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Sequoia National Park for RV Owners | Essential Summer Camping Guide

Sequoia National Park for RV Owners

Rugged mountain peaks, Spring waterfalls, vibrant Fall colors, and some of the earth’s tallest trees.  Welcome to the land most-often photographed by Ansel Adams.

It is near the Sierra Nevada Mountains that RV camping enthusiasts watch the sunset of a lifetime. It’s also the home of the iconic sequoias.  The giants are waiting for your visit. Welcome to Sequoia National Park.

Stand and lookup.  You will find yourself surrounded by a sky-scraping forest.  The vertical landscape is mesmerizing.  And RV camping is fantastic too.

There’s also a secret to this national park.  We will save it and tell you about it at the end of this blog.  

Before You Arrive | RV Owners

Before you book your site and arrive, we want to ensure that you know a few tips.  Not every RV camping location fits all needs.  As you have probably already discovered, each area is unique, including the quirks.

The campsites within the national park are accessible, including some created for wheelchair use.  But, know that this national park is perfect for small RV or tent camping.  It is not your choice for large-RV camping.

PRO TIP: Here are the best small camper trailers of 2020.

Wildlife is abundant at Sequoia National Park, and that includes bears.  Sharing the wilderness with bears is do-able if you are prepared and keep an open mind.  Here’s a tip sheet from REI that we find helpful.

Ideal RV Campgrounds in Sequoia National Park

In addition to RV campsites within the national forest, we would like to share two of our favorite spots.

Free Camping North of the National Park:  Wherever possible, we like to include a free camping option.  We do not include free locations only because of the price. Still, We have found the sites to be not only interesting but often stunning. 

As a matter of fact, this free location wins the area’s Sunset View Award. When in the area, you want to head to the Big Meadow Road Camping Area. 

The camp has beautiful mountain views and stunning sunsets.  Your maximum stay is 14 days, but that is plenty of time to explore the surrounding area.  The seasonal sites are easy to access and near the national park.  You may just need 14 days to explore.  Keep reading, and we will tell you why.

Army Corps of Engineers RV Camping: As you may already know, the Army Corps of Engineers is known for well-planned RV campgrounds in some of America’s most beautiful spots. This is one of those spots, and the camp is only a thirty-minute drive to Sequoia National Park. We know that you will enjoy Horse Creek Campground. The camp has 76 sites, but note that the sites are constructed for small RVs of 25ft or less.

What’s the Secret?

When RVing to Sequoia National Park and also visit King’s Canyon National Park.  

“Located next to Sequoia National Park, Kings Canyon Park is composed of two distinct areas – Grant Grove (home to the General Grant tree, also known as “the Nation’s Christmas Tree”) and Cedar Grove. Grant Grove visitors snap photos and marvel at the sheer size of the sequoia grove. Kings Canyon is also home to Redwood Canyon, the largest remaining grove of sequoia trees in the world.”—From the website, Visit Sequoia and Explore Kings Canyon

Yes, you want to stay in this region for longer than just a few days.  In King’s Canyon, you can add hiking, horseback riding, fishing, and more photography to your day.  The landscape is just as varied as the activities available.

We hope that you get to experience both Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon National Park.  Don’t forget to send us some photos! 

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  1. Kurt Schulmeyer says:

    I grew up camping in both Sequoia/Kings canyon,they are both beautiful beyond description.

  2. nibblenomad says:

    We’ve stayed for 2 weeks up there. The standard commercial campgrounds are not that great, mostly locals that travel up from the Central Valley with big families, ok if you don’t mind the noise. If you have a smaller rig, there’s limited spots inside, all dry camping. The town of Three Rivers. They have a saying..”you need three livers to live in three rivers” We got to know a few of the local merchants which we’re all really nice. The park is wonderful, best to avoid the summer rush as always.