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How to Donate Your RV to Charity

How to Donate Your RV to Charity

If you have an RV you are trying to get rid of and don’t want to go through the hassle of selling it, have you considered donating your RV to charity?

It can be hard to sell an RV, especially if it’s an older one. Not only does it feel good to donate to charities, but there are also benefits to doing so.

What are the Benefits of Donating Your RV To Charity? 

There are a few benefits to donating your RV to charity that go beyond the good feelings.

It’s a lot easier to donate it then trying to sell it, especially, if it’s older and no longer running well. Another benefit is the tax deductions that come with donating anything to charity. It’s also a more environmentally friendly way of getting rid of the RV then just disposing it.

Lastly, you can make sure to pick a charity that will take your RV away for free instead of paying to have it hauled somewhere. 

How Do Charities Benefit When You Donate Your RV?

There are a few ways that charities benefit when you donate your RV to them.

One is they use RVs to help provide housing for those that need it. They will make sure it gets to working order and offer it to underprivileged groups.

Another way charities use donated RVs is providing transportation and a place to house volunteers when they go on trips. This is especially helpful during large natural disasters where hundreds of people will volunteer to help clean up. 

Should You Donate Your RV To Charity?

How do you know if you should donate your RV to charity?

First, if you don’t use it anymore, you should consider parting ways with it. At this point it’s just taking up space and if you don’t want to go through the hassle of selling it this is a great way to do so.

Another reason to consider donating is they will take it even if it’s broken down. Now there is a limit but if it’s within fixing condition and you don’t want to do it consider donating it.

You should also consider if it’s sitting in storage or you’re still paying insurance on it, this is another way to get rid of the financial burden. Or, if you’re just looking to give a substantial donation to charity consider your RV.

How to Donate Your RV To Charity: 

Select a Charity: Do some research on different charities that will accept an RV donation. There are quite a few out there. Figure out what your passion is for, like maybe veterans, disaster relief or habitat rehabilitation.  

Contact Preferred Charity and Fill Out Paperwork: The next step is to contact the organization and ask them how to start the process. A lot of them do this online now. They will give you all the instructions you need to do this along with the paperwork you might need to provide them like the title. 

Arrange for Your RV to Be Picked Up: The next part is to arrange for them to pick up your RV. Just make it a time that is available for you and let them know if it’s easy to access.

Receive Your Tax Deduction Receipt: The last thing is they will send you a tax deduction receipt. Make sure to ask them how they deliver this whether it is electronically or written out. They are pretty accommodating in providing whatever you need. 

Donating your RV not only feels good but it’s helping someone in need and it’s easy to do. Before you let it sit on your property for years to rot away or in the storage yard consider this option. It’s also a way to keep the RV alive and running so those memories don’t just end in your backyard. 

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