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How to Get a Texas Fishing License

How to Get a Texas Fishing License

They say everything’s bigger in Texas, and that includes their fish as well. Whether you’re a resident or out of state, make sure you have a Texas fishing license.

We’ve brought together all the information you need to get their license, so you can test your luck fishing in the Lone State State.

Let’s dive in!

The Different Types of Texas Fishing Licenses

Texas has both freshwater and saltwater fishing options. As a result, it offers a variety of fishing license options and endorsements. If you plan to fish in any of the public waters in the state of Texas, you’ll need one of these licenses.

The state offers saltwater packages, freshwater packages, and all-water packages. These packages provide the license and endorsement needed to fish in the respective water.

You can add endorsements after purchasing a fishing package.

For example, if you discover you’d like to try fishing in a different type of water and didn’t purchase the all-water license. There’s also a one-day all-water license that doesn’t require an endorsement option.

How Much Do Texas Fishing Licenses Cost?

Fishing in Texas is an extremely affordable option for experiencing the outdoors and the beautiful Texas landscapes. Like most states, non-residents will pay a premium when it comes to purchasing a fishing license.

Currently, a non-resident will pay $58 / $63 / $68 (freshwater / saltwater / all-water) for a fishing license, while a resident will pay $35 / $40/ $47. All-water licenses expire on August 31 each year. However, the “year-from-purchase” licenses are valid for one year from the purchase date.

Where to Get a Texas Fishing License

Getting a fishing license in Texas has never been easier. Let’s look at how you can get your license and be ready to catch a big one while you’re in Texas!

In Person

If you’d like to purchase your fishing license in person, you can use the Texas Parks & Wildlife website to find a retailer near you. This is certainly a great option if you’re worried about purchasing the wrong license or have any questions about fishing rules or regulations. These locations are often at bait shops, gas stations, or big-box retailers. You may also get lucky and get an insider tip on a great fishing hole.

Pro Tip: Here’s how to get your fishing license at Walmart.


Technology makes it even easier for those wanting to acquire a fishing license in Texas.

You can use the Texas Parks & Wildlife website to purchase your fishing license and find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. The Texas Parks & Wildlife has a convenient app that also allows you to view your license and purchase history. 

Can You Fish in Texas Without a License?

Did you know there are some instances where you can fish for free or without a license? It’s true!

The first Saturday in June provides a state-wide free fishing day. The hope is to provide opportunities for more people to be exposed to fishing for the first time. So anglers can fish recreationally that day without a license or endorsement.

The 70 State parks in Texas also provide opportunities to fish for free as well.

Anglers must obey all other fishing regulations in terms of length restrictions and bag limits. Neither a fishing license nor an endorsement is required if you are fishing on state park property or in waters enclosed by a state park. You’re also exempt if you’re on man-made structures, including docks, piers, and jetties within a park. Anglers are limited to two poles and pole-and-line only fishing.

Reel in a Big One

Fishing is an incredibly relaxing way to see and experience wildlife in Texas. And they’ve made getting a license very easy to do. So make some memories and breathe the fresh Texan air.

Will you try your luck at freshwater fishing or saltwater fishing on your next trip to Texas? Let us know!

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