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Best To Worst: Hammock Stands for Camping and RVing

Best To Worst: Hammock Stands for Camping and RVing

Hammocks bring about a vision of lazy days on the beach.

Or maybe a day spent hanging out on your porch sipping on your favorite beverage.

But what does one do when they have a hammock and there’s no place to set it up?

Having a hammock stand is a much better solution than hanging one end to your rearview mirror and the other to a Saguaro cactus. This could very well result in breaking something…quite possibly, you. 

Check out these recommended hammock stands… from best to worst!

For the handy-folks, here’s a video for a DIY hammock stand.

What is a Hammock Stand? 

A hammock stand is a wooden or metal stand that you can hook your hammock onto and use immediately.

There are no straps to tie around a tree and no need to look for the perfect trees to tie your hammock onto. They can support up to around 500 pounds.

While many are not made to be portable, there are a few gems out there made specifically for RVing and camping.

This one is portable! But it isn’t the kind of hammock stand we’re talking about.

What to Look For in a Hammock Stand for RVing and Camping

Speaking of RVing and camping, you’ll definitely want one that is portable and can be stored away easily. You’ll also want to look for ease of use. There’s nothing worse than taking more time to set up, tear down and put away your hammock than it takes to tear down your entire camping setup.

And because of the constant use of setting up and tearing down, you’ll want to find one that is durable and high quality. 

One that can handle the constant shuffling around, along with the dirt, rain and wind that inevitably arises when RVing and camping. Have kids?  Your hammock may be treated as a swing instead of a relaxation tool.  Having a stand that can withstand kids AND weather, well, you’ve struck gold!

Finally, price is always a factor.  While we do love swinging on a hammock, we don’t love spending too much money to do so.  So when seeking out that perfect stand to go with your favorite hammock, be sure you’re getting the best value for your buck.

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Hammock Stands for Camping from Best to Worst

Sunny Daze Space Saving Hammock Stand

This portable Brazilian style steel hammock stand holds up to 400 pounds and includes a carrying case. It assembles in less than 10 minutes, requires no tools and weighs only 25 pounds. With adjustable settings, you can fit hammocks of varying lengths ranging from 10 to 12 ½ feet. Although, keep in mind, it is made only for non-spreader bar hammocks.

Meant for both indoor and outdoor use, this hammock stand will get you swinging away in style wherever you are.

One happy customer had this to say, “Great stand and sturdy. The storage bag is easy to use, enough room to put the stand away without fighting to get the zipper closed. Love that it can be easily taken apart at the end of the season. Exceeded my expectations.”

Sunny Daze Heavy Duty Hammock Stand

This two person portable, indoor/outdoor steel stand works for both Brazilian and spreader bar styles. Able to hold hammocks ranging from 9 ½ to 14 feet long, most hammocks should fit quite easily on this stand.

Clocking in at only 25 pounds and able to support up to 550 pounds, it is quite easy to cart around for both you and your hammock swinging partner. All joints lock together easily with its spring-snap button mechanisms, taking no tools to assemble.

“This hammock stand lives up to the claim of being universal. And the spread legs design makes it quite stable. I highly recommend it,” states Larry, a satisfied customer on Amazon. 

Zupapa Hammock Stand

The Zupapa stand is an indoor/outdoor, two-person stand. Holding up to 550 pounds, you and your hammock partner will be quite comfortable in its heavy duty steel frame. Good for use with both spreader and non-spreader bar hammocks, it comes with a carrying case to make its 50 pounds not so bad after all.

Its spring pin interlocking pieces make for a quick setup and tear down and gives it extra stability.

One well-rested customer loves his hammock. “This is a great hammock stand. I mean, it weighs a ton (actually about 50 lbs.) so it’s not my first choice to travel with, but as it happens, I am going to NYC for a couple of weeks soon and I just ordered a second one of these for that trip!

I sleep in a hammock in one of these stands every night and I sleep well. Being able to take this on a trip is like being able to take my own bed to the hotel with me and who wouldn’t want that?” 

Eno Solopod Hammock Stand

This steel stand weighs in at 63 pounds, so while it is quite heavy, it is made to be on almost any surface with its non-slip feet. Supporting up to 400 pounds and weatherproof, you’ll be able to enjoy swinging the night away indoors or out.

This uniquely shaped hammock stand offers stability in its design and also has quick-release parts requiring no tools for setup.

“I am more than satisfied with this product. To start I am a 6′ 4″ 330 pound guy. This Solopod holds me well and is very durable. It really does take only minutes to assemble and COULD be portable if you take the 8 parts apart and load them in a truck,” from a self-proclaimed big guy.

Swinging the Days Away on Your Very Own Hammock Stand

While trees are quite a lovely place to set up a hammock, sometimes there are just none to be found. When that happens, no worries, you’ve now got your choice of hammock stands to choose from.  Swinging the day away is now the easy task of your camping or RVing trip. 

If only making reservations were that easy.

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