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The RV Trailer Towing Checklist

The RV Trailer Towing Checklist

You just got an RV trailer and you’re feeling overwhelmed with everything there is to check before towing. Or, maybe you’re a seasoned RVer and you want to be sure you didn’t miss anything! 

Either way, an RV trailer towing checklist is exactly what you need. Eliminate the overwhelm and double-check yourself to be sure you’re towing safely. 

Let’s get into the RV trailer towing checklist now.

Don’t Hit The Road Without A Trailer Towing Checklist

Towing an RV trailer can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never towed a trailer before! There is just so much to remember and any mistake could mean damaging your RV… an RVers worst nightmare. 

Whether you’re a new RVer or a seasoned trailer tower, everyone should be using a checklist. 

New RVers benefit from towing checklists for peace-of-mind to not forget anything. Seasoned RVers should also use a checklist because once you get comfortable with something, you can start missing small things. 

What Systems Do You Need To Check Before Towing a Trailer?

There are several things you need to check before towing your trailer. Here are the top things you’ll be checking before hitting the road with your trailer

Hitch Check

You need to be sure your RV is hitched correctly. This goes for the hitch itself, the safety chains, and the electrical connections. The hitch check and brake check are the most important parts of an RV trailer towing checklist. 

Electric and Brakes

Always verify your electric connection is working properly to supply power to your brakes, brake lights, and turning signals. 

The RV Itself

You’ll want to do a pre-trip walk around to check everything on the RV. Make sure the tires are okay, the doors are locked, the windows and vents are closed, the antenna is down, and that the storage bays are securely fastened and locked. 

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Pre-Departure Towing Checklist For RVers

Here is a handy list to help you create your own RV trailer towing checklist. Copy and paste or write them down, it’s up to you! 

Trailer Interior

  • Make sure everything is put away safely
  • Arrange items in fridge so they won’t break
  • Lower TV antenna
  • Close and latch all windows and vents
  • Latch all cabinet doors

Trailer Exterior

  • Be sure all hoses and cords are put away and secured
  • Check all storage bay doors
  • Check trailer tire pressure
  • Be sure all windows and vents are closed and lowered

Hitching Checklist

  • Inspect hitch to be sure it’s securely attached
  • Attach safety chains securely
  • Hook up breakaway cable
  • Connect sway bars if applicable
  • Connect electric and verify that it’s working

Final Safety Checks

  • Do a final RV walkaround 
  • Ensure doors and windows are shut and locked
  • All storage bays are securely latched
  • No chocks or leveling blocks left behind
  • RV is unplugged
  • Check headlights and mirrors

RV Checklist App and Printables

The Ultimate RV Checklist app is a handy and budget-friendly app for your cell phone that includes all types of RVs. This checklist app has departure checklists, arrival checklists, and more!

Perfect for anyone who doesn’t want a physical list, and it doesn’t leave anything out. 

You can also download and print this checklist below!

Never Leave Without A Checklist

Even if you’re a seasoned RVer, it’s so important to utilize lists and checklists. Having a physical or digital checklist is the best way to make sure you’re not missing anything.

Nobody wants to lose an antenna or awning because they got too comfortable and forgot to check.

Happy towing!

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  1. steve says:

    One thing to add to your list is to ENSURE your batteries on your RV are working when discounted from shore power. The emergency break away cable will only work if the RV’s batteries are good. To test this, unplug from shore power (assuming you’re not boondocking) and pull the emergency plug. The trailers brakes should lock up. You can have a second person listen for this, as you can’t exactly roll the trailer to see. LOL. Or you could do a light “tug test” with the camper hitched up without the 7-way plug attached. Happy camping!