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The Smallest (and Best) Class C Toy Hauler RV

The Smallest (and Best) Class C Toy Hauler RV

One of the best things about RVing is the versatility. You have hundreds of choices for what you want your RV to look like and do.

If you’re big into four-wheeling or ripping around in a RZR, you need an RV that’s up to the task. A Class C toy hauler is one way to go.

Keep reading to learn more about our favorite Class C Toy Hauler! 

What Is a Class C Toy Hauler?

A toy hauler RV has a drop-down door in the back. When you open this door, it extends to the ground to form a ramp. Then, you can drive your toys directly into your RV! 

Toy haulers have a “garage” space in the back where you can store your toys. When you park, you can usually convert this space for more seating. Some of them even turn into bunkhouses. 

A Class C toy hauler is your traditional Class C with a toy hauler space. A Class C hauler has an over cab bed, making them easy to recognize on the road. They often offer more sleeping areas than other RV classes as well. 

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What Is a Toy Hauler Used For? 

A toy hauler is usually used for, well, toys. Not kids’ toys–we’re talking real toys. Think ATVs, motorcycles, RZRs, golf carts, and so on. Some people also use the toy hauler space for things like kayaks, surfboards, or stand-up paddleboards. 

A toy hauler lets you store all these inside your RV, thanks to the added space. A door separates the “garage” from the rest of your RV. This fantastic feature means your outdoor toys won’t soil your living space during transport. 

Benefits of a Toy Hauler RV

There are many benefits to having a Class C toy hauler, or any toy hauler for that matter. Besides the ability to bring all your favorite toys on the road, the perks don’t stop when you reach your destination and unload. 

When you aren’t storing something inside the garage, you’ll have more interior space. You could use this space as an extra bedroom, dining room, or office. You can even drop open the door and have an indoor-outdoor seating area–time to enjoy some fresh air! 

If you want to be entirely outdoors, some Class C toy haulers also have a party deck. The ramp opens up part way and locks into place so that you can create an outdoor living space on your private patio. 

The Best Class C Toy Hauler: Thor Outlaw Class C

If you want the best Class C toy hauler, you want the Thor Outlaw Class C. They also offer a Class A option that we’ve seriously considered for ourselves! For today, it’s time for the Class C to shine. 

You can select one of two floor plans (more info in the next section). The garage serves as the main sleeping area with a drop-down queen bed. Once the bed is in place, you probably won’t realize you’re sleeping in the garage because the space is so nice. 

There’s a TV, radio system, and storage. Those features, plus an air conditioning unit, ensure you’ll be extremely comfortable!. Thor also equips the rig with Winegard ConnecT 2.0, a Wi-Fi extender that makes staying connected off-grid easier.

The Thor Class C toy hauler comes in a 30 or 31-foot model. It has a 7.3L Triton V8 engine and a gross vehicle weight of 14,5000. Keep reading for a full picture of floor plans and features. 

Outlaw Class C Floor Plan Options

There are two fantastic floor plans to choose from with the Outlaw Class C toy hauler. To help you decide which you like best, let’s take a closer look. 


The first plan is the 31’1” 29J model. The garage’s interior space is 8’ x 8’ and features a 7’ x 6’ drop-down ramp door, which also works as a patio deck. The door opens linearly (compared to the 29S, where the garage door opens perpendicular to the rig). 

The garage converts to a bedroom with a queen-size drop-down bed. Moving forward, you’ll walk through the door to find the bathroom and kitchen seated opposite each other. 

The living room is in the rig’s front, just behind the cockpit. There’s one slide out to open up the room, which contains a 70” sofa bed and another 60” sofa bed opposite it. There are also removable pedestal tables in the living area if you want a place to work or eat. 

The over cab bunk area measures 54” by 96” and is great for sleeping a smaller child. There’s even a TV in this cozy bunk area. 


The 29S Thor Class C toy hauler is shorter at 30’ 3”, but it still features an impressive layout. The garage is smaller at 8’ by 6’, and the door opens perpendicular to the rest of the rig. The ramp door doesn’t work as a patio as it does in the 29J, though. It’s just for driving your toys into the RV garage. 

The garage is still in the very back of the rig. As you look forward, you’ll find the bathroom on the right and a 70” sofa sleeper on the left. Almost the entire living room slides out to make things incredibly spacious. 

The kitchen and main living area are directly behind the cockpit. There’s also an extra closet for added storage between the two couches. The living room has an additional 70’ sofa bed which sits across from two removable pedestal tables. 

Exterior Features of the Outlaw 

Now for some exterior features. The Thor Class C toy hauler comes with a fiberglass exterior that has HD-MAX graphics. You can also optionally upgrade to have a 100-watt solar system. 

They also build this RV to last with welded steel flooring, a laminated roof, walls, and floors. The block foam insulation will keep your RV at a comfortable temperature all season long. You can also bring along all your favorite toys and gear, thanks to the spacious outdoor storage compartments. 

This toy hauler makes your outdoor living area even better with the immense power awning. Plus, the shelter has built-in LED lighting so that you can enjoy those warm summer evenings in style!

Additionally, there’s a swivel TV, Bluetooth soundbar, and radio for maximum entertainment. If you want to enjoy the outside from the inside, you can pull out the bug screen on the garage’s exterior. 

Interior Features of the Outlaw Class C Toy Hauler

Regardless of which floor plan you choose, this Class C toy hauler has very similar interior features. 

The cockpit comes with power window and door locks, a touch screen dash display, a backup camera, and heated mirrors. You’ll also have keyless entry and a windshield privacy curtain for stopping. 

The interior feels nice and roomy, thanks to the 84-inch ceilings and LED lighting. You’ll be living in comfort with a ducted air conditioning system, pressed laminate countertops, and full-extension drawers.  

Two leatherette sofas can convert to beds so that you can bring the whole family. You can enjoy decorative art, roller shades, and plenty of storage to boot! 

If you love cooking, you’ll love the kitchen. This Class C toy hauler comes with a double door fridge, three-burner gas stove, and a large stainless-steel sink. Cleaning dishes is a breeze with the pull-down sprayer faucet. 

Finally, the bathroom is spacious by RV standards. There’s a stainless steel sink, a 12-volt ceiling fan, and a porcelain toilet. The shower comes with a curved curtain rod to give you more space. Three built-in hooks also offer easy storage for towels or robes. 

If you’re a fan of entertainment, don’t worry. Thor has something for you too. This RV has five TVs (one outside)–You read that right. Five! It’s also cable-ready and has satellite prep, so you’ll never again have to miss the big game on your travels! 

How Much Does the Thor Outlaw Class C Toy Hauler Cost?

The Thor Outlaw Class C toy hauler has a reasonable price tag considering its incredible features. The 29J floor plan starts at $136,125. The 29S, which is slightly smaller, starts at $134,925.

Suppose you’re looking for the best Class C toy hauler. Congrats! You just found it. The Thor Outlaw Class C has everything you need. It’s comfortable and has room for all your favorite toys. We know you’ll love the indoor and outdoor living this RV offers.

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