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5 Places to See Snow in the Southeast

5 Places to See Snow in the Southeast

Many RVers flee from the northern cold in the winter months. But if you need a fix of the white stuff, you can still see snow in the southeastern states.

Whether you’re up for braving snowy camping or are looking for a day trip, we found five places that are fun and wintery in the Southeast.

Let’s check them out!

What Is ‘the Southeast?’

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the southeastern states or “The South” encompasses Washington, D.C., plus 16 states. These include Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

Many Southerners debate the inclusion of Maryland, Washington D.C., and Delaware. But we’ll leave that debate for another day. 

RV driving towards snowy mountains
Many RVers flee from the northern cold in the winter months, but can they still see snow in the south?

Does It Snow in the Southeast? 

Temperatures in the southeastern states tend to range from mild to hot year-round. When cold fronts roll through, you may see freezing rain. On a rare occasion, you’ll catch a light dusting of snow. Since most southern states lack the equipment to handle snow, a freeze can shut down road systems, schools, and more. 

What about snow deep enough for play? High altitude regions can provide significant snow in the Southeast. In fact, there are locations where you can find snow all winter long.

Pro Tip: Whether you’re bravely RVing in the snow, or closing up shop for winter, make sure you Winterize Your RV.

5 Places to See Snow in the Southeast

Whether you’re looking for a ski resort or needing a break from wearing sandals, you can find places to get your snow fix in the Southeast. It may be the last place you thought of taking a ski or snowboarding vacation, but it’s possible. Here are five top-rated places where you can see snow in the south. 

Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas sign
Yes you can find snow in Texas! Check out Guadalupe Mountains National Park for some snowy fun.

1. Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas

You can often find snow in Guadalupe Mountains National Park of West Texas in December and January. Average temperatures are in the mid-50s or below. You can take scenic drives through parts of the park year-round. But the only way to get into the heart of the Guadalupe Mountains is on foot. There are more than 80 miles of hiking trails in the park. 

We recommend heading to the “Top of Texas,” or Guadalupe Peak, for the best chance of a snowy experience. The peak is 8,751 feet high, and the strenuous hike is 8.5 miles round trip. Dress accordingly for the weather when there’s snow. It gets windy and cold. Also, check with the rangers regarding mountain lion sightings in the area.

Pro Tip: Want more places to enjoy the snow in Texas? Check out one of the places Where It Snows In Texas.

2. Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Gatlinburg is the gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It also makes for the perfect base camp for snowy peaks and ski resorts. You can find snow in this southeastern area between December and March. 

We recommend checking out Ober Gatlinburg. It’s a popular resort in Gatlinburg for all types of winter sports. They have opportunities for ice skating, skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing, and more. If you’re there outside of the winter season, you can still visit and participate in activities like their Alpine Slide or aerial tram.

It’s pretty easy to feel like you’re living the Alpine lifestyle at Ober Gatlinburg. 

3. Beech Mountain, North Carolina

Beech Mountain in northwest North Carolina offers a ski resort at one of the highest elevations in the state. While Beech Mountain Resort is open year-round, Mother Nature typically provides snow between December and March. As a result, you can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing, and ice skating on the mountain. 

We also recommend visiting in the summer, spring, and fall. The resort has trails, a disc golf course, concerts, yoga, and more. You can also take a scenic lift ride for stellar views of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Of course, one of the best times to take the lift is when the leaves change color in the fall. Plus, the sky bar at the top is perfect for a beverage break.

4. Wise, Virginia

Wise is a small town in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It sits at 2,451 feet and averages 43 inches of snow each year. The city has become famous for its sought-after snow in the Southeast. It’s an excellent home base from which to explore the area.

We recommend checking out the High Knob Recreation area for cross-country skiing or snowshoeing during the winter months. It’s about eleven miles from downtown Wise. Or you could travel three hours northeast into West Virginia to Winterplace Ski Resort.

You can downhill ski, snowboard, or race tubes down their fun tubing hill. 

5. Dahlonega, Georgia

Dahlonega is an old mining town in the Georgia Mountains. The Appalachian Trail begins just 20 miles from the center of town, making it an excellent base for hikers and backpackers. Dahlonega averages about three inches of snow during the winter months. So if you’re looking to go knee-deep in snow, look elsewhere. But if you’re looking for a light snowfall with a picturesque mountain backdrop, this is a fun place to explore. 

You can do many activities in Dahlonega, including hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, bird and wildlife watching, fishing, golfing, and much more. But there are some parts of nature that we think you might find particularly appealing with a light snowfall, including the more than 120 waterfalls in North Georgia.

Some of the most popular falls are in and around Dahlonega. There are many you can drive to year-round.

When Does It Snow in the Southeast? 

To see snow in the South, try between December and March. It’s difficult to predict the weather, but the higher you go, the more likely you will find snow. January offers you the best chance of seeing snow.

How Often Does it Snow in the South? 

The frequency of snowfall varies from place to place and largely depends on weather patterns. If you’re planning a trip to see snow in the South, your best bet is to go in the middle of the winter versus late fall or early spring.

You have a greater chance of seeing snowfall in a destination such as Wise, Va. They get 43 inches of snow per year, whereas Dahlonega, Ga., has an average annual snowfall of three inches.

RV parked in a snowy parking lot.
December through March are the best times to see snow in the south.

What’s the Best Month for Snow in the Southeast? 

It can snow in the South between December and March. However, December is often just the beginning of the season, and the snow starts melting in March. Therefore, January is the best month to see snow in the Southeast, with February coming in a close second.

Pro Tip: Many RVers head south in the colder months, but Where Exactly Do RVers Spend The Winter? Read more to find out!

Couple posing in front of their RV in snowy mountains.
If you want to definitely see snow, you can always go to a resort that makes artificial snow.

For a Sure Thing, Visit a Resort with Artificial Snow

Planning a ski trip only to find out the day before you leave that snow isn’t in the forecast is a bummer. A resort that makes artificial snow is a great way to ensure you get to move forward with your plans. However, the temperature does need to meet a certain threshold to make snow, so we can’t guarantee you’ll get snow no matter what. But check in with the resort to see what their policies are around artificial snow.

Are you ready to play in the snow in the Southeast? It’s an experience that’s sure to provide memorable adventures. If you’re planning on an RV road trip through the South this winter, we hope you’ll check out one of the destinations we listed.

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