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5 Best Off Road Camper Trailers in 2021

5 Best Off Road Camper Trailers in 2021

For many people, hoping in the RV is a way to escape the business of our everyday lives. But crowded RV parks can make you miss out on that rest and relaxation you were hoping for.

There is no better way to get connected with nature than going where few others will go. This means going off-road. If you want to take advantage of the peace and quiet away from an RV park, you’ll need an off-road camper.

Keep reading to find out what the best-off road campers are. 

Opus OP15

What Exactly Is an Off-Road Camper Trailer? 

An off-road camper trailer allows you to travel down roads too rough for a traditional camper. They are designed with raised suspension, off-road tires, and a chassis reinforced or built with stronger materials. 

An off-road trailer may also have a specifically designed hitch to allow for increased articulation. 

Forest River No Boundaries

What to Look for in an Off-Road Camper:

As with any trailer, consider the size and layout you want based on your needs. You also need to think about the overall trailer weight and your vehicle’s towing capacity. 

Especially important for an off-road camper is to purchase a high quality, durable trailer. If you will be driving down rough roads, you need both the interior and exterior to stand up to the challenge. 

An off-road trailer also needs to be equipped with systems that will allow you to function off the grid. You’ll need access to water, septic, and power, so make sure your trailer comes fully equipped. You also want something that maximizes storage space so you 

don’t have to worry about having things moving around inside the trailer while you’re driving. 

5 Best Off-Road Camper Trailers

TAXA Cricket Overland

Best things about this off-road trailer:

  • Increased ground clearance to get down any dirt road. 
  • Sleeps 2 adults and 2 children so you can have fun with the whole family. 
  • The axle-less design on TAXA Cricket provides a smooth and quiet ride even on rough roads. 
  • Lock ‘n’ roll hitch gives you 360-degree rotation and 3 axis movement so, you place less stress on your hitch. 
  • Comes fully equipped with top of the line off-road, all-terrain tires. 
  • Customizable features to get exactly what you want and need. 
  • Reinforced frame. 
  • Option to add a roof rack to bring along more toys or a pop-top tent. 
  • Pre-wired solar input.
  • Hot and cold water with an outdoor shower.
  • Propane stove
  • Optional portable toilet. 


Best things about this off-road trailer:

  • Pop up roof for more headroom. 
  • Extendable rear to increase interior space when parked. 
  • Anti-chip protection on the upper body of the OPUS OP15
  • Comes fully equipped with a 300-watt solar system.
  • Twin shock absorbers and independent suspension for each wheel to get a smooth ride off-road. 
  • Full kitchen.
  • Fridge and freezer combo to bring all your favorite food on the road. 
  • Classy bamboo interior. 
  • Bathroom with indoor hot-water shower and toilet. 
  • 63-gallon freshwater capacity. 
  • 17-gallon grey water tank and 10-gallon black water tank. 

Forest River No Boundaries 10.5 or 10.6

Best things about this off-road trailer:

  • Rooftop Nest tent. 
  • Laminated AZDEL walls that are 50% lighter than wood to decrease the overall trailer weight. 
  • Exceptional insulation to provide optimum temperatures in both hot and cold weather. 
  • Fully enclosed underbelly with heated tank perfect for winter adventures. 
  • Outdoor kitchen with refrigerator. 
  • Toy hauler for 10.6 version. 

Boreas XT 12

Best things about this off-road trailer:

  • All-terrain tires and 20 inches of ground clearance on the XT12.
  • Indoor wet bath. 
  • Exterior shower. 
  • 100% composite and metal construction. 
  • Sleeps 4 adults. 
  • Full insulated cabin. 
  • 96L dual or single fridge/freezer
  • Outdoor kitchen. 
  • Heated tanks and water lines so you can camp all year. 
  • 30-amp shore power. 
  • Optional upgrades including; suspension upgrades, air conditioner, and additional batteries. 

Lotus Caravans Off-Grid

Best things about this off-road trailer:

  • Twin shock suspension and 17-inch tires to get you over anything the road throws at you. 
  • Off-Grid Caravan comes equipped with a solar panel battery system. 
  • Air conditioning and heating. 
  • Indoor bathroom and shower. 
  • Unlimited hot water.
  • 10 different floor plans to choose from. 
  • Lengths up to 23 feet to accommodate families of all sizes. 
  • Highly customizable to get the perfect fit for your family. 

The Best of The Best Off-Road RV Trailers

There are many great options for finding an off-road trailer, but these guys are by far the best off-road camper trailers out there. Take your pick, and you’ll be finding that solace you are looking for in no time.

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