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Sportsmobile Conversion Van | 4×4 Camper (Video Tour)

Reporting about the Sportsmobile Conversion Van 4×4 from the 2019 California RV Show in Fontana, California. This event features the latest 2020 RV models and newest RV technology. We’re bringing you this exclusive info-series thanks to our partners at RV Trip Wizard & RV Life.

Sportmobile Conversion Van

Dating back to 1961, Sportsmobile was doing #vanlife long before it was mainstream. It all began with a converted Volkswagen van, leading to a direct contract with Volkswagen America.

However, a year into their growing business, Sportsmobile’s first Ford conversion van was born in 1962. This classic Ford conversion kit is now synonymous with North American Van Life.

Today we’re diving deep into the 2020 Sportsmobile. From manufacturing challenges to price options, we’ll give you all the important details.

E-350 Van | Out of Commission

In 2015 Ford stopped manufacturing the E-350 Series van. This posed a big challenge for Sportsmobile, as it was the base platform for its most iconic van.

Fortunately, Sportsmobile was able to design a fiberglass replica body that can be joined to the E-350 cutaway. The fiberglass body is reinforced with steel roll-over bars and uses standard steel doors.

The body-mod most likely contributes to increased pricing on the 2020 Sportsmobile Classic.

What Does The Sportsmobile Conversion Kit Include?

This conversion kit is made for off-road enthusiasts. Using high-end parts, Sportsmobile is the only manufacturer that offers the classic 4×4 Ford E-Series van option.

Here’s what the conversion kit includes:

  • Advance Adapter Atlas II All Gear Driven Transfer Case
  • Dynatrac Pro-Roc 60 Front Axle
  • Dana 60 Rear Axle
  • Fox 2.0 Performance Series Shocks
  • High Knuckle Front End for Extra Tie Rod Clearance
  • Extra Heavy Duty Steering Arm
  • True horizontal drag link Spicer 1350 one-ton rated driveline components
  • Your choice of open, limited slip, or locking differentials
  • Partial military wrap springs designed specifically for a Sportsmobile Conversion
  • Reverse Shackle leaf spring design
  • Front sway bar with quick disconnect system and custom shocks
  • Front End Upgrades including new casting, larger knuckles and hubs
  • F550 rotors and beefed-up the calipers
  • GVWR 10,050 lbs
Sportsmobile Classic

Sportsmobile Classic | Image from

Sportsmobile Classic Dimensions

When Sportsmobile developed their fiberglass body-mod for the new model, they didn’t deviate far from the original. Here are dimension specs:

  •  RB 211.9” EB 231.9”
  •  79.3”
  •  (Front/Rear) 70.5” / 70.5”
  •  94.0”
  •  140.3”
  •  16.5”
  •  44º / 32º
  •  10,000 lbs.
  •  49’ 2” curb to curb
  •  (Front) 22” nom. (Sway Bar Disconnected)
Sportsmobile Classic Interior

Sportsmobile Classic Interior | Image From

Pricing for the Sportsmobile Classic

Each Sportsmobile Classic is custom built for each buyer. This means prices can vary. The Sportsmobile in the video (top of page) is a high end model with many options. It’s priced around $150,000.

You can look at Sportsmobile’s “menu” below to price your unique build out. The company is very transparent about the base price and each additional add on cost.

Sportsmobile Classic Price Menu

Sportsmobile Classic Price Menu | Image from

If you go with the recommended set up, here’s what you’ll see underneath the hood and body:

  •  6.8L V-10
  •  4R100 / Torqshift 5-speed
  •  Atlas II (3.0 or 3.8:1 gear ratio)
  •  4.10:1 (Towing Package)
  •  BFGAT LT285/70R17 (33” nom.)
  •  Partial Military Wrap Leaf Shackle System
  •  Standard 1.38” Dia. with Quick Disconnect System

Overall Conversion Van Vibes

This van is made for a specific type of van-dweller – one with money to burn! Their product is amazing and beautiful, but it comes with a hefty price.

If you like the look of this van, but don’t have the cash to spend, you could convert a used Ford Econoline for a fraction of the price. It’ll take time, energy and (in most cases) a lot of learning…but an eager van dweller could create a similar look (probably not similar quality).

If the Sportsmobile Classic is a little too small for you, check out these other Top 5 Small RVs in 2020

Sportsmobile Classic Interior Rear

Sportsmobile Classic Interior Rear | Image From

Trip Planning with a Conversion Van

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