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5 Best Lance Travel Trailers in 2021

5 Best Lance Travel Trailers in 2021

If you’re looking for a new camper, you surely can’t go wrong with Lance travel trailers! 

Lance is a popular RV brand that manufactures travel trailers and truck campers. And, today, we’re diving deep into five of the best Lance travel trailers for 2021 with some all-new features. 

Let’s take a look!

Lance is one of the most well-known travel trailer brands, and for good reasons! The Lance brand is known for superior build quality and premium materials. Unlike some other travel trailer brands, Lance travel trailers have true quality craftsmanship, and it shows. 

5 Best Lance Travel Trailers in 2021

It isn’t easy to choose just five Lance travel trailers because any camper from this brand is an excellent choice. We did it, though! The campers on this list were selected from each size and weight range that Lance offers. 

best lance travel trailers
Where will you take your Lance travel trailer to first?

#1 – 2021 Lance Travel Trailer 1685

The Lance 1685 is one of the most popular Lance trailers on the market today. This well-loved camper model is just 21 feet long and weighs under 5,000 pounds. 

Top Features

This model has top features such as lots of interior space and storage, beautiful decor options, a convertible dinette, a deluxe queen-sized bed, and much more. The interior of this travel trailer is gorgeous, modern, and makes the best use of extra space.

What’s New for 2021

In 2021, the 1685 features new raised-panel glazed cabinet doors, new rich wood paneling. It also has laminated counters and tabletops creating an elegant look. 

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#2 – 2021 Lance 2075 Travel Trailer

The 2075 model is an all-new Lance travel trailer. This travel trailer is great for tailgating and camping with a portable Bluetooth speaker, an exterior kitchen, and so much more! This trailer is 25 feet long and just under 5,000 pounds.

Top Features

The 2075 model has top features such as a pull-out exterior kitchen, a portable Bluetooth speaker, a u-shaped dinette, a built-in wine rack and glass holders, and lateral arm awnings. This travel trailer also has a smartphone app to monitor all your tanks in real-time!

What’s New for 2021

This is a new 2021 model that was designed specifically for tailgating and outdoor enthusiasts. In fact, the slide-out exterior kitchen makes cooking out a breeze. In addition, you can take the portable Bluetooth speaker with you all around the campsite. 

best lance travel trailers
Lance travel trailers are perfect for camping, tailgating, exploring and more.

#3 – 2021 Lance 2445 Travel Trailer

The Lance 2445 is a 25-foot travel trailer weighing in at just over 5,500 pounds. This is a great model for families because of its double-sized bunk beds, master suite, and rear garage area for carrying extra gear. As a result, it’s perfect for full-timing or weekend adventures for the whole family. 

Top Features

The 2445 model includes top features such as the rear garage storage area, a roof rack storage system, and a residential-style bathroom. In addition, it has a dual pane front radius window for extra natural light.

What’s New for 2021

The 2021 Lance 2445 has an all-new Lance Load Roof Rack system and a smartphone-controlled control system. It also has the ability to sleep up to eight people. 

#4 – Smallest Lance Travel Trailer: 1475

If you’re looking for the smallest Lance travel trailer, the 1475 model is it! In fact, this elegant and small travel trailer is just under 20 feet long and has a dry weight of 2,600 pounds. This camper is certainly perfect for solos and couples! 

Top Features

The top features of the 1475 are the small footprint and efficient use of space. Instead of a dinette, this model has two lounge chairs separated by a table. But you don’t have to sacrifice your dinette if you don’t want to! You can choose a custom dinette option instead. 

What’s New for 2021

The 2021 Lance 1475 has beautiful decor options and a sofa bed slideout option to add more sleeping space to this small camper. 

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best lance travel trailers
Traveling solo? Consider a smaller sized Lance travel trailer.

#5 – Biggest Lance Travel Trailer: 2465

The 2465 model is Lance’s biggest travel trailer, and it comes jam-packed with everything you’d ever want in a camper. This camper is just under 30 feet long and weighs in at a dry weight of 5,875 pounds. As a result, this awesome Lance travel trailer can be towed by most trucks and even some SUVs!

Top Features

This model has top features such as dual super slides, a front living room, and a rear master bedroom. There are also plenty of seating options, including a dinette and a J-shaped sofa. 

What’s New for 2021

The 2021 Lance 2465 comes with the new Lance Load Roof Rack system for extra storage or carrying kayaks or other gear. In addition, the 2021 model comes with available rooftop solar options.

best lance travel trailers and lance load roof rack system
The new Lance Load Roof Rack system is perfect for extra storage or carrying kayaks or other gear.

Lance Travel Trailers Have it All

Whether you’re looking for a small camper or a travel trailer big enough for the entire family, Lance has something for you. No square inch goes unused in these campers, making them an excellent choice for full-time RVers. Lance campers have gorgeous interiors and are built with the camper, tailgater, and adventurer in mind! 

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