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What Is a Kimbo Camper?

What is a Kimbo Camper?

There’s a new camper in town, and it’s called the Kimbo. For those who want a sturdy truck camper to take them off-road, this may be one of the best options.

We all know everyone has a camping style that best suits their personality and interests. Some RVers love to take a large motorhome to RV resorts, while others enjoy backpacking into the wilderness on foot.

On the other hand, some desire a sturdy camper to take them where the hunting and fishing are good. That’s where the Kimbo truck camper comes in. What makes it different from any other truck camper?

Let’s check it out!

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What is a Kimbo Camper? 

The inspiration for and design of the Kimbo camper came from the inside of a nuclear submarine! 

Mark King, the Kimbo’s designer, visited his dad, who was Captain of the USS Alabama. And, the interior feel of the submarine stayed with him. An avid outdoor enthusiast, Mark had lived in a 19’ Airstream (which one could argue is also similar to a submarine in design.) But the Airstream limited Mark in his adventurous travels.

In 2016, Mark decided to design and build his own camper based on his interests and desires. Then he took it on a trip throughout the Pacific Northwest. And this is how the Kimbo Camper was born.

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Kimbo Camper Details

Kimbo campers are constructed of durable, lightweight aluminum and have a riveted, sealed, frameless structure. This type of construction aimed to keep costs as low as possible while maximizing the camper’s interior space. 

All Kimbo interiors are insulated with R-5 insulation, expecting that owners may be living in the campers in extreme weather conditions. The walls are covered in water-resistant, suede-like fabric.

Another great feature of the Kimbo 6 camper is that it offers 6’5” headroom! Ask any 6’4” camping enthusiast how many campers they can stand up in, and the list will be relatively short. Kimbo Campers came through for the tall folks.

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Standard Features

All Kimbo campers have three double-paned windows with screens and blackout shades, which fantastic features in their design.

A roof-vent fan with skylight, LED lighting, and even some solar lights for the camper’s perimeter are also standard in all Kimbos. In addition, you’ll find a 12-volt sealed battery and 110-volt outlets with USB ports for charging your various devices. 

The Kimbo 6 offers removable jack lifts that can be mounted on the side of the truck with tie-down brackets, and a ladder on the side gives you access to the roof.

A 54”x75” loft bed sits over the truck, and a couple of cushioned seating areas come standard.

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How Much is a Kimbo Camper? 

Kimbos run from around $19,000 for the base unit to $29,000, with every option available as an add-on. You can add these options a la carte. So your base cost increases only by the price of your desired features.

We’ll take a look at the available options below.

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Modular Truck Camper Design

The Kimbo camper is a modular design with many options available for extended off-grid camping, including propane and solar. 

The base Kimbo weighs 930 pounds. The various options offered by Kimbo increase the weight of the standard unit, of course. But even if we include all of the choices they offer, the Kimbo camper’s weight only increases to 1,100 pounds.

Other available add-ons include a wood storage/table unit, refrigerator, a propane furnace or fireplace, a projector with a retractable movie screen, and wall baskets for additional storage. 

To give you an idea of pricing, you can opt for a propane fireplace with a chimney for $1,600 or a rooftop solar system for $700. You could add a fold-out shower area for $1,300. And, for an extra $1,900, you can opt for a galley kitchen with a sink. Finally, you can add an air conditioner with an additional storage bay for $900 total.

Kimbo campers cater to minimalist living, so they do not include mounted holding tanks. 

Kimbo Camper Review

The amenities offered in the base unit are surprisingly varied for a camper with a $19,000 price tag. And the options list is nothing short of amazing, from the solar system to the propane fireplace with a chimney for folks who love to camp off the grid in cooler temperatures.


Most campers express a desire for “spacious” and “lightweight” where a truck camper is concerned. The Kimbo has these areas covered in spades. 

The camper offers six feet of floor space along with that 6.5 feet of headroom we mentioned earlier. And, the cab-over has three feet of clearance.

Kimbo designers have maximized space to give this lightweight camper a roomy feel. But, the flexible interior still feels cozy and comfortable.


This is unquestionably solid construction with extraordinary durability, all while offering a comfortable camping experience no matter where you take it.

The Kimbo camper’s strength lies in how the aluminum panels are overlapped and fit together like a puzzle. This prevents water leaks and gives these campers a rugged design both in appearance and functionality. The camper doesn’t even need to be on the truck to be fully usable. 

An interesting note about the Kimbo 6 is the lack of rear overhang. This contributes not only to the lightweight nature of the camper but makes it so much more worthy of trail riding and overlanding. The maneuverability is unique where truck campers are concerned. You can even park these rugged little rigs in the city without peril.


One of the most important considerations a buyer needs to make when investing in a camper of any kind is durability over time. Am I paying $19,000 for a cheap camper that won’t last and also won’t sell for much on the used camper market down the road? Or am I investing in a long-lasting unit that will be an excellent investment in terms of both experience and resale value? 

The Kimbo camper falls into the latter category. The modular riveted aluminum construction, fully sealed, will endure over time, distance, and weather extremes. If you’re skeptical, consider the number of 60-year-old Airstreams still on the road today. 

A three-speed roof vent/fan, 30-pound propane tank bay, efficient, dimmable LED lighting, 12-Volt USB ports, and the Yeti 400 solar generator are all standard. This certainly makes for a versatile truck camper that’s hard to beat in usability and value.

With an attractive teak entryway or mudroom, all the comforts of the interior, the removable lift jacks, and the incredible double-paned screened windows, this camper is a fantastic option in terms of usability and comfort. 

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What Kind of Truck Do You Need for a Kimbo Truck Camper?

The Kimbo’s lightweight design lends itself to tremendous versatility, particularly in terms of the number of trucks that can accommodate this highly durable camper. The Kimbo 6 fits any mid-size or larger pickup, and a six-foot or larger truck bed is recommended.  

For example, the Chevy Colorado, Ford Ranger, and Toyota Tacoma will all easily accommodate the versatile Kimbo. And, the camper’s weights are well within the payload ratings of these trucks.

The Versatile Kimbo

The Kimbo camper weighs in as a unique, affordable, versatile, full-value option for those interested in a durable truck camper. It’ll certainly allow you to roam anywhere in any weather, comfortably, off-grid for an extended period.

That’s one tall order, but easily filled by the Kimbo!

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