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Can a Range Rover Tow an RV Camper?

Can a Range Rover Tow and RV Camper?

The Range Rover has a well-earned reputation as an adventurous luxury SUV, but did you know they make great tow vehicles?

Imagine taking that cute little Airstream Bambi to a scenic campsite along a mountain river. The Range Rover can tow you there.

Today, we’ve brought you RVs that a Range Rover can tow for your next camping vacation.

Let’s take a look!

How Much Can a Range Rover Tow?

These high-end SUVs can pack a punch when hauling trailers. All of the Range Rover models can tow about 7,700 pounds, giving RVers a pretty wide variety of campers from which to choose.

You might not be pulling a huge 40-foot toy hauler with your Range Rover, but you’ll be able to take many travel trailers to your favorite campsites. 

Airstream being towed through the forest.
Range Rovers are able to tow many types of travel trailers.

What’s the Cargo Carrying Capacity of a Range Rover? 

When looking at the cargo area of a Range Rover, most drivers are interested in the volume of space available. With the seats down, there’s 70.9 cubic feet. If all seats are in the up position, the cargo space is 34.5 cubic feet.

Cargo capacity has more to do with the amount of weight the vehicle can carry inside it. The various models in the Range Rover lineup weigh from 4,500 to 5,700 pounds. The maximum combined weight you should have is about 14,550 pounds. That means that the cargo weight in a Range Rover can only be 1,300 to 2,500 pounds, depending on the model. This accounts for the vehicle’s weight, the towing capacity, and the maximum combined weight.

Can a Range Rover Tow an RV Camper?

Yes, these large SUVs can haul campers that weigh up to 7,700 pounds. This weight would include all items and liquids in the RV. Many mid-size trailers fall in that range, giving Range Rover owners a good selection of campers.

Image of a small travel trailer being towed.
From travel trailers, pop-ups, teardrops and hybrid campers, Range Rovers can tow them all.

Types of Campers You Can Tow With a Range Rover

There are many RV trailers that a Range Rover can tow. Here’s a small breakdown of each.

Travel Trailers

From tiny Scamps to R-pods and lighter weight bumper pulls, the Range Rover can handle a large variety of travel trailers. Check out the Airstream Basecamp and Bambi models, the Keystone Bullet, Coleman Dutchman, and Lance offerings in the lightweight travel trailer category. You’ll find a great selection of floorplans and sizes.

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A Range Rover can tow most pop-up trailers, including Coleman pop-ups, Aliner A-frame campers, and unique models like Sylvan Sport’s Go. Even some of the largest pop-up trailers weigh much less than the maximum, so this category’s possibilities are almost limitless.

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White range rover parked along mountain.
Range Rovers are great tow vehicles for small to medium-sized trailers.


From the tiniest teardrop to the largest 560 Raindrop model, the Range Rover can pull virtually any teardrop-style trailer. Take a look at the Oregon Trail’R FronTear, or any MyPod. Even T@G has several teardrop models that may entice you.

Hybrid Campers

These half-trailer/half pop-up campers have made it possible to tow bigger travel trailers with less weight. Many built by Rockwood, Jayco, Starcraft, and Aerolite can be as long as 23 feet and still weigh around 5,000 pounds before adding essential items and water. A Range Rover can handle any one of these with ease.

Pro Tip: Before you tow, make sure to complete The RV Trailer Towing Checklist.

Is the Range Rover a Good Towing Vehicle?

For small to medium-sized trailers, the Range Rover is a good tow vehicle. It has enough cargo capacity inside to carry extra supplies and enough power to pull campers weighing up to 7,700 pounds. And because each model has all-wheel drive, the Range Rover can take your camper into less traveled terrain for more private boondocking experiences.

A Range Rover on its own is an exceptional SUV, offering practical upgrades in a luxurious wrapper. The fact that it can also tow many RV trailers to your favorite campsites makes it even more endearing.

In fact, it could be the perfect tow vehicle for your next camping trip. Have you ever used a Range Rover to tow?

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