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Rare 1970s Coca-Cola RV Hits the Market for $65k

Rare 1970s Coca-Cola RV Hits the Market for $65k

A rare vintage find is hitting the market – the 1978 GMC motorhome commissioned initially by Coca-Cola.

It’s fair to say that every vintage GMC motorhome is a rare find these days. However, the story behind this specific RV makes it extra special.

Here are the details.


History of the Coca-Cola RV

Coca-Cola launched an RV inspired giveaway in the mid-70s. It was called the Gadabout.

Here’s a look at the Gadabout according to the RV seller:

“The Coca Cola GMC Gadabout was created in 1977 by the Coca-Cola Company and GMC as a promotional giveaway. A less fancy one was also created as a gift for coke bottlers. 

Open a coke- have the winning coke cap-and you drive away the most advanced mobile home built, the GMC Gadabout. 

Only five were made for the Grand Prize, and this is one of the remaining ones. We know that at least one has gone to the graveyard, two rumored to be owned by the same collector in Canada, and the whereabouts/existence of the fifth is unknown.”

Needless to say, the lore is strong with this Class A Motorhome.


About this RV

This Coca-Cola RV has just over 100k miles. But, it’s been in good hands lately. This RV has had a complete overhaul on the crucial components.

Currently it’s located at Co-Op Vehicle Restorations. Owner, Jim Bounds, is one of the GMC motorhome experts in America.

Here’s what’s been upgraded:

“The RV has new plumbing, air-ride system, cold-air intake, Alcoa wheels, Honda liquid-cooled generator, front-end, heating/cooling system, Alpine stereo, rooftop units (custom made to fit into original cowlings), and much, much, more. 

In addition, the entire interior has been redone, while showing respect to the original white and red look and feel from when it rolled out of the factory in 1977 (model year 1978). The paint job is original and in good condition. 

The colors on the back illustrate the look of a coke bottle fizzing to the top”


A Look Inside the Coke GMC Motorhome

The red interior is still vibrant, and the wooden accents look crisp.

If you’re a fan of red, you’ll love this RV!

Small unique touches can be found throughout the unit. 


How Much Does the Coke RV Cost?

This GMC motorhome is listed for $65k. However, you can offer a lower price.

We think it will be sold quickly, though.

Pro TipIf you want to learn about the unique history of GMC motorhomes, check out this article.

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