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Simple Camping Tacos: Recipes to Spice Up Your Trip

Simple Camping Tacos: Recipes to Spice Up Your Trip

Tacos – there are few things quite like this beautiful, simple, and delicious meal, especially when you’re camping.

Spending some time in the great outdoors certainly doesn’t mean you have to miss out on this delightful meal. So, we’ve rounded up our favorite recipes for chowing down around the campfire.

Let’s dig in!

Tacos Can Be Any Meal

You might think tacos are only good for dinner. But you’d need to think again. Tacos are fabulous choices whenever you’re hungry, from the crack of dawn to after midnight.

After all, pretty much everything you can wrap up in a tortilla or piece of flatbread can be a taco. So why limit yourself to one variety or one time of day? Camping trips are different for everyone, and camping tacos are the perfect, easily adaptable choice for a meal. 

#1 – Easy Camping Tacos from Amanda Outside

When it comes to camping meals, few things are as simple and crowd-pleasing as tacos. At the most basic, this recipe only requires four ingredients – ground meat, taco seasoning, tomato sauce, and tortillas. Beyond that is where your creativity and taste can really shine. Brown your beef, then add your seasoning and tomato sauce. Once that’s combined, spoon the mixture into your tortillas and add toppings.

Use classics such as onion (white or red), shredded cheese, lettuce, chopped tomatoes, avocado, sour cream, and salsa to top your tacos. Add as much or as little as you like, and dig in. After a long day camping, this meal comes together in just minutes and certainly hits the spot.

Easy Camping Tacos from Amanda Outside

#2 – Camping Tacos in a Bag from This Lil Piglet

Tacos may not seem like the most on-the-go meal until you encounter your first taco in a bag or “walking taco.” You’ll use all your classic taco ingredients here – ground beef, taco seasoning, cheese, lettuce, and more- without the need for a tortilla. Instead, you’ll spoon your browned and seasoned meat and other toppings into a bag of crushed nacho chips (like Doritos.)

By combining all your taco ingredients right inside the bag, you’ll be able to eat it with a fork or spoon. It also ensures you don’t lose a single bite’s worth. This recipe is perfect for those on the go or who want to eliminate one more ingredient from their list. 

Camping Tacos in a Bag from This Lil Piglet

#3 – Easy Dutch Oven Camping Tacos from Camping For Foodies

If you’re a fan of no-frills, back-to-the-basics camp cooking, try out this recipe that relies on a camping icon – the dutch oven. You’ll prepare this meal like most other tacos. However, you’ll cook it in your trusty dutch oven, heated over the coals of a campfire. It’s important to use coals instead of actual flames when cooking over a campfire as they provide more consistent heating that’s less likely to flare up and burn your food.

Once you’ve got your coals set up correctly and your dutch oven positioned over them, brown your beef and mix your seasonings directly in the pot. After that, it’s as simple as spooning your meat mixture into taco shells or tortillas and adding the toppings of your choice. 

Easy Dutch Oven Camping Tacos from Camping For Foodies

#4 – Vegan Camping Tacos from Fresh Off The Grid

There’s no need to despair if you don’t eat meat. Even the most dedicated herbivores will surely love these vegan camping tacos, free of all animal products. These tacos get their hearty filling from a combination of sweet potato, poblano pepper, and black beans.

Season and saute your cubed potato and sliced peppers together until soft, as you simmer and season your black beans. Combine these, then top them with your favorite taco finishes. With one bite, you’ll forget all about meat. 

Vegan Camping Tacos from Fresh Off The Grid

#5 – Easy Foil Pack Grilled Shrimp Tacos from Glamper Life

Looking to enjoy the great outdoors without giving up some of the more refined touches of life? Then these are the tacos for you. You’ll be able to chow down on sophisticated, delicious shrimp tacos from just about anywhere, with minimal cleanup required. In fact, you’ll cook your cleaned and seasoned shrimp inside a crimped foil packet over your grill or fire, locking in all that delicious flavor.

While they cook, all you’ll need to do is chop up any veggie toppings (like red cabbage or others) and mix a simple, creamy sauce. You’ll love the robust flavors and beautiful colors of these camping tacos, helping you take your glamping experience to a new level.

Easy Foil Pack Grilled Shrimp Tacos from Glamper Life

#6 – Grandma’s Easy Camping Taco from the KOA Blog

Old-school recipes like these are known for two things – the simplicity of the past and the flavor that lasts generations. This simple, delicious version of walking tacos or tacos in a bag is served in a personal-sized bag of corn chips. After browning your ground beef and adding taco seasoning and salsa, you’ll crunch up your chips and spoon your taco mixture into the bag.

Add toppings and dig in. You can customize this simple and classic recipe for your taste. For example, try choosing different spices or salsas for your meat or a different flavor of corn chip. It’s Grandma’s recipe, so you know it’ll be good. 

Grandma’s Easy Camping Taco from the KOA Blog

#7 – Easy and Healthy Camping Breakfast Tacos from Amanda Outside

If you haven’t made tacos for breakfast, you’ve been missing out. Few things hit the spot on a relaxing morning at the campsite, such as a delicious breakfast taco brimming with eggs, meats, and veggies. The bulk of these tacos comes from scrambled eggs, which come together quickly in just minutes.

Your toppings are where you can get creative. You can include fresh or pickled jalapeno, sauteed bell peppers and onions, avocado, and anything else your heart desires. If healthy isn’t as important to you, you can add proteins like crumbled and browned breakfast sausage, chopped bacon, or diced ham.

This is a breakfast that can greatly benefit from a little advanced prep, like pre-cooking your meats or pre-slicing veggies. It’s breakfast so easy and tasty you’ll wonder why all morning meals aren’t served in taco form. 

Easy and Healthy Camping Breakfast Tacos from Amanda Outside

Make Tacos for Quick and Easy Camping Meals

Camping tacos are truly one of the perfect meals for your next weekend in the great outdoors. There are versions for just about every taste, cooking setup, time of day, and dietary preference. So it’s hard to go wrong with such an easy and flavorful choice. Keep these recipes in mind, and your fellow travelers will rave about your campsite chef abilities. 

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