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The Dangers of RV Camping (as told by YouTubers)

The Dangers of RV Camping (as told by YouTubers)

RV camping… is it really safe? Or is it more dangerous than people let on? 

We put together this article to share some scary experiences RVers have had on the road, and hopefully shed some light on the true dangers of RV camping. 

Hope you’re ready, let’s dive in!

Is RV Camping Dangerous? 

One of the biggest and most pressing questions new RVers have is this: is RV camping dangerous? 

The true answer is that it depends on who you ask. 

There are inherent risks in RV camping – but, to be fair, there are inherent dangers in doing anything. The dangers that come with RVing aren’t too different from the dangers of home ownership, but there are a few other things to worry about. 

From driving safety to RV systems safety, there are many things to consider. When RV camping, you have the added considerations of campground and personal safety, as well. 

For the most part, RV camping is very safe, and most people you meet will be friendly.

Is Boondocking Dangerous? 

Boondocking is RV camping out in the wilderness. Typically, boondocking is done in remote areas with no civilization for miles. Just yoou, your RV, the great outdoors, wildlife, and a random RV neighbor or two. 

Sometimes, you won’t even have cell signal! 

So, is boondocking dangerous? 

Boondocking might feel scary because of the remote location and the difference of the camping experience… But for the most part, boondocking is pretty safe! 

Always be mindful of weather conditions, have a safety plan, and don’t camp in areas where you feel unsafe. 

Is RV Life Dangerous? 6 Frightening Encounters While Full Time RVing

David and Roe from Fate Unbound share 6 of the most frightening things that have happened to them over 4 years of full time RVing.

From wildlife encounters to strangers hanging around their RV while they were gone, these are some pretty interesting and unsettling experiences for full-time RVers to go through.

Is Boondocking Dangerous? 9 Frightening and Odd Boondocking Experiences in 5 Years Full-Time RV Life

Tom and Caitlin from Morton’s on the Move share 9 of the most frightening boondocking experiences over 5 years of full-time RV life. 

From boondocking in high winds and almost tipping over, wildlife encounters, weird neighbors, being harassed by strangers, RV damage, and more, this video won’t disappoint… But it might scare you!

We Were Chased By Thugs! RV Living Security, Safety, Protection

This video from The Mobile Hobos talks about being intimidated by strangers circling them while hanging out at a city park to get some work done.

This is a very weird experience!

The Common Cause of RV Fires

One of the dangers of RV camping is RV fires. This video shares the most common causes of fire in RVs so you can prevent them. 

The Most Scared I’ve Been While Truck Camping (Shots Fired)

This video shares a terrifying experience the YouTuber Mav had while out truck camping.

He woke up at 2:30 in the morning to the sound of gunshots nearby while camping in a parking lot!

RV Camping Isn’t That Dangerous

RV camping isn’t any more dangerous than anything else we do in our lives. But, the dangers are different. 

Just like with anything, you should be aware of your surroundings at all times. 

When camping in wilderness areas, always be cognizant of wildlife, and never leave anything accessible for them! 

When choosing a boondocking site or staying in a parking lot overnight, read reviews. While you should always trust your gut feeling about a place, you should read reviews from other campers as well.

Reviews are perhaps one of the most important indicators of the safety of a campground or parking area. 

Finally, always keep up on your RV maintenance to prevent catastrophic failures of critical parts. 

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