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Do RV Tire Covers Really Work?

Do RV Tire Covers Really Work?

Your RV tires are arguably the most important part of your RV. RV tires are critical to staying safe while out on the road.

If a tire blows out while driving, you may experience a terrible wreck. One of the best and simplest ways to protect your RV tires is by using RV tire covers. 

What are RV Tire Covers? 

Tire covers are essential gear for any RV, van, travel trailer, or fifth-wheel. RV tire covers are a protective cover for your tires.

They’re made of various kinds of fabric offering differing levels of protection. Tire covers also usually contain elastic or a buckle to ensure a tight fit over your tire. They come in various sizes and colors to fit the needs of any tire. 

Purpose of Tire Covers for your RV

Tire covers protect your tires when your RV isn’t in use. They block damaging UV light from the sun from wearing your tires out prematurely. They also protect against extreme heat and cold. Implementing this simple fix will help extend the life of your tires so they last many years. 

Do RV Tire Covers Really Work?

Yes! In fact, RV tires might even save your life! Tire covers work by blocking UV radiation from damaging your tires and wearing out the sidewalls. If UV light constantly beats on your tires, you risk having a tire blowout. When driving a large vehicle like an RV, such a blowout could be catastrophic. 

All tire covers are not created equal, however. Buying a high-quality RV tire cover will ensure maximum protection. While cheap options may provide some protection, they tend not to last as long or provide subpar protection. 

Benefits of Using Tire Covers

  • Protect your tires from UV damage.
  • Protect your wheels from rust. 
  • Aesthetic appeal for a clean look while parked. 

Tips for Buying Covers for your RV Tires

Material: Choose high quality, thick material that offers good UV light blockage. If you travel to several locations with various weather, pick a tire cover that offers protection from all of those conditions. If you tend to stay in one climate (such as warm places), you’ll want a material designed for protecting your tires in that type of weather. 

In general, you’ll want to choose a thick, weather-resistant, waterproof material. 

Sizing: Make sure you know the dimensions of your wheels/tires before purchasing any tire covers. You can find out what size tires you have by looking at the tire’s sidewall. Different companies have different size charts for their RV tire covers. If you know your tire’s size, you can then pick the corresponding cover in the correct size.  

Price: You can find RV tire covers for almost any price point. Spending a little more for better protection is definitely worth it. After all, an average RV tire costs around $300, plus installation. You’re better off extending the life of the tires you already have than needing to replace them frequently.  

Tips to Protect Your RV Tires

Here are some more tips to protect your RV tires:

Tire covers: Protect your tires from the damaging rays of the sun and other elements. 

Leveling: Properly leveling your RV ensures even distribution of pressure on your RV tires, so none of them deform after long periods of sitting. Using your jacks also takes some pressure off your tires to prevent compression. Leveling your RV also reduces stress on many other parts of your RV both inside and out. 

Blocking: If your site isn’t level, blocking allows you to ensure your RV is properly leveled. Blocking also gets your tires off the hot concrete in the summer if you have a paved site. 

Air pressure: Check your tires’ recommended air pressure and make sure you inflate them to ideal pressure. If the pressure is too low when you are driving, your tires can overheat and lead to a blowout. If the pressure is too high, your tires will wear unevenly and need to be replaced sooner. You will also have a rougher ride and increase your risk of a blowout. Be sure to check your tire pressure before any trip in your RV. 

Tire Covers are a Necessary Part of RV Life

RV tires are an important part of your vehicle or trailer. By using high-quality RV tire covers when you are parked, you will protect your tires from UV radiation and other elements. This ensures they will last longer saving you money and most importantly keeping you and your family safe!

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