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What Is an OPUS Camper?

If your dream is to experience freedom from crowds, go off-road, and connect with nature, the OPUS Camper can make your dream come true.

RV parks are often full, and sites are cramped. That’s no way to spend a vacation. But an OPUS camper can take you into the wilderness and truly help you get away from it all.

Let’s jump in and find out more about them!

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What Is an OPUS Camper?

OPUS Campers are designed with adventure in mind. They’re a “revolutionary folding camper” that’s high-quality, tough, and compact for easy towing in rugged terrain. Units come fitted with a “Lock’N’Roll” articulated hitch to help navigate uneven land. Once you’re ready to set up camp, this camper becomes a high-functioning spacious living area. 

One of OPUS Campers’ unique features is the inflatable air beams, making setup quick and easy. You don’t have to fight metal rods to hold up the canvas because the air pump system does the work for you in only 90 seconds. Although, the OP 15 model does not use air beams. It has more standard sidewalls. 

Where Are OPUS Campers Made? 

OPUS Campers are a part of the “Purple Line LLC” product line out of a Pittsburg, California, manufacturing facility. They’re then distributed and sold to retailers across the country. 

Currently, they’re not available in every state, but it’s part of their plan to expand to that level. They have several locations in California, Texas, and Arizona (Phoenix area), and you’ll find the rest scattered across the U.S. 

How Much Do OPUS Campers Cost? 

For new units, OPUS Campers range from $19,900-$53,000, depending on the model and options. As with any vehicle or camper purchase, the potential for upgrades is often only limited by your budget.

OPUS Camper Models

Whether you’re looking to sleep two or a small family, there’s an OPUS model for you. So, let’s look at the different models and what sets them apart from each other.

OP Lite

The OP Lite is the most affordable of the OPUS Campers at $19,900. It sleeps two adults in the bed and one in the converted dinette. It also has a dry weight of 2380 pounds. This lightweight version comes with all of the same great features as the other air beam models but is even more compact. It’s 17’2” long and 5’6” wide. When folded, it sits at 4’5” and inflates to 10’ tall. 

You’ll find an outside kitchen with a four-burner stove, sink with hot and cold water, and a 12V refrigerator. An outdoor shower with on-demand hot water certainly makes it easy to clean up after a long day of exploring. In addition, there’s an optional outdoor shower tent you can purchase. 

The OP Lite comes with an RV queen bed and a U-shaped dinette and seating area. This model is self-sustaining for two days of off-grid living. 

OP 15

The OP 15 is the most traditional of the OPUS Campers lineup and costs $51,300. This model has a fold-out wall and more typical RV sidewalls that extend upwards. When closed, the travel height is 8’10”, 15’ long, and 7’ wide. When fully open, the interior height is 6’5”, and the internal length is 17’11”. 

The OP 15 dry weight is 4960 pounds with a GVWR of 6600 pounds. It comes with a king bed and bunks, sleeping four in total. The OP 15 has an outdoor kitchen featuring four burners, a sink with hot and cold water, and a drying rack. 

There are two freshwater tanks totaling 63 gallons, a 17-gallon gray tank and a 110-gallon black tank. This means you can enjoy a full wet bath. You get so many great features in a compact off-road unit! 

OP 2

The OP 2 trailer sleeps two people in the king bed and an additional two in the converted dinette. It can remain off-grid for four days. 

This model will inflate in 90 seconds, letting you get to the adventures sooner. The outdoor kitchen features four burners, a hot and cold water sink, and a drying rack. 

In addition, there’s an optional outdoor shower room that makes washing off an easy task at the end of the day. If you choose not to attach the outdoor shower room in this OPUS Camper, you’ll have a picture window instead. 

With the lid closed for travel, the unit is 16’2” long, 6’8” wide, and 5’1” tall. With the top is open for camping use, the unit is 18’4” long, 6’8” wide, and 11’6” tall. It has a dry weight of 2777 pounds and a 1000 pound load capacity for a starting price of $22,499. 

OP 4

The OP 4 is an excellent unit for those who want to bring family or friends along because it sleeps up to 6 people. With ample interior space and several windows, you won’t believe how compact it was a few minutes before opening it. 

This OPUS Camper features two double beds, and the dinette breaks down to sleep an additional two. It’ll give you the same great outdoor kitchen as the rest of the OPUS lineup, including four burners, a sink with hot and cold water, and a drying rack. Inside there’s also a U-shaped leather dinette perfect for a meal or playing games. 

The OP 4 can remain off-grid for up to four days. The dry weight is 2870 pounds, and it has an 1100 pound load capacity. When folded for travel, it’s 18’4” long, 6’10” wide, and 4’9” tall. When inflated for camping, it’s 21’4” long, 6’10” wide, and has 8’ ceilings. A new OP 4 has a starting price of $28,995.

OPUS Campers Take You Where You Want to Go

These are minimal but mighty units that will take you to any place your vehicle can reach. When inflated, the features give you a comfortable trip while still folding down to a manageable size for your off-road tow vehicle. Which OPUS camper model would you want to take with you on your next adventure?

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