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The Best Sliding Drawers For Your Truck Bed

The Best Sliding Drawers For Your Truck Bed

Truck bed sliding drawers allow you to safely tuck items away, then access them easily when they’re needed. And readily accessible storage space is even more important than ever before.

We know storage space comes at a premium when traveling with your truck. And it’s frustrating having to remove multiple other items to get to the one you want. So sliding drawers in your truck’s bed may be the solution you’re looking for.

Let’s check them out!

Benefits of Truck Bed Sliding Drawers

Truck bed sliding drawers provide several benefits that will leave you wondering why you didn’t install them sooner. Once you’ve installed them, you won’t want to go without them ever again.

Let’s look at a few benefits of having truck bed sliding drawers. 

Easy Access to Necessary Items

It’s incredibly frustrating to realize the item you need is tucked away in the very back of your storage space. You end up working way harder to get to that item than you should. Having the ability to slide the drawers out allows you to get what you need quickly. In addition, you won’t have to disturb everything else in the process, and you save time and energy. No hassle.

Secure Storage for Your Belongings

Because sliding drawers allow you to make the most of your truck bed, you can securely store more items than you could before. Combining the drawers with a truck bed cover may also help prevent your neighbors from being tempted by your well-organized belongings.

In addition to keeping sticky fingers away, your items will remain in place in the drawers while traveling. Losing items stored in the bed of your truck as you drive is dangerous. Securing the items in well-organized drawers with a truck bed cover takes away the danger of truck bed storage. 

Can Still Use Truck Bed

Because truck bed sliding drawers are typically low profile, you can easily remove your stored items and still use your truck bed. This is highly useful for campers who also need to transport things like furniture and lumber. Some sliding drawers feature a hard topper, allowing you to fully utilize your truck while using the sliding drawer system in its total capacity. 

Best Sliding Drawers for Your Truck Bed

With so many makes and models of trucks out there,  it makes sense for there to be a variety of truck bed sliding drawers. Each style comes with its highlighted benefits. Think about what your specific needs are while checking out a few of our recommendations. 

Decked Truck Bed Drawers

Decked Truck Bed Drawers make it easy to store your belongings and still utilize the truck bed for its intended purpose. It has protected sliding drawers at the truck bed base but still has a hard surface to place oversized items for transport.

This system creates more usable verticle space than you could achieve otherwise. Multiple sizes are available, allowing customers to be confident in the fit of the product. 

With Decked, you have three heavy-duty pull-out drawers that give you 8.5 inches of storage clearance. On top of the drawers is a sturdy deck, strong enough to allow you to transport even heavy cinderblocks if you needed. The payload capacity of the unit is 2000 pounds. Each drawer is equal in length to your truck bed, leaving no space wasted. 

Decked Truck bed Drawers

Mobile Strong Truck Bed Storage Drawers

The Mobile Strong Truck Bed Storage Drawers provide drawers with a platform for additional storage. The platform is weather-resistant to keep your belongings protected from the elements. In addition, the platform can have a carpet or rubber top, depending on your preference. You’ll be able to transport oversized items without needing to remove the drawers. 

The Mobile Strong Truck Bed Storage Drawer system provides two drawers. These are equal in length to the truck bed, ensuring all space is used. Furthermore, you can lock each drawer, giving added security. Each drawer has a weight capacity of 250 pounds. The unit as a whole has a payload of up to 1000 pounds, and the storage drawers are ten inches in height.

There are many options to ensure the system fits each truck perfectly. 

Mobile Strong Truck Bed Storage Drawers

Truck Vault Sliding Pickup Truck Bed Drawers

Truck Vault Sliding Pickup Truck Bed Drawers have many of the standard features and options for their sliding drawer feature. There’s a strong platform over the drawers providing additional space to haul oversized items. The unit is sprayed with Line-X to protect the contents from the elements, creating a truly waterproof product. Each drawer has a weight capacity of 300 pounds and a 2000 pound payload capacity overall. The height of each drawer is six inches. 

The feature that makes this brand unique is its “Gooseneck” model. This design allows the truck to tow a trailer using a gooseneck hitch while keeping the drawers installed. With most drawer systems, the design gets in the way of 5th wheel towing, but not this model. This model features a cutout for the gooseneck connection.

There’s a shortened drawer placed between two full-length drawers allowing for the hitch. 

Truck Bed Sliding Drawers Are Helpful Tools

Trucks are a multi-use tool. They help us pull our campers and transport our families and large items. Having sliding drawers installed allows us to use trucks to their full potential. How would having truck bed sliding drawers change the way you travel?

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  1. Cathie Leslie says:

    There is a whole group of pickup truck campers (those who use a shell as opposed to an actual camper) who DIY their own sliding drawers. We had a great setup ourselves that our son built for us before we decided to go with the pop up truck camper we purchased in 2019. In our original setup we did cross country and cross Canada (including Newfoundland and Labrador) with our 3 dogs.