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5 Best Motorcycle Camper Trailers

5 Best Motorcycle Camper Trailers

For those that love easy access to Mother Nature and the feel of the open road, we’ve got five of the best motorcycle camper trailers.

Camp without the confines and limitations of an RV, yet still have the comforts of a mattress and shelter. Let’s dive in.

What are Motorcycle Camper Trailers & How Do They Work?

Motorcycle camper trailers are small campers that are lightweight enough to be pulled by a motorcycle.

You’ll need a hitch, and factory hitches are available for most bikes. But, if your bike does not come with one, most motorcycles can be easily equipped with a ball hitch. 

Once you have a hitch, it takes mere minutes to hook up your trailer.

Towing anything requires some knowledge and safety on your part. Know the curb weight of your bike – the weight when fluids are full and no riders are on the bike. Also, you’ll need an engine size of 1000cc or more to pull a trailer.

The trailer should weigh less than 20% of your motorcycle’s total weight. Another important consideration is the total length from the rear of your bike to your trailer. The length should total no more than 8 feet.

Want an easy formula? Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) – Curb Weight = Total Capacity of Motorcycle. Now you know exactly what to look for in your search for your motorcycle camper trailer.

Pros and Cons of Motorcycle Camper Trailers

Novice riders should gain more experience before pulling a trailer because there are increased risks. You’ll need additional gear, such as safety chains and tie-downs.

Additionally, you’ll need to do a safety check before riding to ensure everything is hooked up properly. But, other than those items, the cons are far less than the pros.

The pros far outweigh the cons – because you have space for more gear and the ability to explore more.

We’ve got five of the best motorcycle camper trailers listed here for you to choose from. All you need is one to get you closer to Mother Nature. And that same one will also keep you hidden from her when she gets angry.

Mini Mate Kompact Kamp

This camper’s overall dimensions are  90″L x 40″W x 37″H. The Mini Mate Kompact Kamp has tons of optional add-ons, too. These include an added room and awning for tons of space and comfort!

Also providing rear access storage space, headspace at its tallest of 6’4”, quality construction with its full fiberglass body and lid, UV and water-resistant canvas tent, space for two adults, and a two minute setup time, you’ll be sleeping before the stars come out.

Price: $3195 with crating and shipping starts at $300

Weight: Trailer 260 lbs, Tongue 25 lbs

Aspen Classic

The Aspen Classic camper trailer has closed dimensions of 47” W x 72” L x 38” H. It consists of a single reinforced fiberglass body, a single piece seamless roof and a seam-sealed tent and basement level storage accessible while traveling and while setup.

With a zippered storm flap that can also be used as a canopy fly, you’ll be protected from all the elements. Combine that with a king size bed, minutes to set up and tear down and many other available options and accessories, the Aspen Classic provides you with everything you’ll need for a luxurious evening with Mother Nature.

Price: While Aspen is no longer manufacturing new trailers, these can be found used, and accessories and parts are still supported through Aspen Trailers.

Weight: Trailer 350 lbs, Tongue 24 lbs

Lees-ure Lite Trailer

Lees-ure Lite knows that each customer has unique needs. Therefore, they have a variety of options for to choose from to customize the motorcycle camper trailer that fits your desires.

With a standing height of 6’4”, 48×66 inch dimensions and 11 feet in length when open, along with 26 cubic feet of storage space, your comfort levels will be at the highest standards.  This trailer is large enough to keep you comfortable, yet small enough to encourage you to explore outside.

Price: Base pricing starts at $5,195. From there you can add your options of awning, screens, increased storage space and more.

Weight: Trailer 265 lbs, Tongue 17 lbs

Time Out Deluxe

Worrying about sleeping while a storm rages on?  Want to get outside and play, not take an entire day setting up camp?

Time Out Trailers have got you covered, literally. Hand stitched in Indiana, made of water-resistant material, 43×104 inch dimensions and a queen size bed, you’ll have no idea flood waters passed you by in the middle of the night. And with setup and teardown only taking about three minutes, you’ll be long gone before those stormwaters even hit. 

Price: $4,595 base prices for the Deluxe, where you’ll get room to entertain four people and storage access even when the tent is closed.

Weight: Trailer 385 lbs, Tongue 20 lbs

MyPod by Little Guy

No setup required with this compact 72×139 inch camper trailer. The MyPod is a 100% fiberglass molded body that includes some fancy amenities.

With a complete entertainment center, 12V/110 power, installed A/C, three speed fan and more, you may just want to sleep in. This motorcycle camping trailer also comes with options of a screen room, roof rack and double or full bed. 

Price: Contact your Little Guy dealer for complete pricing.

Weight: Trailer 630 lbs, Tongue 110 lbs

Motorcycle Camper Trailers Get You Into (and Out of) Mother Nature

For your best night in and your best day out, these top motorcycle camper trailers will keep you shielded from Mother Nature at her worst and get you right there with her at her finest. Knowing that you’ve got shelter from the storm attached directly to your favorite ride, you don’t need a fancy biker name to be cool, you already are. 

You should still give yourself a fancy biker name; you deserve one.

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