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The 2021 Airstream Caravel Camper (with YouTube RV Tours of Every Model)

The 2021 Airstream Caravel Camper (with YouTube RV Tours of Every Model)

If you want one of the most classic RVs out there, you want an Airstream. Airstream is practically a household name, even among non-RVers.

These classy, shiny travel trailers stand out from the crowd. But this year’s Airstream Caravel takes things even further. You’ll love everything it offers! Keep reading to find out why.

Image Source: Airstream

What is the Airstream Caravel? 

The Airstream Caravel has been around since 1956. It is a lightweight, functional travel trailer designed for any adventure.

The 2021 Airstream Caravel revives this classic with all new, modern features and design.

2021 Airstream Caravel Price

The Airstream Caravel starts at $64,000. There are optional upgrades that may increase the price. However, despite its price tag, it is in very high demand.

If you want an Airstream ready for summer, you’ll want to look in advance to beat the wait times.

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Image Source: Airstream

Why You’ll Love the Airstream Caravel Travel Trailer

There are plenty of reasons to love the Airstream Caravel. One reason is that the Airstream Caravel is a classic. Taking something with that kind of history and making it your own is awesome.

The interior is also a blank slate for you to personalize. No more tacky wallpaper and crazy upholstery. The neutral interior will let you decorate your new travel trailer any way you like.

The Caravel is also a great option for families with kids. It sleeps up to four. And with four floor plans to choose from, you can find the perfect rig. It also offers plenty of storage. The clever design allows you to tuck everything away for a tidy feel.

The interior also has stainless-steel appliances and sink. You’ll enjoy how modern everything looks and feels. And when you’re hanging out, you’ll love the panoramic windows. You’ll have the best view in the campground.

The Caravel is also lightweight and easy to tow. You can likely tow it with your existing SUV, which means no additional costs for a truck. This trailer has a low center of gravity and optimized weight distribution so you feel secure on the road.

Image Source: Airstream

2021 Airstream Caravel Floorplans

The 2021 Airstream Caravel comes with four unique floor plans to choose from.

Caravel 16RB

This floor plan is 16 feet long and has a base weight of 3,500 pounds. It starts at $64,000; the lowest of all the Caravel options. The 16RB has a convertible dinette in the front. Enjoy a meal during the day and then convert to an extra sleeping space for two in the evening.

The kitchen and bathroom area are just behind the dinette. The bathroom sits opposite the kitchen counter. In the very back is the bed that sleeps two. The kitchen includes a two-burner stove, a microwave, and a small fridge. The sink also includes a cover for added counter space when needed.

19CB Airstream Caravel Floorplan

The Caravel 19CB is 19 feet long and has a base weight of 4,000 pounds. It includes a 13,500 BTU air conditioner with a heat pump that runs off 30-amp service.

The 19CB sleeps up to four people when using the convertible dinette as an extra bed. This model comes with a starting price of $67,100. There are also optional add-ons.

The extra three feet of space give the 19CB a more open feel. You’ll get added counter space and a larger bathroom.

The dinette is in the trailer’s front with the kitchen behind. Compared to the 16 foot Caravel, you’ll get added counter space and a slightly larger fridge. The bathroom with a separate shower, toilet, and sink is in the back alongside the bed. They rotated the bed to face forward in this floor plan.

Caravel 20FB

In keeping with the pattern, the Caravel 20FB is 20 feet long and has a base weight of 4,300 pounds. It also has a 13,500 BTU AC with heat pump.

You’ll get a larger fridge at 4.3 cubic feet, which is definitely nice if you’ll have over one person along. The Airstream Caravel 20FB sleeps up to 4. The added length and space, unsurprisingly, comes with a higher price tag. The starting price for the 20FB is $70,200. Optional upgrades can cause higher costs.

The 20-foot floor plan is much more spacious and looks a lot different from the previous designs. The bed is in the very front. You can wake up to a panoramic view out the front windshield.

The dinette sits behind the bed opposite the main entrance. Caddy-corner to that is the kitchen with a three-burner stove and plenty of counter space. Opposite the counter and behind the dinette is the full, spacious bathroom. The bathroom has a separate shower and toilet, so you have plenty of room.

Caravel 22FB

Finally, we have the 22FB floor plan. It measures 21’11” (so basically 22 feet) and has a base weight of 4,200. Even though it is longer, the weight is actually less than the 20FB thanks to the lightweight materials.

This layout is the most spacious of all the Airstream Carvels. The front has a larger bed, giving you more room for a good night’s sleep. Another major difference for this layout is that the entry door is actually at the back of the trailer.

Behind the bed is the living area. It has a wrap-around couch dinette which can convert to a bed. The traditional bed and dinette conversion allow you to sleep up to 4 in the 22FB.

Opposite the dinette is the kitchen. It has lots of counter space, a large fridge, and a three-burner stove. You also get even more storage with the 22FB model. Behind the kitchen is a large wardrobe!

Then, in the very back, is a spacious bathroom with a separate shower and toilet area. The bathroom sink also has a large counter to make getting ready much smoother.

The 22FB comes with the highest price tag. Although considering the added space and excellent layout, it isn’t much more than the 20-foot Caravel. The price for the 22FB starts at $73,300.

Airstream Caravel: Sleek, Classy, and Spacious

If you imagine yourself cruising the country in one of America’s most iconic trailers, you’ll love the Airstream Caravel.

It is sleek, classy, and spacious. There are several floor plans to choose from so you can find the perfect fit. We absolutely love the Caravel and know you will too! 

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