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RV Plows Into Dairy Queen Drive-Thru (Caught on Video)

RV Plows Into Dairy Queen Drive-Thru (Caught on Video)

Let’s face it, towing a 5th wheel RV isn’t easy. But, taking your trailer through a Dairy Queen drive-thru is never recommended.

Today we’re sharing all the details and giving you a few pointers to avoid this type of scenario yourself.

Let’s dig in!

The Video of a 5th Wheel RV vs Dairy Queen

This incident was first published on Snapchat and then made its way onto Reddit (on the harshly titled “Idiots In Cars” community).

Posted by u/tvgenius, they added, “the Dairy Queen drive-thru might be a bit tight for your 5th wheel, bud.” In typical Reddit fashion, the proceeding comments are nothing less than hilarious.

FireflyRave says, “He’ll eventually fit. Just needs to shear off a little more trailer.”

NeedleRoozer adds, “Well, I’ve destroyed my fifth wheel and damaged the restaurant, might as well burn up my tires and maybe my transmission too while I’m at it.”

One commenter snidely adds, “(he) probably thinks he’s going to successfully sue, claiming they should have had a warning sign.”

Watch the video for yourself:

There’s No Excuse for Ramming Your RV into a Drive-Thru, But Here’s Food for Thought

First of all, we’re not excusing this behavior – however, the restaurant was probably closed for inside dining.

On recent travel days, we’ve seen many fast-food restaurants with only drive-thru available. Instead of towing our 5th wheel RV to the drive-up window, we opted for a quick truck stop snack instead.

3 Easy Ways to Avoid Damaging Your RV on a Drive-Thru (or Other Objects)

Fear not, RVer! There are easy ways to not end up like this guy.

First of All, Route the Right Way

We use the RV GPS app to make sure we don’t damage our 5th wheel.

Here’s how it works – you plug in your RV make & model and the router does the rest. It will keep you away from any low-hanging bridges and tunnels. It’ll also route your path off the interstate if you prefer state highways.

The RV GPS app works together with RV Trip Wizard to assist you in total trip planning.

Retro RV Camper In The Californian Desert Wilderness At Sunset

Secondly, Get Out & Look (with Walkie Talkies)

Never tow in a tight spot without an exterior spotter. If this Dairy Queen crasher had a spotting partner, running his trailer into the drive-thru would’ve never happened.

We use a pair of cheap walkie-talkies to easily communicate (without yelling) whenever we’re in a tight spot.

This will save you a lot of money and headache.

Finally, Trust Your Mirrors

If you’re towing a large RV, you’ve got to have wide mirrors and put your trust in them.

If this guy would’ve been watching his mirrors, he’d never have crashed into the Dairy Queen.

Make sure your mirrors have multiple views. You’ll want to see down the side of your rig, and have a view of your tires at the same time.

Towing a travel trailer down an Arizona State Highway in overdrive.

Be Smart & Move Slowly

Let this unfortunate event remind you to travel smart. Keeping your course well within the bounds of your size is a must.

Slowing down, getting out to look, and communicating with your spotter will keep you out of trouble.

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  1. Mark Anthony Najjar says:

    Stupid and lazy, a bad combination.

  2. Lester Arnold says:

    We like low cost campgrounds. We only need electricity and occasionally a shower. We’d like a nationwide directory. We’ve tried on line service’s and found them hard to use. We’ve tried bound directory’s and found them hard to use a very inaccurate. Any ideas?

  3. John says:

    Hé is probably new to the world of towing and just learned a life long lesson. Everyone makes mistakes but they are usually not this big or as public.

  4. Eric Beauregard says:

    This guy is getting aN expensive lesson in patience. We’ve had our 40-ft Class-A for a year and still use the walkie-talkies all the time. Lib tells me when and how to turn, and we get into/out of the tightest spots, usually on the first attempt. This is not an entertaining video, but it certainly is educational. It also illustrates another of the many ‘cons’ of fast-food.

  5. Thomas Gallagher says:

    Kinda like a tractor trailer doing it. Just park on the street like tractor trailers do and walk in.