drop the trailer and drive the truck to pick up tags. The week usually brings very few campers, mostly full timers who rotate through the park. Spots are large enough, that even noisy campers aren’t a disturbance.”

10 Tips for the California RV Show Attendees

  1. Bring Water: Even though the show takes place in October, southern California can be pretty hot. Extra water is always a good idea!
  2. Dog Friendly: Yes, dogs are welcomed at the California RV Show. Remember to bring extra water for your pup & doggy waste bags.
  3. Bring Extra Cash: I’m not talking about RV-buying-cash, I’m talking about funnel cake cash, baby!
  4. Comfy Shoes: Wear your comfy shoes…because you’ll be doing a LOT of walking.
  5. Take a Notebook: If you’re RV shopping, casual or serious, you’ll want to take notes. If you’re anything like me, mental notes have a very short life-span!
  6. Sun Block: Shades, hats, sunscreen…bring it all!
  7. Game Plan: Make a game plan. Wandering around aimlessly will leave you frustrated and sun burnt!
  8. Ride The Ferris Wheel: Is it time to give your feet a break? You might as well do it with a view! Take a minute to hop on the ferris wheel.
  9. Seminars: The California RV Show is more than RV tours – it’s also all about education. Every day there are multiple seminars about RVs & RV Life. Here’s the full seminar schedule.
  10. Celebrity Sightings: Many sport-celebrities will be making appearances! Steve Garvey, James Worthy, Bobby & Terry Labonte will all be at the California RV Show!

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