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5 Reasons RV Parks Will Deny Your Reservation

5 Reasons RV Parks Will Deny Your Reservation

It’s finally summer and time to hit the road in your RV or camper trailer. Before you get too excited, realize that RV parks may deny you and your RV.

It’s true. There are multiple reasons, even if you have a reservation, that an RV park may deny you upon arrival.

Let’s talk about the five most common reasons and how to prevent unexpected denial before this happens to you.

First Thing’s First – Keep an Open and Honest Line of Communication with RV Parks

RV parks aren’t out to get you (even though it may seem that way at times). Every RV park should have their rules clearly stated on their website.

If they trained their staff well, the customer service representatives should have the info you need. However, we like to trust, but verify with the written website policy.

It’s your responsibility to be honest with the RV parks. Don’t tell little-lies about your RV, party size, or pets.

If you’re not completely honest, this can often lead to RV park reservation denial upon arrival.

Let’s dive into the reasons you may be denied!

#1 Your Age

Believe it or not, if you’re under 55, you may be denied at certain RV parks, primarily in Florida and Arizona.

These RV parks are billed as retirement communities and have legal rights to deny anyone under 55 from staying onsite

Here’s the good thing: if the 55+ policy applies, the RV park is usually very clear about this during the reservation process. Only once have we booked a site only to discover upon check-in that we were too young!

Fortunately, they allowed us to stay for a night.

#2 Your RVs Age

It’s not just your age that matters, it’s your RVs age as well. There’s a thing called the RV 10 Year Rule. This rule prohibits RVs older than 10 years from staying at an RV park.

Less than 25% of parks have this rule in place, but if they do, your older RV may be denied…even if you have a reservation.

If your RV is 10+ years old, don’t try to book at a site with this rule.

  1. First of all, you may be turned away upon arrival.
  2. Secondly, why would you want to patronize a business that doesn’t want you there?

#3 The Breed of Your Dog

Many RV parks have a restrictive breed policy for dogs. Before you get frustrated at an RV park for this rule, understand it’s usually due to their insurance policy.

If you show up with a pit bull and tell the park you have a golden retriever, they may send you packing.

Be honest about your dog’s breed and size when you make a reservation.

#4 Leaky RV

Maintenance issues can lead to reservation denial. The most problematic issue is a leaky RV.

Even if it’s just a small freshwater drip, RV parks (and RV park guests) assume the worst, and the worst is a leaky black tank!

Make sure your RV is clear of external maintenance issues before you arrive at an RV park.

#5 Too Many Vehicles, Too Many Kids

RV sites have capacity limits. You can’t expect to have eight people and three vehicles on your site without causing an issue with management.

Here’s the problem: all RV parks have different capacity rules, and these are usually in fine print.

If you’re inviting family to your RV park site, be sure to communicate this when making a reservation. Most parks will be happy to accommodate; others may upcharge you.

In the worst case, they’ll ask you to leave.

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