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The Don’ts of Tampa RV Show | 7 Rules You Shouldn’t Break

The Don’ts of Tampa RV Show | 7 Rules You Shouldn’t Break

The Tampa RV Super Show is right around the corner. Every year thousands of people attend this massive event in hopes of buying the perfect RV.

Today we’re sharing the “don’ts” of this event!

If you follow these simple rules, you’re bound to enjoy the show more and maybe even leave with a new toy.

Let’s dive in!

1. Don’t wear new (or uncomfortable) shoes

This may seem obvious, but it bears repeating. New or uncomfortable shoes will leave your feet bruised and battered by the end of the day. The show is huge – you’ll get 5x your daily steps.

We recommend athletic shoes with lots of support!

2. Don’t forget your water

Forecasted highs for the 2020 Tampa RV Show are in the 80s with sunny skies. Even though it’s January, this is tropical Florida we’re talking about. Bring a large reusable water bottle that you can refill throughout the day.

Getting overheated or dehydrated will leave you feeling irritated (and less likely to find your ideal RV).


3. Don’t come empty handed

If you’re in the market for a new RV, you need to come prepared. This means bringing a notepad and pen to take notes on each RV you look at.

You’ll want to document the make, model, size, pros and cons. With over 1,500 RVs on site, and the potential to tour 20+ models a day, it’ll be impossible to remember every unit.

You can bring an iPad if you’re a digital note-taker. If you want a pre-made worksheet, we recommend these printable “RV comparison” forms for easy note-taking.

4. Don’t wander around

In most cases, we encourage wandering around. However, at the Tampa RV Show we recommend arriving with a game plan. This event is so huge and has so many RVs, you’ll get lost in the noise without a plan.

Take a look at the Tampa RV Show map the night before and plan what you want to see first. After you execute your initial plan, then you can wander around.

tampa rv show map.png

5. Don’t Miss Your Favorite RV YouTubers, Bloggers and Podcasters

This year many of the manufacturers and RV product booths are hosting meetups with RV content creators. Below is a list of some of the meetups that are happening in and around the show!

  • Getaway Couple: Jan.18 at Grand Design
  • RV Love: Jan. 16 at RV Life
  • Heath & Alyssa: Jan. 16 at Winnebago
  • Drivin’ & Vibin’: Jan. 15 at RV Life
  • I’m Not Lost, I’m RVing: Jan. 18 at TBD
  • Mortons on the Move: Jan. 18 at RV Life

Additionally, RVnGO is hosting the official Tampa RV Show Afterparty! This event will include many RV YouTubers and live music!


6. Don’t forget the free seminars

We recommend attending the RV Super Show for two days. This is because you’ll need one entire day to attend the educational seminars.

The topics span from RV maintenance to helpful travel tips. You can find a complete schedule on the show’s website. Here’s the Saturday lineup:

  • 10am: Nomadic Living – A Month, A Season, A Year or Forever presented by Tara Sage
  • 11am: RV Weight and Tire Safety presented by Walter Cannon
  • Noon: Stress Free Travel-Guided RV Tours presented by Mark Almeida
  • 1pm: RVing 101 – What You Need to Know presented by Bob Marx
  • 3pm: Extended and Full Time RV Travel presented by Bob Marx
  • 4:30pm: Maintenance for Lippert Components presented by Aaron McKenzie and Matt Currey

7. Don’t have a closed mind

Even though we encourage you to arrive with a game plan, we suggest you also come with an open mind. If you realize what you thought you wanted isn’t turning out to be what you expected – allow yourself to change your mind!

The Tampa RV Show is the best opportunity you’ll have to tour the most diverse collection of RVs. Don’t squander this occasion with a closed mind!

When is the Tampa RV Show?

The 2020 show opens to the public on Wednesday, January 15th and wraps up on Sunday, January 19th.

Show hours are from 9am-6pm, with Sunday ending an hour earlier at 5pm.

How Much Does The RV Show Ticket Cost?

The standard ticket price is $12. Kids under 16 are free.

Wednesday is Senior Citizens Day with seniors receiving $2.00 off the cost of admission (not valid with other discounts).

All Show Days – Military (Retired and Active) and First Responders will receive $2.00 off the cost of admission (not valid with other discounts). ID required.

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  1. Camp Pro says:

    Great info. Thank you. I will be attending for the first time this year and this info will really help me out. Don’t forget the parking fee of $8 for autos. Not sure what it is for RVs.