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How to Name Your RV Camper (The Right Way)

How to Name Your RV Camper (The Right Way)

Believe it or not, there’s a right way to name your camper.

Names give personal connections. Imagine a world where we entered our workplace, greeting each other with, “Hello, Thing 1. How was your weekend?” Or, “Hey, Thing 2,347,012, wha’s up!” 

Numbers simply don’t fit our human need for connection. But names do. And while it seems like many of us don’t name our sticks and bricks houses, we definitely have a thing with naming our rigs.

Let’s take a look at how to name your camper the right way.

Why Do People Name Their Campers? 

Remember that thing I mentioned above – that names give personal connections? That’s it! But naming our campers? Really?

Look at it this way. Our campers bring us to the places we love to visit. They carry precious cargo – our family, friends, and often pets. In addition, our campers transport all of our gear and give us the convenience of being out in nature and on the road with everything we need.

They become part of our family, a part of what gets us excited about living.

Maybe the better question is, “Why would we NOT name our campers?”

How to Pick the Perfect Name for Your Camper

Choosing that perfect name for your camper shouldn’t add stress to your life. Rather, it should add some joy. You’ve got a new camper, and it needs a name. Much like having a new baby (well, maybe not quite like that, but close) you’re going to nourish this camper with the best fluids.

You’re going to keep it squeaky clean inside and out. Consequently, you’re going to watch it grow from new to old, well-lived throughout its entire life.  

Something this cherished needs a name. And, certainly, that name should fit you and your circumstances. So be unique, have fun and give your camper a name that has meaning to you and your lifestyle. 

What Kind of Camper Name Should You Go With? 


If you’re a comedian of sorts, go with humor. We all need more humor in our lives, and your camper might be the one thing that puts a smile on your face the second you see her (or him).

Yep, just as in names, we also give our campers pronouns. Silly, but humans are definitely silly, and we might as well roll with it.

A Few Examples 

Rolly Poly – Let’s not actually make that happen.

The Runaway – You might be running away, but don’t let your RV run away.

Baby’s Got Back – RVs definitely got the back end thing happenin’!

Gilligan – A three-hour tour is all it takes.

The Wander Woman – No explanation needed.


We love our irony as much as our humor, so if that’s your type, name away. Think of some ironic happenings in your life or while you’ve been traveling, and start creating from there. Maybe you’ve got a favorite sarcastic or dry saying that comes to mind. Use it!

A Few Examples:

Hitched Up – Hitched may mean stuck, but not when you own an RV.

Yeti – We try not to get into precarious situations, but bring on the Yeti!

The Dog House – Careful, you might be sleeping in it.

The Love Bug – You decide why this might be ironic.

Metal Pedal – You really shouldn’t be putting your pedal to the metal in an RV.


Many people name their campers for sentimental reasons. Oftentimes, if you make a connection with the previous owner when buying used.

So, name your camper after him or her. Have a movie you relate your life to and watch again and again? Name your camper after that movie or a character in that movie. Maybe you’re traveling in honor of a loved one.

Then, naming your camper in honor of them is a great way to keep them with you wherever you go.

A Few Examples:

The Batmobile – I’m Batman!

RAIF – Use the name of the gentleman you bought your rig from.

La Dolce Vita – The Sweet Life

The Road House – Best worst movie ever!

Little Miss Sunshine – A road trip in a van to a beauty pageant?! Need I say more?


Maybe you’re the literal type. In this case, everything in your life has some sort of literal meaning and being figurative or symbolic just doesn’t feel right to you. 

Be you.

Name your camper after your rig type or model. Or maybe the colors of your rig or the sounds it makes resonate within you for your camper’s name.

A Few Examples:

Winnie – Winnebago

Class C – Classy, get it?

Squeaks – For those constant squeaky noises you’ll never figure out. 

The Queen Bee – For those whose camper looks like a bee.

Long, Tall and Skinny – Is that you or your camper?

Why Should You Name Your Camper?

Name your camper because it has a special connection to you. It is an extension of you and your home and your lifestyle. You give that a name. But it’s also a conversation starter—a way to create more connections with fellow travelers.

Connections are why we travel. We think it might be to get away from real life, but it turns out when we travel, we are creating the life we really want. Which, ironically, connects you to more people instead of taking you away from them. 

So while you name your camper for connections to self and lifestyle, it turns out that that name gives you a greater connection to the rest of this crazy world we live in too.

But there’s one more significant connection that we make when we name our campers – the connection to our campers. It’s imperative to have a name to yell when something goes wrong.  For that, you might need to give your camper a middle name, too.

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  1. Erica Hammer says:

    We named ours The Roadrunner.
    We rarely stay more than two days in one place. Always headed down the road.
    Plus we enjoy birdwatching, so it was a fitting name.

  2. Eric says:

    We have a class A we call her “the loaf” because she looks like a big loaf of bread

  3. Jay A. says:

    Named my Class C “Rocky” wind blows hard and she be rockin!

  4. Jodi W says:

    That’s what we named ours but because we’re from AZ and have roadrunners in our front yard. But also the moving down the road bit.