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5 Best Beach Tents For Camping in 2021

5 Best Beach Tents For Camping in 2021

Whether you’re planning to spend time at a lake or an ocean, beach tents can enhance your camping experience.

Any piece of equipment we can use in multiple scenarios plus is lightweight and packs easily is a must for us! So that’s what we looked for in these five best beach tents.

Let’s take a look! 

What To Look For In The Perfect Beach Tent

It’s easy to buy the cheapest or the first beach tent you see at a major retailer. Jumping into a purchase before researching or thinking it through is a recipe for buyer’s remorse. There are a few things you want to consider before selecting the perfect beach tent for your next trip.

One of the most important qualities to look for in a beach tent is the ease of setup and storage. Many large tents provide tons of coverage but may require assistance during setup and tear down or not be compact. Being able to quickly and easily set up and store a tent will help ensure a less frustrating user experience.

Another quality to look for when selecting a beach tent is the size of the tent. These types of structures come in a wide range of sizes. So you’ll want to ensure there is adequate space for your intended use.

Nothing will ruin a camping experience faster than being crammed into a tight space when weather conditions are less than ideal. 

The final thing we think you should consider when looking for the perfect beach tent is the user reviews. You want to select a tent with a generous amount (hundreds, if not thousands) of user reviews. When looking through the reviews, be sure to look for any consistencies from reviewers.

It’s common to see reviews on both ends of the spectrum in terms of positive and negative.

For example, users who have a negative experience are prone to exaggerate issues. Or they might leave negative reviews for issues that are out of the manufacturer’s hands. On the other hand, some reviewers are given products in exchange for reviews.

These reviewers often tend to gloss over flaws and trump up common characteristics.

The 5 Best Beach Tents For Camping

We’ve done the work to select for you the five best beach tents for camping. These tents have a generous amount of reviews and are more affordable than you might think. Let’s get started!

#1 – Easthills Outdoors Instant Shader Deluxe

AboutThe Easthills Outdoors Instant Shader Deluxe is a 4-person beach tent with an extended zippered porch included. It comes in two colors, beige and blue, and will look great at your campsite or on a beach by the water. This unique beach tent won’t break the bank as it’s commonly priced for around $100. With plenty of space for a small family and pets, it’s easy to see why we think this is one of the best beach tents on the market.

Stand Out Features: We love that the Instant Shader Deluxe has an extended “front porch.” It makes the tent look and feel more spacious, and it adds some security for the tent. The front porch serves as the front door and zips closed. Useful whether you’re away from your tent or just need a little privacy.

This beach tent is also incredibly easy to set up and take down. Many users state that setup and takedown takes a minute or less, which means more time to enjoy your adventures. The setup is so easy that a single person can handle it quickly and efficiently. This is exceptionally great for families with children, as setting up your beach tent can often be a chaotic experience.

Beach Bum Rating: 10/10. We love the price, the size, and the ease of use!

#2 – Night Cat Waterproof Camping Tent

AboutThe Night Cat Waterproof Camping Tent comes in two sizes (1-2 person & 2-4 person) and several styles and color combinations. A double-layer design and specifically engineered material make this tent entirely waterproof. So there’s no more worrying about keeping dry when an unexpected shower pops up.

The setup process is easy enough for an individual to set up on their own and a convenient style to introduce young children to setting up a tent. The fiberglass poles, metal stakes, and ropes will provide added support during windy conditions.

Another great tent that won’t cost you a fortune as prices range from $79-$99 depending on your color and style choice.

Stand Out Features: We love that the Night Cat Waterproof Camping Tent is precisely what its name indicates, waterproof. In addition, several reviewers noted an incredibly excellent customer service experience when they faced minor defects in materials during use.

It’s unique to see a company or brand stand behind its product and make things right when mistakes happen.

We also admire the compact designs and styles that can serve a wide range of purposes.

Whether you’re planning to use your tent at the beach to provide shade or as a shelter while camping in the wilderness, this tent will do the trick. Having multiple style options and sizes to choose from allows you to select which tent fits your unique situation best.

Beach Bum Rating: 9/10. Protects your valuables from wind and rain and is an easy setup! 

#3 – Kodiak Flex-Bow Canvas Tent

About: The Kodiak Flex-Box Canvas Tent is a massive 10 x 10 feet and 6’6″ tall. You’ll have plenty of headroom and space to sleep up to six people. The tent is supported by steel poles and is even rated for four seasons. You may be asking yourself, “What’s the catch?”

Well, the catch is the price. The Kodiak Flex-Box Canvas Tent will set you back anywhere from $300-$400. This isn’t your ordinary beach tent!

Stand Out Features: We love that this tent uses steel poles for its support system. This helps the tent remain stable in rainy and windy conditions, and it can withstand thunderstorms.

We also love that the tent provides plenty of room and space that even prevents taller individuals from feeling cramped. We also love that this beach tent has a 72” x 78” awning that provides cover for the entry and shade for relaxing.

Beach Bum Rating: 6/10. Spacious and stable, but weighs 68 pounds and is expensive.

#4 – ABCO Sport Instant Tent

AboutThe ABCO Sport Instant Tent can be set up in seconds and easily folds up into a compact carrying case. This compact instant tent has two mesh windows on the front and back that help air circulate. You’ll be protected from the rain with the waterproof design.

In addition, the UV50+ coating helps block harmful rays from the sun. The ABCO Sport Instant Tent is also one of the cheapest tents on our list, coming in at roughly $50.

If you’re planning to do extremely casual camping or need shade at the beach, this could be a great option!

Stand Out Features: First of all, we love the $50 price. The 3200 reviews and a 4.5-star rating on Amazon indicate that the $50 price tag doesn’t mean this is a cheap tent. We admire the compact design and storage and the ability to store it almost anywhere for any occasion. Who doesn’t love being able to set up their tent in seconds? We sure do!

Beach Bum Rating: 8/10. Incredibly compact design, cheap price, and good for single campers or couples.

#5 – Pacific Breeze Beach Tent

About: The Pacific Breeze Easy Setup Beach Tent comes with a carrying case, sand pockets, and even stakes to secure your tent. The polyester fabric is breathable and repels water while also providing UV50+ sun protection. It weighs only 4.5 pounds and has a compact travel storage design.

So, you’ll have no issues carrying this tent to your next adventure. The open front makes this tent better as a portable shade but not necessarily great for camping. This $75 beach tent will provide great shade, though.

Stand Out Features: We love that this beach tent protects from the sun, rain, and wind during outdoor activities. It has UV50+ sun protection built into the fabric to help avoid the damaging rays from the sun. In addition, it has internal pockets for storage and is very light and easy to store.

Beach Bum Rating: 9/10. Very light and compact, not designed for camping, great for beach use.

Plan Your Escape in a Beach Tent

When the temperatures start rising and you begin hanging out at your local beach, we hope you’ll pick one of our five beach tent suggestions. Use your beach tent to make your adventures even better by escaping from the elements to relax!

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