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5 Best RVs With Murphy Beds

5 Best RVs With Murphy Beds

RVs with Murphy beds? It’s no secret that the room in RVs is tight. So why not?

Because of the small footprint, everything you put into your RV needs to be multipurpose. And Murphy beds are great to use in tiny or transitional spaces.

Today we’re sharing a handful of RVs that provide multipurpose space in the bedroom using Murphy beds. Let’s dive in!

What Is a Murphy Bed? 

A Murphy bed is a space-saving bed that allows you to fold it into the wall by day and pull it down for sleeping at night.

Benefits of RVs With Murphy Beds

Because RV space is so limited, having the option to create more floor space is nothing short of magical. Beds are not typically used during the day, making the entire space wasted outside of bedtime. 

5 Best RVs With Murphy Beds

Now that we know the benefits, let’s take a look at some RVs using Murphy beds.

#1 – Airstream Atlas

When you think of an Airstream, you likely aren’t thinking of an Airstream Atlas. You may not even realize that Airstream has a driveable Class B+.

This luxurious touring coach has both a slide-out and a murphy bed, giving you amazing space to work with.

You’ll love the multi-use space that quickly transforms from the bedroom to the living room.

Additionally, you’ll find a spacious bathroom in the back, along with plenty of space to cook your meals. This is a solid choice when looking at RVs with a Murphy Bed. 

#2 – Leisure Vans Wonder Murphy Bed Layout

You’ll find a fantastic use of space in the Leisure Vans Wonder Murphy Bed Layout. When the queen-sized walkaround Murphy Bed isn’t in use, you can sit comfortably in the theater-style seating.

Additionally, the seating area easily converts to an eating area for two.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the storage space provided. Truly, no space is wasted. In the kitchen, you’ll find a galley-style kitchen complete with two burners.

In addition, you won’t have to deal with a combination shower/toilet here, as this unit has a full bathroom. The Leisure Vans Wonder is perfect for a couple looking to adventure.

#3 – Grand Design Imagine 17MKE

If you’re looking for a small travel trailer that doesn’t skimp on features, Grand Design has an option for you. The Grand Design Imagine 17MKE features a Murphy bed that folds up to provide additional seating.

A unique feature in the Imagine is that there’s seating even when the Murphy bed is in the sleeping position. In the Grand Design Imagine 17MKE, you’ll find a full bathroom with a linen closet.

The kitchen has great use of counter space, which can be hard to find in units this size. 

#4 – Winnebago Solis 

Camper Vans can sometimes make you feel cramped in a tiny space, but not the Winnebago Solis! This is an RV with a Murphy bed that isn’t to be missed.

The Murphy bed is in the back and measures 59”x77” and easily folds out of the way. When the Murphy bed is up, you gain precious floor space to create a great mobile office or dining space.

The Solis comes with below-floor storage so you can make the most use of the space you have.

It also features an optional pop-up top for further sleeping space. In addition, the Winnebago Solis has a wet bath that includes a cassette toilet. 

#5 – Keystone Passport 239MLWE

If you’re looking for a travel trailer that has a Murphy bed and still has a space for the kids, the Keystone Passport 239MLWE is a great choice.

Despite being under 26 feet, this travel trailer has bunks, pass-through storage, an outdoor kitchen, and a full bathroom.

This unit even has a small tub. The Murphy bed sits at the front of the trailer, giving you a queen bed to sleep on. When the bed is up, you’ll enjoy additional seating for the family. 

Murphy Beds for Versatility

Choosing an RV with a Murphy bed gives you much-needed versatile space. Now you won’t have to sacrifice living space for sleeping space.

It is possible to have the best of both worlds!

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