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RV Portable Waste Tanks: Decent, Better & Best

RV Portable Waste Tanks: Decent, Better & Best

Waste – It’s a dirty subject. And we’re not trash-talkin’ here; we’re talking about the real deal. The kind of waste that belongs in a sewer, or in our case…the dreaded RV black tank.

But what do you do when the tank’s full, and you don’t have full hookups?

We’ve got you covered with RV portable waste tanks, from decent to better to best.

A Quick Story About RV Portable Waste Tanks

Whether you’re plugged in or boondocking (free camping), dumping your tanks is rarely convenient. Picture this: your RV is perfectly set-up, absolutely level, wonderfully lived-in with all your kitchen appliances out and about. 

Your computer and work gadgets are (chaotically) organized on your desk.

Most of all, you’re happy exactly where you are.  

Tank’s full.  

Instead of packing everything up and driving to the nearest dump station, you realize that you did a very smart thing the other day.  You purchased an RV portable waste tank.

Now finish binging your Netflix show!

What is an RV portable waste tank and who needs one? 

An RV portable waste tank is exactly what it sounds like.  A container to hold your waste (gray or black tanks) temporarily as you transport it from your RV to the closest dumpsite. 

These come in handy when you are parked at an RV park that has a dump station on site, just not directly at your camp spot.

When your tanks are full, you simply dump into the portable waste tank, wheel it over to the dumpsite, dump, clean, wheel it back to your RV and finish watching Netflix with the ease of mind that you may now continue to use your facilities without worry of overflowing your tanks.

Ideal for medium to small RVs. Let’s you extend off-grid camping without breaking camp.

What to consider when purchasing?

So how do you know what kind of RV portable waste tank to purchase? Simple, anytime you purchase something that is going to be kept in your RV, you probably go through a set of questions already, such as “Do I have room for this? Will I actually use it? Where will I store it? Is it easy to keep clean?”

Ask yourself those same types of questions to help you understand what type of portable RV waste tank will work best for your RV needs:

  • How big of a tank do I need? Consider your current holding tanks and their sizes, along with your available storage to determine how big your portable tank should be.
  • Where will you store it? Do you have space in your basement compartments? Maybe you need a smaller tank due to lack of storage space or maybe you have plenty of room and storage is not an issue.
  • Consider portability issues. Do you need a tank with wheels or do you have the muscles (or desire) to pick up 35 gallons of waste?
  • Remember, this tank is not your typical tank – it holds waste. You’ll want to be able to clean it without a huge hassle. Does the tank you’re considering offer ease of cleaning, and how easy is it to actually use? You don’t want to purchase something using your hard-earned money and then never use it because it is difficult to put together or take apart. You already have plenty of exercise equipment doing that job.

Decent: Barker 4-Wheeler 42 Gallon Capacity Tank

There’s nothing like saying you own a 4-wheeler waste tank.  It just sounds like you know what you’re doing.

The Barker 4-Wheeler RV portable waste tank is constructed of blow-molded polyethylene, zinc-plated steel, and aluminum and equipped with a three-inch conventional waste valve.

Capacity: 42 gallons

Portability: With a front-mounted double wheel-swivel mounted on a heavy-duty, extra-large mounting plate and two large back wheels, you’ll be able to take this anywhere you need to go.

Dimensions: At 45 x 24 x 14 inches, this compact tank will store almost anywhere. 

See current prices for the Barker 4-Wheeler Tank

Better: Thetford Smart Tote 2, 4-Wheel 35 Gallon Tank

Ready to use, right out of the box, the Thetford Smart Tote has a large port for easy cleaning, an auto stop level to prevent overflowing and an extendable handle and storage compartment for hoses to allow for easy storage.

Capacity: 35 gallons

Portability: Made of polypropylene with four rubber wheels with front wheels connected directly to the extendable handle, this RV portable waste tank can be hooked onto a trailer hitch and transported easily to the dump site.

Dimensions: H: 15-7/16 in.,  L: 51-13/32 in.,  W: 21-11/16 in.

See current prices for the Thetford Smart Tote Tank

Best: Camco Rhino 36 Gallon Tank

The Camco Rhino Tank comes with minimal assembly required for your first use and comes complete with an accessories kit

The kit includes:

  • a three-foot sewer hose with bayonet and lug fittings
  • a 15-inch water hose rinse adapter
  • clear elbow with 4-in-1 adapter
  • clear double bayonet elbow
  • three storage caps
  • two caps with lanyards for rinse connections
  • 24-inch tow bar.

Made of blow molded UV stabilized HDPE, even the sun won’t break down this beast. And your waste will be safely stored without leakage until you dump it where it belongs…in the dump.

This is the unit we’ve been personally using for the last few years. Even though I cringed when spending the money for it, this tank has been a lifesaver.

Capacity: 36 gallons

Portability: No lifting needed with this beauty. With two six inch 12-inch no flat back wheels with bearings and a 24-inch tow bar, this RV portable waste tank is easy to maneuver regardless of whether you’re towing it by hand or behind a golf cart or truck.

Dimensions: 46.75 x 25.5 x 15.75 inches and with an optional ladder hook, this unit can clamp onto your RV or camper ladder when not in use.

See current prices for the Camco Rhino Tank

There’s No Trash-Talkin’ When it Comes to These RV Portable Waste Tanks

When it comes time to trash-talk, you won’t be talking about these RV Portable Waste Tanks.

Quality made from durable materials, with your ease of use in mind, whatever tank you choose, your waste will be transported without any Christmas Vacation scenarios, and you can quickly get back to binge-watching Netflix, knowing that your fifth cup of coffee has somewhere empty to go.

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    BEST Waste tanks, or even better, a 50 gallon barrel like many of us at Quartzsite’s LTVAs use.