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Multiple RVers Encounter Harassment While Camping

Nothing can ruin your day like a bad attitude – whether it’s yours or a stranger’s. You can prepare for a lot of circumstances when it comes to RV camping, but sometimes life throws a curveball.

We’re sharing the experiences of 7 different RVers who were harassed at their campsite. Additionally, they all share (and sometimes capture the harrasment) on YouTube.

How you handle yourself in a stressful situation can prevent an already stressful encounter from escalating into something more serious. Learning from these examples will surely come in handy if you’re ever harassed.

Let’s dive in.

Harassed in RV Park

Tom and Cheri of were stationary for a few months in Destin, FL. During their stay at an RV park, they documented the harassment they encountered from the HOA that manages the park.

The harassment began shortly after they received a complaint regarding their son staying with them, but that was only the beginning.

They share in a series of four videos how the HOA management watched/stalked their rig and harassed them multiple times throughout their extended stay.

Attempted Vandalism

Thomas from I’m Not Lost I’m RVing was flying his drone while boondocking near Angels Peak in New Mexico when he encountered an individual who didn’t share a passion for drones. This man was annoyed by the drone flying and threw not one, but two rocks at Thomas’ drone.

Luckily for Thomas and the drone neither of the rocks made contact with the drone, but Thomas was able to get some great footage of the rock as evidence.

Harassed while off-grid camping

Dave and Roe of Fate Unbound spend a significant amount of time boondocking on BLM and public lands. In this encounter they were camping in a national forest when an individual confronted them because she was upset about them camping during fire season.

Dave and Roe did their due diligence by researching in advance and ultimately confirm with local authorities regarding their ability to stay in the location.

After further talks with the individual Dave and Roe discover her anger and frustrations are more as a result of people’s misuse of the forests.

Told To Leave

Sal and Sharon of the channel S & S and the RV Cats were boondocking in a beautiful spot in Flagstaff, Arizona when they were forced to leave in a hurry.

A local rancher was not happy about their choice in camping location and, after approaching them, threatened to involve law enforcement.

Sal and Sharon weren’t looking to escalate the situation and decided to move on to another location.

Walmart Overnight Parking Issues

The Jurgys, Bryce and Nellie, were staying overnight in a Walmart parking lot when they were awoken by a trailer crashing in the side of their rig.

The Jurgys had a great interaction with the law enforcement, but ultimately trying to save a few dollars cost them a lot more than they had anticipated. Luckily for them the damage was minimal and no one involved was hurt.

Pro Tip: Here are the don’ts when camping at Walmart.

RV Stealth Camper Issues

The Mobile Hobos, aka Kari and Joe, had just finished working out at fitness center near San Diego, California when they were confronted by law enforcement.

The officer reported being called to investigate an altercation between a male and female near a camper.

Throughout the video they share their frustrations of being confronted multiple times by law enforcement and others who may not understand their lifestyle in their vintage camper.   

Here’s the definition to stealth camping.

Kicked Out for Receiving Package

Jason and Abby of RV Miles were kicked out of a Montrose, Colorado campground for receiving a package. Yes, you read that correctly – receiving a package got them kicked out.

When Jason and Abby checked in there were several pages of rules, one of which included a section for extended stay reservations.

One rule in this section stated campers could not receive packages at the campground. They did not read this section because it did not pertain to their travel circumstances.

Jason had placed an order to be delivered to the campground, but it was declined by the front office. The delivery driver saw the importance of the package and contacted Jason to arrange pickup off of the campground’s property, but when Jason returned he was instructed that he and his family needed to leave.

Law enforcement officers arrived to supervise Jason and his family as they packed. Luckily they were able to find another park in the area that accommodated them and informed them that they were not the first family to be kicked out of this specific location.

Learn from These Experiences

We hope you never encounter harassment during your travels, but if you do, you can be better prepared because of these 7 Youtube RVers. Always remember it is better to walk away or find another camping spot than to put you or your family in an unsafe situation.

Have you ever found yourself being harassed while RVing?

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  1. Thank you for all the wonderful and informative articles over the years. Good luck with your future endeavors and especially your new lifestyle raising a child. This will be your greatest adventure!

  2. Would love to hear from the other side and get the entire story, not just half of it. It takes two to tango.

  3. I agree with Neil. Take the first one. Many parks have specific rules regarding occupancy. You registered with two you can’t just add another without approval. If a 55 + parks no one under 55 can stay, period. Doesn’t matter if a child lost a job, or if there is a pandemic. Rules are there to make everyone’s stay enjoyable. Not getting the full story here. Just that they are upset they can’t do whatever they want.
    The woman upset with campers and the rancher threatening to call law enforcement. I would stayed put and called law enforcement myself. When people cave in they just make it worse for the rest of us. That rancher getting his way just encourages him. He needs law enforcement to warn him that he could be the one getting arrested.
    The Stealth camping harassment. Please remember that in most places so called Stealth camping is otherwise known as illegal camping. Saying people just don’t get their lifestyle is crap. I suppose if you’re lifestyle is to be e nudist they think they should be allowed to run around nude and if not “People just don’t get our lifestyle” covers it. All lifestyles must fit in with the laws. You think I like having to move on after camping 14 days? No, but the law is there so the spots can be available to others rather than becoming a squatter city.
    I didn’t want strange RVs parked in front of my house, so I don’t park in front of others. Residential streets are not campgrounds.
    Too many people today thinking they should be allowed to do whatever they want.

  4. Some of these examples show that some people just don’t think that the rules apply to them. Laundry rooms/storage sheds are not places for people to live. Period. If the campground has rules about not receiving packages, then don’t have packages delivered there. There are many local businesses that can receive packages for you for a small fee. Flying a drone on the national lands (parks, forests, national monuments) is not legal unless you get a permit. If you don’t like something about the place your staying, get up and move! Rv’s have wheels for a reason. Stop your bellyaching, you are not special to anyone else!

  5. Most people go camping/rving for the peace & quiet at least we do & some idiot flying a drone in/around the area would be annoying! People like him need to go someplace where there are no other people so the campers getting upset is understandable. As for the others, if you don’t want to pay for camping…do the research or here’s an idea…stay home

    1. Let’s face it this year was not the best for finding friendly and happy people. Whether you think it’s planned or accidental, a lot of folks are just in a really lousy mood right now. After 40 years of over the road trucking I’ve learned that it’s not that hard to find really good places to spend the night or even just a few hours of rest and relaxation. If you’re going to stop in a rest area try to find a way to stay away from where the big trucks are. It’s hard for them to find places to sleep and they have to stay on off the road for as much as 10 hours a day. Also be sure to check out the availability in all of the federally run parks. The Department of the Interior has a list of them located all over the United States and they’re very affordable and usually have some availability. If you’re a senior you can get discounts that really add up. Learn how to dry camp or boondock. It gives you a lot more choices.

  6. Most of these if not all are examples of people ignoring the rules, being rude or actually breaking the law. Just because you own an rv or trailer doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want. In the drone video there are obviously others camping near him and he closes to fly his drone around them. Would you like being woken up from a nap by some guy with a drone? Probably not. The great thing about an an Rv is if you have a problem YOU CAN MOVE. these people seriously had an issue and stayed for months? That defeats the purpose of having a rv.

  7. I lived for 6 years in a class C motor home. Stayed in RV parks, campgrounds and out in the wilds all over Arizona. Amazingly, NEVER bothered by anyone! But as we all should know there are a#$h%$#s everywhere, misunderstandings and miscommunications can occur on a regular basis in anybody’s life. Unfortunately, nothing new here.

  8. Most of the rules that seem intrusive are a result of other people’s bad behavior. The no package policy is probably the result of squatters trying to set up legal residency so they can stop paying rent and force the owners into a lengthy eviction process. Knowing and following the rules is better than having camp sites getting trashed so I don’t have a lot of sympathy for most of these “victims”.

  9. I agree with Janella. If I were boondocking and a drone flew over me I would talk to the person first. If they ignored me, I’ d throw my whole RV at it! LOL!

  10. From SC, my wife and I have been host from SC to Alaska for four months, then Southwest New Mexico, back to SC, still hosting in State Campground’s in Georgia, will never even talk to Any private campground owner ever again, people don’t read signs, and newbies are slob’s, they pull in ,door’s fly open and kid’s run wild, thinking, they are on vacation and won’t anything happen to them. If they start running their mouths, just call the law have them locked up and bar them from that park, Forever ! No Respect ! Hint, Only a Drunk likes a Drunk !

  11. Many places, drones are illegal, usually because you’re disturbing endangered wildlife. I can promise you I will call law enforcement if I see people doing things like scaring breeding seals with their stupid drones. Most of these ppl sound like they deserved it for trying to live in their Rv for free, where they shouldn’t be.

  12. This cracks me up. I live in western colorado and have never seen a more entitled group than RV campers. And this year has been the worst. Trash left all over campsites, open fires during fir bans. And spoiled ass office jockeys hauling their fifth wheels and motor coaches on forest service roads that we’re not built for them. I never understood white privilege until I saw all the “boondockers”destroying our public lands.

  13. People who are not obeying the rules or who are trespassing deserve to be punished. Those who obey the law have every right to call the sheriff or the police and have rule breakers RUN OFF their property. Come on people. Have some respect for something.

  14. I so agree. There is a whole new breed of campers. Disrespectful, thinking its all about them, nothing to do about your space. I sold my RV…, I am done. 10 years ago, everyone would get together, have a fire, invite you over. Now…., omg….,its like the big city attitudes came to the country. 😢

  15. Actually you are wrong about the drones. You can indeed fly drones in National Forests. National parks and National Wilderness says clearly no drones. But the National Forest rules state you can indeed fly drones. You might want to read drone laws.

    The guy throwing rocks at the drone could have been charged with endangering a lawful flight by the FAA which is now a felony.

  16. That attitude is what will get you charged with a felony. It is illegal to damage a drone if the drone is legally being flown. You might want to look up drone laws. That are considered aircraft and throwing rocks or shooting them will get you a felony charge.

  17. This is for RYAN and anyone else who thinks that people who have drones have more rights than the rest of us. NOPE!

    (1) Even though one can fly a drone in a National Forest Area, using a drone to harass any wildlife anywhere is a felony according to Federal Law. So if the look and sound of a drone is frightening the bears, deer, elk, moose or any other animal, the one flying it could get into deep trouble with the law. Drones that frighten domesticated animals (farm animals, for example) can get the drone owner sued.

    (2) It is illegal to fly drones over private property, including farms and homes, without written permission of the property owner. Property owners also own the airspace over their homes and farms (there is an easement for military and passenger aircraft, but not for drones). According to the law, people who own the property MUST be made aware of the intention to fly a drone over it and they do reserve their right to deny access for drones.

    (3) It is illegal to fly drones in State and National Parks (and for very good reason). There have been incidents. . .

    (4) It is illegal to fly drones at night without special lighting, and they cannot be flown in such a manner where they enter commercial airspace.

    (5) When flying drones over people that one does not know it must be clearly understood that filming people without their permission can get you sued because laws other than the ones pertaining to drones specify that individual people OWN their image. Generally, one must have a written release to film people who are unknown to you. The law does prohibit flying drones over people if those folks are part of a large gathering or ALL of the people have not been formally notified that a drone will be flying over their heads, so that is a big problem. Also, no drone that weighs more that half a pound can fly over people, and such a drone cannot have propellers that can lacerate human skin. If your drone crashes into someone you can be sued and there are criminal penalties for that. Drone flyers who film people without their written permission, especially children, can be sued for doing that, and courts frown upon those who take videos of people and then post the images on the internet or in any form of social media for COMMERCIAL PURPOSES without paying the people who appear in the video (such as when one posts a video for the purpose of getting income from ads on YouTube). The only people that a drone operator can legally film are members of their own family or group who know that they are being filmed.

    People don’t have a right to destroy drones, but they DO have the right to report any drone flying over their head without their permission (illegal), and they do have a right to sue anyone who posts their image online for any reason. It’s true that the drone man could have sent that guy to jail for hitting his drone with a rock, but that guy could have had drone man jailed for flying the drone over his head, so they would have been even.

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