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Scamp vs Oliver: Which Fiberglass Camper Is Best?

Scamp vs Oliver: Which Fiberglass Camper Is Best?

Scamp vs Oliver — it’s a question you’ve likely considered if you’re in the market for a fiberglass camper. But which one is best for you?

We’re taking a deep dive into these two brands, the models they offer, and their features. 

Let’s jump in!

What Is a Molded Fiberglass Camper?

Molded fiberglass campers are a specific style of camper designed to be lightweight, easy to build, and relatively leakproof. Fiberglass is a material made by superheating glass until molten. The glass gets woven together and combined with resins to create a solid, strong, lightweight, and durable material. 

Manufacturers create large fiberglass molds for the exterior shell of the camper, often using just two huge pieces for the top and bottom. Securing these pieces together creates a single seam around the entire camper. Overall, molded fiberglass campers tend to be smaller, lighter, and more aerodynamic than other trailers. However, they can also be more expensive.

About Scamp Fiberglass Campers

Scamp manufactures small, lightweight campers. They’re based in Backus, Minnesota. They’ve been around nearly 50 years and have built trailers since 1972. 

Scamp Models

Scamp offers three size options for its trailers, 13 feet, 16 feet, and 19 feet. Within each of these options, the company also has standard and deluxe models. You’ll also be able to choose between several different floor plans for most sizes and models. For example, the 13-foot standard camper includes one floor plan with front bunks and another with a front bath.

At the same length, the deluxe model includes a front bunk floor plan, a front bath floor plan, and a front dinette floor plan.   

One of the major benefits of Scamp campers is their lightweight and aerodynamic construction. Thirteen-foot models weigh as little as 1,200-1,500 pounds. Even the larger 19-foot models weigh 2,800 pounds or less. This allows you to tow them with everything from a truck to a minivan to a small car. The easy towability is a significant plus for those looking for a camper that won’t force them to buy an expensive new truck. 

Scamp Features and Amenities

All Scamp models come packed with convenient and valuable features. These include propane stoves and water heaters, a water pump, a 30- or 45-amp power converter, small refrigerators, LED exterior lights, and multiple storage options. Models with a bathroom include a nine-gallon black water tank. 

Lots of high-end and luxury upgrades are also available for those who want to spring for them. All Scamp models can include deluxe oak or birch interior finishes. You can also add air conditioners, furnaces, and awnings for an additional cost. 

About Oliver Fiberglass Campers

When it comes to Scamp vs Oliver, Oliver is definitely the newcomer. Oliver Fiberglass Products in Hohenwald, Tenn., manufactures Oliver travel trailers. They’ve been producing campers since 2007. 

Oliver Models

Oliver offers two main models of fiberglass campers, the Legacy Elite and Legacy Elite II. Both use a double-hulled fiberglass shell, making them ready for four-season camping. 

The Legacy Elite is the smaller of the two, at 18.5 feet long and 3,700 pounds. It sleeps three and comes in a single floor plan that includes a rear dining table that converts to a bed and a full bathroom. 

The larger Legacy Elite II is 23.6 feet long, weighs 4,900 pounds dry, and is available in two floor plans. The standard floor plan includes a rear dinette that converts to a bed, while the twin bed floor plan replaces this table with two twin beds. Both floor plans sleep three. 

Oliver Features and Amenities

Both models come with extensive standard features. These include a propane stove and water heater. There’s also a complete tank system with 32-gallon freshwater tanks, 32-gallon gray water tanks, and 15-gallon black water tanks. In addition, you’ll find a water pump, 110V AC/12V DC/5V USB electric outlets, exterior outlets, medium-sized three-way refrigerators, exterior LED lights, and a powered exterior awning. 

All Oliver campers also include Dometic high-efficiency air conditioners, as well as self-igniting LP furnaces. You’ve also got great entertainment options, like a 24-inch flat-screen TV, AM/FM radio, and a remote-controlled stereo system. There’s even a microwave standard on all models for easy on-the-go cooking.

Oliver also offers a huge variety of upgrade options, including lithium battery setups, solar panels, cell signal boosters, composting toilets, and much more. And with many options for your interior finishes, you can customize your Oliver for your exact style.

Which Is Better: Scamp vs Oliver? 

When considering Scamp vs Oliver, it’s hard to say either one is better than the other. Both are well-built and full-featured campers, but each brand offers its own strengths and drawbacks. Scamp trailers are simpler and lighter, which may make a difference if you don’t have a large SUV or truck for towing.

On the other hand, Oliver campers come with many more standard features like climate control and entertainment systems. Oliver also offers larger options with its smallest model roughly the size of the largest Scamp. This may make a significant difference for you, depending on whether you prefer space or portability.

One major factor that may help you decide Scamp vs Oliver is the cost. New Scamp campers start as low as $15,590 for the 13-foot model, up to around $23,000 for the 19-foot model. Upgrades will naturally increase the final price, but Scamps still cost significantly less than Oliver models.

The Legacy Elite starts at $57,000, while the Legacy Elite 2 will set you back at least $65,000 for a 2022 model. 

You Can’t Go Wrong with a Fiberglass Camper

Fiberglass campers may not be the most common or popular type out there, but they offer tremendous benefits for those looking to get out and enjoy camping without towing a massive trailer.

Both Scamp and Oliver offer excellent, high-quality, made-in-America campers, and it’s hard to go wrong with either. Consider your camping style and needs when making your decision about Scamp vs Oliver, and pick the one that’s best for you.

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