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What is an RV Cell Phone Booster?

What is an RV Cell Phone Booster?

Why the heck would I spend money on something called an RV cell phone booster?

We might long for those days when we went camping searching for that ultime site. You remember? The one where you felt lost in Narnia, hoping you could find a location that had zero cell phone signal.

For most of us, those days are long gone. The entire world is connected by those little waves that move invisibly through the air.

Now, more than ever, most of us have come to rely on being connected, whether it be to talk to Aunt Lois to watch your favorite Netflix show or to get work done. That’s why cell phone boosters exist.

What is an RV Cell Phone Booster? 

An RV cell phone booster is a device that captures the cellular signal outside your RV, amplifies it, and then broadcasts the enhanced signal throughout your RV.

How Does an RV Cell Phone Booster Work?

And RV cell phone booster uses an antenna mounted outside your RV to capture the existing cellular signal. The booster takes that signal and uses an amplifier to enhance it.

The boosted (stronger) signal is then fed through an interior antenna and broadcast throughout the inside of your rig.

Why You Need a Cell Booster

There are many reasons why you might need a cell phone booster:

  • An RV or camper shell can hamper your cellular signal, making it difficult to use your phone for simple everyday use.
  • You rely on an internet connection because you work while traveling in your RV.
  • You like to boondock in remote locations where a healthy cellular signal may not be available.
  • Whether you are a full-timer or traveling short-term, it’s always good to have a usable cell signal if you suffer a breakdown or other emergency.

Best Cell Phone Signal Boosters for RVs

There are several cell phone boosters on the market, but only a handful that are suitable for an RV. Here are three of what we consider the best of the best RV cell phone boosters that you might want to consider.

WeBoost Drive Sleek

WeBoost is a name that you’ll hear often mentioned in the RV world, especially amongst full-timers. This Brand has long been entrenched in the RV space and is known for reliability.

The WeBoost Drive Sleek is a cradle based device that attaches to the dash of your vehicle. It has an exterior antenna that pulls in the signal from outside and amplifies it to boost the signal to the phone you have mounted in the cradle.

It’s a solid device that comes at the lower end of the price spectrum. With the cradle, it offers hands free operation while driving. It works with all U.S. carriers and is 5G ready. And the magnetic base antenna is easily mounted to the outside of the vehicle and can be removed if no longer needed.

This is a good inexpensive option, especially for folks with less robust cellular data needs and smaller vehicles.

SureCall Fusion2Go RV

Like WeBoost, SureCall is another company that has a strong reputation amongst full-time RVers. 

Think of the SureCall Fusion2Go RV as a step up from the cradle-type devices like the WeBoost Drive Sleek, for those that need a bit more robust solutions or want to make the boosted cellular signal available to more than one device.

The SureCall Fusion2Go RV comes in at a price point in the middle of the spectrum. It costs a bit more than the WeBoost Drive Sleek, but supports multiple simultaneous users. It also works with all U.S. carriers and is 5G phone compatible, boosting the voice and 4G LTE data signals.

This is a better option for larger RVs and trailers, but comes with a bit steeper price and takes longer to install.

WeBoost Drive X RV

When you need to stay connected and you need the most robust booster you can find, the WeBoost Drive X RV is at the top of the food chain. It comes with a price, but when the mission is critical, this is where you’ll want to invest.

Compared to its smaller sibling, the WeBoost Drive Sleek, the Drive X can reach cell towers up to 33-percent further away. That in and of itself can be a lifesaver for anyone that needs to stay connected. That not only means you can find a signal more often when you’re in a sketchy area, you can also get an even stronger signal.

The WeBoost Drive X RV also supports multiple users, all U.S. carriers, and is 5G ready.

Are Cell Boosters Worth The Money?

The big question is should you spend the money on a cell phone booster? We would argue that the answer is yes.

Although U.S. carriers are extending their reach on the daily, it’s still going to be quite some time before their reach extends everywhere. If you travel in an RV, trailer, SUV, or what have you, it’s a good idea to have a cell booster if only to stay connected if you have an emergency situation.

If you need a connection for work or if you want to connect multiple devices, it’s definitely worth stepping up to a more robust solution. The WeBoost Drive X RV is the best, most robust option, but the SureCall Fusion2Go RV is still a solid solution as well, especially if you need to pinch a few pennies.

We Still Long for Those Narnia Days

It’s still good to get off grid, but now, being off grid is more of a conscious mindset than ever.

As the world grows ever more mobile, a cell signal booster will keep you connected when you want to be. But when you want to truly be off grid? Well, we’re pretty sure that all of the RV cell phone boosters that we tested had a power button that turns off as well as on.

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