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Should You Tip the Campground Host at an RV Park?

Should You Tip the Campground Host at an RV Park?

Should You Tip the Campground Host at an RV Park?

It’s common practice to reward a server with a generous tip when they enhance your dining experience. However, is it any different to tip your campground host when they enhance your camping experience?

Today we’ll look at tipping campground hosts and if it’s acceptable (or, worse, expected) or not.

Let’s get started!

What Does an RV Park Campground Host Do?

The duties of a campground host will differ from campground to campground. However, there are a few things you can generally expect from a camp host. Enforcing the campground rules and regulations is often one major part of a campground host’s job.

This could mean asking guests to quiet down during quiet hours or getting them to put out their fires during a burn ban. Nobody likes to be the bad guy, but a campground host enforcing the rules helps ensure everyone is a happy camper.

Campground hosts are also responsible for making sure sites are clean and ready for the next guest. If someone leaves a mess behind, they must ensure it’s cleaned up before the next guest arrives. This may even include scooping out ashes from fire pits.

Some campground hosts take care of other odds and ends around the campground. This could include electrical work, plumbing, or administration.

It may surprise you, but campground hosts often wear many hats when it comes to their jobs at a campground.

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Person tipping a worker with USD.
Tipping is not necessary, but is a nice way to show your campground host the appreciation they deserve.

Should You Tip Your Campground Host?

While a host may help increase your camping experience, tipping them isn’t necessary. Campgrounds often pay hosts in some fashion. This may be in the form of a free campsite and amenities or cash.

You don’t have to tip your campground host, but who doesn’t love a handsome reward for their hard work?

How Else Can You Show Your Appreciation to Your Hosts?

While you could tip your campground host with cash, there are some better ways to show your appreciation. Let’s take a look at what might be a better option than cash.

Aerial show of a woman writing a thank you note.
There are many things you can do, other than tipping, that will show your campground host your gratitude for their help.

Write to the Campground Management

It doesn’t matter the industry; management always loves to hear when their employees exceed customer expectations. Campground management is no different. Spend a few minutes and write a thoughtful note to the campground management giving specific examples of how the campground host did a great job.

This may increase the chances of the campground inviting the host back for future opportunities that go far beyond a tip.

Bring Them a Meal

A campground host is often incredibly busy during peak camping season. One of the best ways to say thank you is by making them a meal or a special homemade treat.

You may want to give them a heads up to adjust for any allergies or food restrictions, but it’s a great sentiment. 

Friends carrying fresh food and drinks as a gift.
A homemade meal or special treat is a fun way to show your appreciation to your campground host.

Say Thank You

Many camp hosts are doing their jobs because they genuinely love hosting. They’re not expecting a big salary or much praise. You’d be surprised how much a simple “thank you” can mean.

Some of the best campground hosts do their jobs so well that you aren’t aware of what they’re doing. Telling them thanks can keep them motivated during the tough times when they have to deal with difficult or unruly campers.

Give a Good Review

Many people turn to campground reviews when booking their sites. If a campground host has gone above and beyond to make you feel welcome, be sure to mention it in the review.

Knowing that a campground has excellent camp hosts can incentivize other campers to stay at the campground. There’s also a good chance campground management will see your review and reward the camp host for their excellent work.

Woman camper using laptop to write review while camping.
When writing your campground review, make sure to mention your host by name if they did a great job.

If You Do Decide to Tip, How Much Is Appropriate?

Maybe you’re still set on giving a monetary tip to your campground host but need help deciding how much. Because there’s no expectation of a monetary tip, this is completely up to you.

The campground host will likely reject any form of monetary payment, but they’ll appreciate the gesture. You can never be too generous when it comes to tipping, so go for whatever you feel is appropriate.

Keep in Mind: Budgeting, monetary tip included or not, is a necessity to full time RVing success. Make budgeting easy by reading more about What’s the Average Cost of RV Camping this Summer?

Woman with a stack of money.
Tipping your campground host is not be expected, but still is a kind gesture.

Is Tipping Your Campground Host a Good Move?

Campground hosts likely won’t expect a tip from a camper. However, it can be a great way to show the host you appreciate them. While tipping the valet can help ensure good treatment for your vehicle, tipping your campground host likely won’t get you that dream pull-thru site that gets booked up right away.

There are times in life where people go above and beyond what you expect from them, and you want to reward them. The more you camp, the more you’ll recognize the campground hosts who go above and beyond their duties.

Do you have any stories of a campground host going above and beyond to make your camping experience even better?

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Wednesday 25th of August 2021


Tom Clark

Wednesday 25th of August 2021

Why in the world would you want to start tipping camp ground host. 98% of the host I've talked to make pretty good money and or benefits for being a host. All you are doing is starting a way for some people getting better treatment then others. Wrong and Unnecessary. People are going RV ING to enjoy, not to start having to worry that the site they get is the worst at camp grounds because people with extra money in pocket are buying off the better sites, especially at a first come first camp ground. You bring up the that people wait on you in restaurants get tips, but for pretty well most of them that is the biggest part of there pay check Most states have laws that allow restaurant owners to pay there employees way below minimum wage. So tips is how they make up the difference. So in my opinion and others I have talked too agree that tipping a camp ground host is a bad idea. The only people it's going to benefit is people with a lot of cash in there pocket while the rest of us get the leftovers. I'm not saying my income is at a lower end of the scale, me and the wife live a comfortable lifestyle. From life experience I can see where this is going. So now that you brought up ithe idea, you have only opened up a can of worms. Your just making it more expensive for the everyday camper and possibly a bad experience for someone that can't afford the extra money. Most campers are just want a weekend of fun with family and friends, not have to worry about did I bring cash for the host tip......


Wednesday 25th of August 2021

Her people that don't tip their campost are just nothing but greedy people camp hosts being one myself don't get paid very well and tips are always welcome to help supplement our income $700 for 2 weeks and that's $350 per person every two weeks so $1,400 for a couple that is Cam posting is slave wages for the hard work and you're wondering about tipping you greedy sobs


Wednesday 25th of August 2021

NO, do you see how fast I answered your question? Look, you're paying for a service and in some cases you're paying between $50 and $100 per night to park your rig and plug into shore power....some state parks don't even have power......tip them for what??? This is the most asinine thing I have ever heard of......

Bud Vanderlaan

Wednesday 25th of August 2021

In my years of camping around the country, I’ve only had one conversation with a campground host when they stop by to see how things were going.

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