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What is a Little Guy Camper?

What is a Little Guy Camper? 

There’s no question that Little Guy campers are hugely popular. We certainly see these cool little teardrops just about everywhere we go.

So, what’s the big deal about these little guys?

Let’s find out!

What is a Little Guy Camper? 

Little Guy is a leading brand name of the compact campers enjoying a big surge in popularity. But, these teardrop-shaped towable RVs are an old idea that’s new again. In fact, many outdoors lovers are drawn to their cool retro looks and their practicality.

The first teardrops were built way back in the 1940s, often from surplus military parts. After World War II, makers put leftover Jeep tires, fighter plane wings, and sections of steel tubing to new use.

Joe Kicos always thought they were cool, so he decided to resurrect the idea back in 2002. Initially, he started by building a 4 x 8 prototype in his garage in North Canton, Ohio. Since then, his home-grown company has expanded over the years and is now under corporate ownership. Today, 17 different models are turning up more and more on the roads and campgrounds worldwide.

How Much Do Little Guy Campers Cost? 

These small packages carry a pretty big price tag, and this seems to stop some would-be owners in their tracks. Suggested retail prices start around $25,000 and rise to around $36,000, depending on the model. However, the company’s newest version, the MyPod, is the smallest one yet – and it carries the smallest sticker price, too. It’s expected to cost just under $12,000.

About Little Guy Worldwide

Kikos’ little company grew quickly as his idea caught on. By 2017 it transitioned into Liberty Outdoors, with manufacturing plants in Somerset, Pennsylvania, and Liberty, North Carolina. Later in 2019, a New York City firm, Xtreme Outdoors LLC, purchased the assets of Liberty Outdoors. These days, around 80 people work at the facility in Pennsylvania. Kikos, whose nostalgic notion launched the company almost 20 years ago, remains on board as its sales director.

Little Guy Camper Models

These compact towables appeal to people who have a back-to-basics approach toward RV camping. Despite their vintage look, Little Guy travel trailers offer some contemporary comforts, too. Here’s a tiny look inside three of their models.

Little Guy Max

It looks small from the outside, but chances are you can stand up inside – even if you’re a basketball player. The Little Guy Max has an interior height of 6’7″, and there are lots of other unexpected features in this camper, too.

These include heating and air conditioning, LED lighting, and a 24-inch TV. There’s a stainless steel sink, two-burner stove, a 5-cubic-foot fridge, hardwood cabinetry, and a wet bath, too. This trailer has a dry weight of 3,010 pounds, an overall length of 21 feet, and a width of 7 feet.

Little Guy Mini Max

Kind of a little brother to the Max, this one has a curb weight starting at 2,320 pounds. Little Guy designed it so small SUVs and crossovers can tow it. The Mini Max can sleep two to three people and has many of the same features as the Max but with a smaller footprint.

Interior height is six feet, overall length is 17’2″, and overall width is 6’9″. The exterior height is right at nine feet.

Little Guy MyPod

Little Guy’s latest innovation has a more futuristic look. The minimalist MyPod has a molded fiberglass body and is just 11.5 feet long. It has comfortable sleeping quarters with a full-size bed. In addition, it’s set up with electricity, an AC unit, and a three-speed fan.

With a dry weight of 760 pounds and a tongue weight of 110 pounds, a small car can easily tow it. Inside, it’s 5 feet wide and just under 3 feet tall.

Are Little Guy Campers Worth It? 

We hate to say they have a cult-like following, but fans of the Little Guy campers are certainly loyal. There are some good reasons. These little RV trailers are smartly designed and well constructed from quality materials. The company also has a good reputation for responding to customers’ needs and continued design innovations.

Little Guy Worldwide likes to say “less is more,” and in some ways, that’s absolutely true. For instance, you can get into some tight places that owners of 5th wheels and motorhomes can only dream about. And because they’re so light and compact, you won’t have to shell out any extra money on a big tow vehicle.

They might seem a little pricey from the outside, but Little Guy owners seem to think they’re certainly worth the investment.

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