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The Living Vehicle RV Is Better Than Any Airstream

The Living Vehicle RV Is Better Than Any Airstream

Designed to provide luxurious living in a 4-season recreational vehicle, the Living Vehicle meets its goal in fine fashion.

This insane trailer gives RVers a taste of high-end studio apartment living in off-grid environments.  Boondock anywhere with all the comforts (and power) of home in this stunning mobile residence.

Image Source: LV Website

What is the Living Vehicle RV?

The Living Vehicle has been called “a net zero luxury apartment in an aluminum shell,” which is entirely correct!  But, in more specific terms, it’s a travel trailer that’s totally adaptable for living off the grid in any season, while providing very comfortable and well-appointed interior surroundings.

What Makes The Living Vehicle So Great?

This well-built RV is designed as a modern living area. Every element is utilized to its greatest potential, leaving no wasted space. 

From conception to completion, the Living Vehicle was created to resemble more of a stick-built apartment. There are no curved walls, and the building materials are of a much higher quality than in most current RVs.  Also, it incorporates big windows, ceramic tiles, Corian countertops and full-size appliances. And yet, it maintains a lighter weight, so this rig is easily towable.

Image Source: LV Website

Features and Specs of The Living Vehicle

Each Living Vehicle comes with:

  • a passive heating design, which provides heated subfloors
  • large and numerous double paned (optional) windows
  • recessed overhead lighting
  • movable kitchen island
  • pull-out pantry
  • high-end kitchen appliances, including dishwasher and 13 cubic ft. refrigerator
  • water filtration system
  • an optional washer/dryer combo
  • large rain shower in bath
  • tankless water heater
  • self-supporting deck that folds up to protect two huge glass sliding doors in transit
  • skylights in the bath and bedroom
  • large dinette with 42″ 4K smart television inset in the wall
  • standard internet hub with mobile router
  • 4,000 watt hybrid inverter
  • at least 1,320 watts of solar (which is upgradable in different models)
  • propane generator
  • lithium ion batteries

The entire trailer is built with aluminum. This includes the chassis, subfloors, walls, roof and interior shelves.  The Living Vehicle is incredibly lightweight and easy to transport.

Image Source: LV Website

Specs include:

  • 29′ in length by 8′ 6″ in width and 12′ in height
  • GVWR is 16,000 lbs.
  • Carrying capacity is 4,500 lbs.
  • Sleeps 4 (can add European bed above dinette to increase by 2)
  • Fresh water tank is 100 gallons
  • Grey water tank is 62 gallons
  • Black water tank is 45 gallons

The Living Vehicle Models

Each model below is defined by the amount of energy it stores and has available for power usage:

Core – Recognized as the base model, the Core has everything necessary for fashionable and sustainable living in any climate.  As a baseline, it comes with 1,320 watts of solar power.  (See all standard features listed above, and note that several upgrades are available, as well.)

Max – This model has double the amount of power as its little brother, Core, clocking in at 2,640 watts.  It’s also built on heavy duty axles with a sturdier chassis and 4 wheel electric hydraulic brakes. Because of this, it’s the perfect vehicle for true back country excursions.

Pro – The Pro is the flagship of the brand. This model has a whopping 3,080 watts of solar power available, combined with an 8Kw converter.  With all of that power onboard, you may wish to carry along additional power-sucking appliances or toys! So, the Pro has upped the GVWR to 18,000 lbs.

Image Source: LV Website

How Much Does The Living Vehicle RV Cost?

As you can guess, all this powerful luxury isn’t cheap.  But, as they say, “You get what you pay for.”  Currently 2021 starting prices are as follows:

Core – $229,995

Max – $289,995

Pro – $369,995

Although they may resemble one another, the only common denominator between a Living Vehicle and an Airstream is their aluminum exterior. 

The Living Vehicle takes power production and design into a whole new realm. This is showcased by it’s massive amounts of solar energy storage and exquisite interiors.  For those wishing to truly chase the sun to remote locations, it is an excellent option. 

Learn more about the Living Vehicle on their website here.

Image Source: LV Website

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