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The Best Free Camping Near Olympic National Park

The Best Free Camping Near Olympic National Park

Are you heading out to Olympic National Park for some exceptional camping and hiking?

The only thing better than visiting a beautiful National Park is scoring a great camping spot nearby. Finding a free camping spot allows you to save some money while still enjoying the nature you came for.

We’ve got some great suggestions for you. Let’s explore!

What to Know About Free Camping

When looking for a free camping spot, there are a few important things to keep in mind. Above all else, you’ll want to verify that the area is legal for public camping. Often ranger stations will have Bureau of Land Management maps indicating allowed access areas.

Then scout out your desired location to ensure you and your equipment can safely navigate the terrain. Finally, if you choose to stay, obey all posted rules and follow “leave no trace” principles. 

Things to See in Olympic National Park

There are so many experiences to take in while exploring Olympic National Park that it can be hard to decide what to do first. Let’s help you get started with a few must-do activities. 

Firstly, spend a few hours hiking through the Hoh Rain Forest, one of the largest temperate rainforests in the United States. While there, find your way to Marymere Falls, where you’ll enjoy a waterfall that plunges 90 feet.

Your time in Olympic National Park won’t be complete without then spending some time at Ruby Beach. While there, you can explore the beach with its vast amount of driftwood and capture photos of the iconic shoreline.  

The Best Free Campsites Near Olympic National Park

Not all free camping sites are equal in terms of accessibility, connectivity, and amenities. Let’s check out a few of the camping sites available to you so you know where to set up camp while in the area. 

#1 – Minnie Peterson Campground

GPS: 47.818, -124.172

About the Campsite: The road into this campground is reported to be slightly tight. But, once you’ve gotten through, many of the sites themselves will accommodate larger rigs.

There are 9 sites available, all of which are back-in with a fire pit and table. There are no hookups or access to water, but a pit toilet is available for those who need it.

Campers have reported plenty of trees providing privacy between neighbors. Reviews have stated being pleasantly surprised at finding a site and not a crowded location.

It’s free to camp at this campground with a Discover Pass. Annual Discover Passes can be purchased for $35.

Reported Cell Service: Campers report having adequate service (3-4 bars) for Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. 

Olympic National Park Boondocking Vibes: 9/10 – This campground provides a quiet place to call home as you explore Olympic National Park. Campers talk about large sites (specifically site 3) and state that overcrowding doesn’t seem to be an issue. Families will likely feel comfortable here.

While it is dry camping, a pit toilet is useful for those not wanting to fill their black tank or are tent camping. No reports of excessive trash in this location. This may be the best free camping near Olympic National Park.

Pro Tip: Lines to enter state campgrounds can be long, especially in the summer. Some locations allow you to use a faster lane if you already have your Discover Pass, so purchase yours ahead of time!

#2 – Forest Road 29 Dispersed Camping

GPS: 48.0489, -124.1113

About the Campsite: This is a no-frills dirt campground. While some of the roads leading into it can be narrow, they are paved and are not difficult to navigate. Reviews indicate that rigs of all sizes should be able to use this camping location. The camping area is located in a circle clearing amongst the trees.

Those with solar should be able to get a few hours of sunshine, depending on their location. There are no amenities or trash bins. Some campers have indicated a quiet, empty camping experience, with others sharing they found a crowded and loud location. Weekends and holidays likely draw a noisier local crowd, while weekdays may provide a quieter location.

Reported Cell Service: Campers have reported 4 bars service for both Verizon and T-Mobile. Campers often report no service for AT&T.

Olympic National Park Boondocking Vibes: 6/10 – While the location and accessibility are great, there are enough reports of loud parties and uncomfortable situations that make this a place where timing is everything.

If loud and busy isn’t your scene, you may want to consider when you plan to be there. If joining in on a party is your style, you might find yourself amongst new friends. 

#3 – Lyre River Campground

GPS: 48.1477, -123.8333

About the Campsite: This campground is located close to the Lyre River in a rainforest setting. The individual sites offer no electricity, water, or sewage, though water is available to fill your tank. Campers will find a few vault toilets if they wish to use them and a trash dumpster is available.

This location is best for tent campers and those with smaller rig setups. Big rigs may find it difficult to utilize this campground. The campground is well-shaded and may provide challenges for those looking to charge their solar. Campers will enjoy fishing for Steelhead fish at this location. 

Reported Cell Service: Campers have reported usable service for basic usage for Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, with an average of 2 bars each. Signal strength may not be enough for working remotely.

Pro Tip: We recommend an RV Cell Booster for this spot.

Olympic National Park Boondocking Vibes: 8/10 – This is a nice quiet location that has more amenities than most free campgrounds. Those reliant on solar may struggle to power their rig, but generators are allowed. Families will likely feel comfortable setting up camp here, and there are no reports of excessive trash.

It’s free to camp at this campground with a Discover Pass. Annual Discover Passes can be purchased for $35.

Free Camping Tips for Olympic National Park

Like many first-come, first-served locations, it’s best to arrive mid-morning on a weekday to secure a site. Campers often have the most success arriving on a Sunday morning as weekenders are leaving.

You may want to scout your location before towing to it, especially if your rig is on the larger side. Be sure you’re setting up camp in a designated spot and not creating your own.

Please be sure to leave the sites better than you found them, which means leaving no trash, even if you didn’t put it there. Campers should also be sure to follow all rules and remain respectful of other campers. This helps keep these great free camping at Olympic National Park available for others to enjoy.

Memorable Free Camping at Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park is a great area to explore, guaranteeing unforgettable memories waiting for you. Full-service campgrounds can fill up quickly in the area, making these free camping experiences perfect for those not wanting to book far in advance.

What have you found to be the best free camping near Olympic National Park? 

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