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What Is a Geo Pro Camper?

Geo Pro Campers are ideal if you’re looking for a small to medium-sized trailer or toy-hauler that doesn’t compromise space and comfort. But, is it right for you?

Deciding which RV you want to purchase is a big deal. Chances are, you’ll have the RV you choose for quite a while. So it’s important to do your homework and find the best fit.

We’ve got practically everything you need to know about the Geo Pro Camper. So let’s dive in!

What is a Geo Pro Camper? 

The Geo Pro Camper comes in two styles – a travel trailer and a toy hauler. It’s on the smaller end of towable RVs but still has all the amenities and luxury you need.

In addition, you can tow it with a smaller vehicle for a more fuel-efficient ride. Compared to other travel trailers and small toy haulers, it has more features and optional add-ons. 

Who Owns The Brand? 

Rockwood Geo Pro is owned by Forest River – a big name in the RV industry. They produce primarily towable RVs but offer several Class A motorhomes as well. Because of their focus on towable RVs, you know you’ll get a quality product if you buy the Geo Pro Camper. 

Pro Tip: Here’s a list of all the brands Forest River owns.

How Much Do Geo Pro Campers Cost?

The starting price of the smallest Geo Pro Camper is just under $15,000.

The price goes up from there as you add features, amenities, and space. Most of the larger trailers, including the toy haulers, have a base price of around $25,000-$30,000. Further add-ons will increase the price further, depending on what you decide to upgrade. 

Geo Pro Camper Floorplans

There are many floor plans available for the Geo Pro Camper. This makes it possible to find a floor plan to fit nearly every lifestyle. 

Toy Haulers

The two Geo Pro Camper toy haulers are both 20’2″ long and weigh approximately 3,500 pounds. The 19 has an 8’6” toy hauler area in the back. The 19FB offers a larger living area with a smaller toy hauler space of 6‘11”. 

The Geo Pro 19 toy hauler has two flip-up sofas in the back with a full kitchen and bath in the front. However, only one of the sofas folds out to a bed, and there’s no designated bedroom. 

The Geo Pro 19 FB has one flip-up couch in the back and the kitchen opposite. It also comes with a full bathroom. In the very front is a full-size bed in its own small bedroom 

Travel Trailers

There are 11 different travel trailer floor plans for the Geo Pro Camper. You can get a floor plan that is as small as 11’3” and just over 1200 pounds. The longest layout comes in at 21’2” and weighs just over 3,500 pounds. The Geo Pro Camper offers just about everything else in between. 

If you opt for the Geo Pro 12RK, you’ll basically get a bed and some storage. There’s also a fridge and a microwave. The kitchen, however, is outdoors.

If you want to have a full bath and indoor kitchen, you’ll need to go with at least the 15 foot G15TB. This trailer has it all. The dinette turns into two twin beds, but you can add an insert and drop the table to turn it into a king.

Almost all the other floor plans have a full-size bed or smaller. So the king bed sets the G15TB apart. 

Several floor plans offer a slide-out, including the GB16BH, G19BS, G19FDS, G20BHS, and G20FBS. Having a slide opens up the interior of the travel trailer, making it feel much more spacious.

Some floor plans offer a designated sleeping area, while others take advantage of convertible dinettes or couches. 

With all the versatility of the Geo Pro Camper, you’ll be able to find a perfect layout. Be sure to look at all the options, as some of them differ only slightly. 

What Is the Difference Between E Pro and Geo Pro?

The Geo Pro Camper and the E Pro are essentially the same RV. The only difference is the interior design and exterior graphics. So if you like the layout but with a distinct look, the E Pro is a good option to consider. 

Features of the Geo Pro Camper Lineup

Most of the Geo Pro Camper lineup comes with similar features. Almost all the layouts come standard with roller shades, a quick recovery water heater, a 20,000 BTU furnace, a 13,500 BTU air conditioner, outdoor speakers, and tinted frameless windows. 

You also have some upgrade choices, such as installing an awning for the smaller 12RK and 12SRK models. On some models, you can upgrade to a gas oven, add mounting bars or racks for your toys, and install air glide suspension or heated holding tanks. 

The Flexible Geo Pro Camper

The Geo Pro Camper is a versatile, classy, small travel trailer. So, it’s a great fit for people who don’t need a lot of space or want to tow with a small vehicle. Forest River gives you the flexibility you need with a fantastic price tag on this trailer!

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