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Can The Jeep Cherokee Tow a Camper Trailer?

Can The Jeep Cherokee Tow a Camper Trailer? 

Jeep is well-known for creating American-made vehicles designed for off-roading and exploring. The Jeep Cherokee, made in Illinois, is certainly a high-quality, family-friendly compact SUV.

So, the Cherokee is a fantastic choice for off-roading adventure. But can it tow your camper trailer? 

Let’s find out!

Jeep Cherokee Towing Capacity

The 2021 Jeep Cherokee is designed for off-roading but not necessarily towing. Despite not being engineered for high towing capabilities, the standard Cherokee comes with a 2000 pound towing capacity.

On the other hand, upgrading to a 2.0-liter turbo or 3.2-liter Pentastar engine doubles the towing capacity to 4000 and 4500 pounds.

The standard Jeep Cherokee is only qualified for towing very compact trailers. For example, trailers this size include T@g Teardrop’s Tag or Tag XL. Be careful, though. The Tag’s GAWR is capable of exceeding the Cherokee’s towing capacity if it’s fully loaded. Upgrading to either the Turbo or Pentastar engine is heavily suggested if you plan to tow with your Cherokee.

Other Cherokee Specs

The Jeep Cherokee is powered by a 3.2-liter V6 engine that cranks out 271 horsepower. Moreover, the Cherokee comes in eight models and colors. In addition, it has front-wheel drive and 4×4 options. As a result, you’ll spend less time and money at the gas pump with the 15.8-gallon fuel tank and a combined highway and city mileage of 26 miles per gallon.

The interior is designed to provide year-round comfort for all passengers. For example, hold the heated steering wheel extra tight on warm days to keep those fingers nice and toasty. In addition, the heated and vented front seats provide a warm or cool seating surface no matter the season. Plus, dual-zone climate controls allow for optimal comfort for both driver and front passenger.

The Jeep Cherokee also offers luxurious features like the hands-free power liftgate. This is an incredibly convenient feature to have when you find yourself with your hands full.

You also have a cleaner windshield and a shorter wait on those frosty mornings with the windshield wiper de-icer. Both of these incredible features spotlight Jeep’s desire to provide amenities for peak customer satisfaction. 

Jeep Cherokee has a potential to be a great towing vehicle.
Jeep Cherokee has a potential to be a great towing vehicle.

Can the Cherokee Tow a Camper Trailer?

The standard Jeep Cherokee has a meager towing capacity of 2000 pounds. Because of this, the Cherokee’s ability to tow even the smallest trailer is restricted. However, if you want to tow with a Cherokee, purchase an engine upgrade to expand its capabilities.

Upgrading from the standard Jeep Cherokee 2.4-liter engine or the 2.0-liter turbo engine will help. The 3.2-liter Pentastar engine is an even better option. With these options, you’ll see towing capacity at 4000 or 4500 pounds. These upgrades considerably widen your potential trailer options.

What Kind of Campers Can the Jeep Cherokee Tow?

A standard Jeep Cherokee needs to stay below the 2000 pound towing capacity.

Therefore, owners of vehicles at that level should look for very light and compact campers. Trailers that the Cherokee may safely tow would be pop-up campers and light hybrid trailers.

Pro Tip: Here are the best pop up campers on the market.

Jeep Cherokees with the upgrades Turbo or Pentastar engines have a much larger camper selection. Upgraded engines push the towing capacity of the Jeep Cherokee to 4000 and 4500 pounds. Jeeps with these engines can safely tow not only pop-up campers but hybrids and even smaller Airstreams.

Is the Cherokee a Good Car for Towing?

The Jeep Cherokee is an incredible off-road vehicle that has some capabilities for towing. Upgrading the engine to the Turbo or Pentastar makes the Cherokee a much better tow-friendly vehicle.

With one of the upgraded engines, it’s certainly a good car for towing. But it’s difficult to recommend this car for towing without them. Drivers will find themselves up against towing capacity and payload capacity with the smaller engine.

The Jeep Cherokee is an incredible off-road vehicle.
The Jeep Cherokee is an incredible off-road vehicle.

How Much Is a Jeep Cherokee?

The Cherokee comes in eight different models to provide a range of values and luxuries. The Latitude is the base model, and the standard version comes in at $26,755 MSRP.

The top off the line Cherokee model is the High Altitude, and it starts at $37,185. The six models in between are separated by $1000 or $2000. It isn’t until you hit the $30,345 Latitude Lux that engine upgrades are an option.

Does the Cherokee Have 4 Wheel Drive?

All models of the Jeep Cherokee offer 4-wheel drive as an upgraded feature. Of course, like most upgrades, the 4 wheel drive enhancement isn’t free. Shoppers can expect to pay $1500 for the 4-wheel drive upgrade.

Which Jeep Has the Best Towing Capacity?

Many hear the name Jeep and ultimately think of their great off-roading vehicles like the Jeep Wrangler or Jeep Cherokee. But, neither of these are amazing for towing. To find the best Jeep in terms of towing capacity, you’ll have to look at the Jeep Gladiator. This SUV boasts an impressive 7,650 towing capacity, the best of any other Jeep.

If you love the Jeep brand and are looking for a tow-friendly vehicle, the Jeep Gladiator is it.

The standard Jeep Cherokee has a meager towing capacity of 2000 pounds.
The standard Jeep Cherokee has a meager towing capacity of 2000 pounds.

Upgrade the Engine to Tow with a Jeep Cherokee

The Jeep Cherokee offers plenty of room for families in everyday life. And it has the potential to be a great towing vehicle. We cannot understate how important it is to upgrade the engine if you’re looking to tow regularly. Do you see a Jeep Cherokee in your future?

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  1. I used to tow a 6,000 lb travel trailer with my Jeep Cherokee Sport! But we bumped up the radiator and put on air shocks. ❤️😉