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The Ultimate Tecopa Hot Springs Camping Guide

The Ultimate Tecopa Hot Springs Camping Guide

Balneology is the scientific study of the therapeutic benefits of naturally occurring mineral waters, what we think of as hot springs.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t need a study to tell me that hot springs have therapeutic benefits.

And those hot springs located in the stark beauty of the deserts of California?  Yeah, Tecopa Hot Springs, just outside of Death Valley National Park, those are the ones I’m talking about.

We’ve got the ultimate Tecopa Hot Springs camping guide for your soaking pleasure.

About Tecopa Hot Springs

Located at the edge of Death Valley National Park, the Inyo County Tecopa Hot Springs are classified as primary hot springs, meaning they are geothermally heated mineral water powered by magma chambers miles under the Earth’s surface. 

In other words, they are hot.  And as you dip into the therapeutic waters of the Tecopa Hot Springs, it doesn’t matter where the water comes from or what that scientific term was.

All that matters is the water that is enveloping you, the stars above you, and the knowledge that you’re camped right alongside those healing waters.

The Best Tecopa Hot Springs Camping

Tecopa Hot Springs Resort

Tecopa Hot Springs is located about two miles off State Highway 127, fifty miles north of Baker, California and lies just east of the southern end of Death Valley National Park.

With many options available for your overnight needs, including RV spaces, cabins, and motel rooms you’ll sleep comfortably no matter what you choose. 

The natural hot springs water is piped into the pools on site. There are several private soaking tubs available and many options depending on where you are camped for the night, including 24 hour access to the hot springs. 

A casual bistro and health and well-being services are conveniently located on site, along with a labyrinth for your meditative desires. 

A dream built from the love of the spirit of the desert, Tecopa Hot Springs Resort will be the place you never thought you needed, and then once you arrive, you’ll never want to leave.

Address: 860 Tecopa Hot Springs Rd, Tecopa, CA 92389

Tecopa Hot Springs Vibe: 9.3

Image Source: The Greater Southwestern Exploration Company on Flickr

Delight’s Hot Springs Resort

You’ll delight staying at Delight’s Hot Springs Resort.  This resort is located just 80 miles west of Las Vegas and 10 miles from Death Valley’s southeast entrance. Delight’s Hot Springs Resort is well-known for its geothermal mineral-rich hot springs.

This resort features an outdoor swimming pool and several private hot springs. Feel your stresses melt away with 24 hour access to the springs as an overnight guest.

There are full RV hook-up sites, motel rooms, and rustic cabins for your sleeping pleasure.  Tecopa Brewing Company and BBQ is located right on site! Also, hiking trails are right outside your door, bringing you into the stark beauty of the desert.

Elias, the founder of Delight’s Hot Springs Resort, is fond of saying: “Lie in that mud for a few weeks, and you’ll be a new man.”

Sounds about right to me. I think it’s time to go lie in the mud.

Address: 368 Tecopa Hot Springs Rd., Tecopa, CA 92389

Tecopa Hot Springs Vibe: 9.4

Image Source: Steve Schroeder on Flickr

Tecopa Hot Springs Campground

The Tecopa Hot Springs Campground offers 100 camping spaces to choose from. From glamping cabins to RV spaces, and tent rentals, you’re sure to find something you love!

We stayed here not too long ago, check out our review of this campground here.

Also, they have the only geothermal waters where clothing is prohibited. The pools at this campground are separated by gender, and the women’s pool is outside. Here you’ll have everything you need to relax in the quiet of the California desert!

Nearby you will find dining and breweries as well as an on-site trading posts with souvenirs, groceries, and more. Also, you’ll find an Adventure and Rental services to help you plan your experience. Your biggest hassle will simply be choosing what to do. There are off-road tours, bike rentals, hiking, guided photo trips and much more. Don’t forget those hot springs to rejuvenate you at the end of your day.

Address: 400 Tecopa Hot Hot Springs Rd., Tecopa, CA 92389

Tecopa Hot Springs Vibe: 9.1

Free Camping Near Tecopa Hot Springs

Looking to enjoy the Tecopa Hot Springs desert area, but not interested in RV parks?  Furnace Creek Road offers a vast expanse of dispersed camping spots keeping the desert just that – deserted.

This is the perfect place to visit Tecopa Hot Springs! There are many natural hot springs, and Death Valley Natural Park is an easy day’s jaunt away. After adventuring, you can hide away from the rest of the world at night.

This dispersed camping site is accessible to tents and big rigs alike. With many washes, canyons, and vistas of mountain views, you can’t beat it!

There are fire rings and natural gravel areas for your convenience when setting up camp.  Although there are no shaded areas, the open skies allow for vibrant colors during sunrise and sunset, along with brilliant star gazing at night.  For no charge, how can you go wrong sleeping here?

Address: Furnace Creek Washington Rd., Shoshone, CA 92384 GPS: 35.9061, -116.2968

Tecopa Hot Springs Vibe: 9.3

Image Source: Don Barrett on Flickr

Tecopa Hot Springs, Balneology and Camping

Balneology – the study of therapeutic benefits of naturally occurring mineral waters. Did you spend your time studying the Tecopa Hot Spring waters wisely, or do you need to study a bit more? 

Those waters are just waiting for you to get back in. Those campgrounds are in need of wonderful campers like you.  I think you should spend more time studying.  What do you think?

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