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What is an RV WiFi Booster?

What is an RV WiFi Booster? 

When traveling in your RV, it can be imperative that your WiFi works. Especially if you need to get work done.

And, as we all know, campground wifi signal strength isn’t always very strong!

That’s why having an RV WiFi booster can come in handy. 

What is an RV WiFi Booster?

An RV WiFi booster is just that, it boosts existing WiFi signal into a stronger, faster signal in your RV.

Maybe you’re at a campground and you’re far away from where the wifi is, so you aren’t getting a strong signal.

Or, maybe you’re just parked outside a store or restaurant and want to use their wifi.

An RV wifi booster works by pulling in an existing wifi signal with an antenna on the outside of your RV. There is a device inside your RV that is connected to the exterior antenna, and it amplifies the wifi signal.

This can make previously slow wifi blazing fast.

If there is no wifi signal to boost, then a wifi booster won’t work. In that case, you’re better off going with an RV cell signal booster.

The Simple Difference Between WiFi & Cellular Internet

This can be really confusing for RV travelers. All you have to remember is this simple difference.

A WiFi signal comes from a business or residence (RV park, McDonald’s, your home) and a cell signal comes from a cell tower.

Therefore, an RV WiFi booster will help you boost a signal from an RV Park or Walmart parking lot. And an RV cell booster will boost a signal directly from a cell tower.

Do WiFi Boosters Work in Campgrounds? 

Yes, absolutely! Campgrounds can be notorious for having a slow internet connection or for not reaching the whole park with their signal.

RV wifi boosters are excellent for weak campground wifi. One thing to note: if the campground wifi is slow because too many people are using it, a wifi booster will not help make it faster.

Best RV WiFi Boosters on the Market

Alfa Network WiFi Camp Pro

The Alfa Network WiFi Camp Pro is a great and inexpensive RV WiFi booster. It’s very easy to install and set up. It works with any network provider. To set it up all you need to do is scan the QR code on the device and connect it to your router. For a fairly cheap price you can have confidence that you will have a good signal.

Winegard Connect 2.0

The Winegard Connect 2.0 is a beast of an RV wifi booster. There are two versions: one that can boost WiFi and cell signal, or just WiFi.

The antenna can be mounted on the top of your RV, or some like to place it outside on the ground or on a stand. This product is a little more expensive but is tried and true. The Winegard brand has been on the market for a while and they know what they are doing.

King KF1000 Automatic Directional WiFi Antenna

The King KF1000 is also one of the best when it comes to boosting WiFi. This is the most expensive option but it gets the job done. To install, it has to be mounted on the roof. But once mounted this antenna can boost WiFi up to 10x better service. For those that can afford it and need a very reliable antenna this is the one.

Are RV WiFi Boosters Worth the Money?

If you are concerned about an RV wifi booster being worth the money, at the end of the day it just depends. If you need a reliable internet service because you need it for work to pay the bills, it might be worth it to keep your job.

But if you only use it to stream Netflix while on the road, it might not be worth it. That’s nothing a good book can’t cure while in-between good WiFi areas. It just depends on your needs and what you use the WiFi for and if you typically find yourself in areas that need a boost.

At the end of the day, a good WiFi service in the digital age is very important. Especially as more and more people are RVing and able to work remotely, you need good signal. There are always the coffee shops, local libraries and McDonalds but sometimes it’s nice to be in your RV.

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