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What Is An RV Consignment?

What Is An RV Consignment? 

So it’s about time for you to make some changes to your RV lifestyle, am I right? Perhaps you’re looking for an upgrade, downsizing, or maybe even hanging up your National Park Passport for a few seasons.

Whatever the reason, at some point most RV owners find themselves ready to switch out their RV. What’s the best way to sell it?

There are several options, but let’s consider whether consignment is the right path for you.  

What Is RV Consignment? 

If your parents were selling their RV, they would likely put a “For Sale” sign in the front window and wait for someone to knock on their door. Maybe that’s how you found your own rig-being in the right place at the right time.

Nowadays, we have open access to unlimited online marketing, as well as convenience services to help us. Much like a realtor might help you sell your home, RV consignment combines both convenience and online marketing to sell your RV for you.

Essentially, you’d hire a 3rd party to sell your RV so you don’t have to do it yourself. 

How Does RV Consignment Work? 

The most important thing to remember is that you will retain ownership of your RV until the consignor sells it. The dealership is not buying your RV, they’re selling it for you.

You will hand over your keys, and they will store your RV, find buyers, arrange showings, answer questions, and haggle for the best price. Depending on the dealership, they might even offer tune-up and cleaning services to get your RV in optimal selling condition. 

Is Consignment The Best Way To Sell A Used RV? 

There is no single right or wrong way to sell your RV. You should consider what aspects of selling are most important to you. Are you more inclined to wait until you get offered the best price, or would you rather unload it quickly?

Some people like to handle these types of exchanges personally, while others don’t want to deal with the hassle. There are pros and cons of either option.  

Benefits Of Selling An RV On Consignment

There are plenty of good reasons to use a consignment service to sell your RV. Let’s explore these a little further so you can decide if consignment is right for you. 

Access To More Potential Customers

For some sellers, this is the most beneficial perk to using consignment. If you live in a rural area or are storing your RV in a place with low foot-traffic, finding the buyer is probably your biggest hurdle.

When you sell on consignment, the dealership you use has more access to customers who are willing and ready to buy. Your RV has much higher exposure to the buying market. 

Safe Storage While Waiting to Sell

If you’re paying for a storage service or even parking your RV in your driveway, you get your space back. You don’t have to worry about sketchy lurkers around your house or possible break-ins. Dealerships offer safe storage until it’s sold. 

You Don’t Have To Show to Buyers Yourself

Speaking of sketchy, showing your RV can feel like a risk to some people. If stranger-danger is a prominent worry in your mind, then consignment can offer you a little peace. 

Oftentimes, even the most avid people-person simply doesn’t have the time or energy to arrange for showings. It can be a huge relief to hand over the hassle to someone else. 

Dealership Works To Sell Your RV

Dealerships have salespeople working to get the best price for your RV, but they also have advertising and incentives at their disposal to bring in more buyers and keep their interest.

They can offer financing to sellers, which is rarely an option in private sales. 

Cons of Selling an RV on Consignment

Rarely does any one option have only benefits and no down-sides. Consignment is no different. For all the perks, there are also negative considerations that you need to know before jumping in with both feet. 

Dealership Takes Commission

There’s no way around it-a service like this isn’t free. Unless you took a bullet for someone at the dealership, you’ll have to pay to have them sell your RV. Some dealerships have more wiggle room than others, or are willing to negotiate with you for the best price. Dealerships either offer a flat rate, or they take a percentage of the sales price. 

Pro Tip: Here are 5 Reasons to Avoid RV Dealers.

RV Is Under Contract While On Consignment, Cannot Be Used or Sold Anywhere Else

There is always a chance that you’ll find your own buyer. Maybe you’ve shown off the good life to a friend or neighbor and they want first dibs if you’re selling. Keep in mind that you won’t get a finder’s fee while you’re under contract.

If you find a buyer, you’ll still be paying the commission of consignment. 

Cost of Insurance, Cleaning, and Potential Repairs

Many people want to purchase consignment insurance while their RV isn’t under their own nose. Some dealerships even require it, so keep in mind that you’ll need to budget for the extra costs when you sell.

Other extras like cleaning and tune-ups can also cost extra, depending on the dealership. The add-on services might end up costing more than you feel it is worth.  

Is RV Consignment Worth It? 

This question is answered differently for every person. It will depend on your budget and your priorities. Hopefully, after weighing out all of your options, you have a clearer idea of what that answer is for you. 

To Consign?

If you’re sitting on an asset like an RV that is only offering you dust bunnies and storage fees, it’s probably time to sell it. But the prospect doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

As long as you know what to expect, you can choose the best option for your situation. Maybe that’s consignment! Or maybe, once you dig into it, you’ll realize how much you really value your escapades on the road, and you’ll find another RV that better suits you. Either way, you choose your own adventure. 

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  1. Steve says:

    It would seem like one of the best 2 options, if you are a full time RVer like me. After all, trying to (a) find a buyer for your current RV, (b) sell it, (c) buy the one you want to move into, (d) move into it ALL at the same time would be daunting to say the least. The other option, if it works out, is obviously trading your current RV in at a dealer that happens to have the perfect “next” RV you want, and then can move all your stuff from one to the other in the same transaction. I wonder, if that is the case, if your trade in value would equal the value of selling it through that same dealership via consignment and the associated commission costs??? Assuming that dealer would offer consignment as an option…