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Zac Efron At Home Down Under in $140K Luxury Lotus Caravan

Zac Efron at Home Down Under in $140K Luxury Lotus Caravan

Zac Efron seems to be at home in Australia while he’s filming the upcoming indie movie, Gold, and his life down under seems pretty sweet!

Efron recently shared his “home sweet home” while on location for Gold – a seriously amazing $140,000 Lotus Caravans Trailer.

We’ve got all the details here! Let’s get into it.

Zac Efron Living it Up in Lotus Caravan

In a photo posted to Efron’s Instagram account on February 3rd, Zac shared a selfie in front of a Lotus Caravan Trailer with a caption stating: “Home sweet home. Thanks, @lotus_caravans🤙”

Reports state Lotus Caravans offered Efron the rig for free while filming on set, a pretty sweet perk of being an A-List celebrity!

There’s no denying, he looks pretty proud of the sweet new digs. Zac Efron seems to be a pretty adventurous guy, so a caravan from Lotus is probably right up his alley!

This isn’t the first time we’ve talked about the Lotus Caravan brand before. Check out this article with 5 of the best off-road camper trailers, featuring Lotus.

Who Is Lotus Caravans?

Lotus Caravans is an Australia-based caravan (RV) manufacturer. The Lotus brand has been in business since 20004 and focuses on unique designs with top-quality material and expert craftsmanship to create one-of-a-kind caravans for the ultimate RVing lifestyle.

Lotus Caravans builds off-grid and off-road caravans, as well as “universal” caravans that are more luxurious and “on-road” style.

They have 7 different models to choose from or you can have a caravan custom built.

In his Instagram post, Efron appears to be posing in front of a Hollywood model Lotus Trailer – fitting for a Hollywood star.

Lotus Caravans Hollywood Model

The Hollywood is the most luxurious of the Lotus Caravans Lineup – a trailer perfect for a celebrity.

With a $140,000 price tag, you’d expect this trailer to be pretty sweet. And it is!

The Hollywood caravan features two slide-outs for an insane amount of interior living space. It’s got two 25 gallon water tanks for plenty of fresh water, 510 watts of solar power, and seems like a great rig to live off-the-grid.

This glamorous RV comes with no less than 3 TVs, smart appliances and monitoring, Italian leather interior, a king-sized bed, and so much more.

The Hollywood is 24 feet long and seems like it has the perfect amount of space to be living in on set. According to the Lotus website, you can even run the air conditioning off the solar and inverter alone! This beast of a trailer is giving us serious rig envy.

Celebrities Love the RV Life, Too

Zac Efron isn’t the first celeb to be experiencing Australia in a Lotus Caravan. In July 2020, Chris Hemsworth was traveling in a Trooper Caravan from Lotus.

Trooper is Lotus’s premiere off-road luxury caravan, with tons of sweet features of it’s own.

The RV life is for everyone, regardless of social status, age, etc. And it’s a pretty sweet life, too! It’s no wonder that celebs are catching on, and pretty exciting for the industry as a whole.

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