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Is The Flatwoods Monster Still Around?

Is The Flatwoods Monster Still Around?

If your bucket list includes pursuits of Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster, you may want to add the Flatwoods Monster to your list. 

Like other mythical beasts, the Flatwoods Monster lives mainly in stories and drawings. So, what does the Flatwoods Monster look like, and is it still hanging around? 

Let’s find out!

Where Is the Flatwoods Monster? 

The Flatwoods Monster has been seen in and around Flatwoods, West Virginia, deep in the Appalachian Mountains.

What Is the Flatwoods Monster?

The Flatwoods Monster is a cryptid – a mythical creature like Bigfoot or the Jersey Devil – that witnesses first described in 1952. In Flatwoods, some children (and a dog) were playing outside on the elementary school’s lawn. 

The kids saw a glowing, eerie, pair of eyes watching from a tree. They called parents and other children together, making a group of seven who first witnessed it.

The media swiftly seized on terrifying reports of the sighting. Since then, Flatwoods has become a destination for those interested in legendary creatures, the paranormal, or just seeing how a small town grows around its folklore. 

The town hosts an annual Flatwoods Monster Fest, which features troupes of dancers dressed as the monster. You’ll also find five large chairs painted to look like the monster scattered around town. Photograph them all, and the visitor’s bureau will give you a sticker of the monster. 

There’s even a Flatwoods Monster Museum there now, and both museum and monster appear often in TV shows and podcasts. 

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Image of the Flatwoods Monster.
If you spot a glowing, eerie pair of eyes in a forest, you might be seeing the Flatwoods Monster.

How Big is the Flatwoods Monster?

Legend has it that the Flatwoods Monster is ten feet tall. It has a blood-red body and a glowing green face. Those who reported seeing it said that it might have had claws instead of hands, but the mist made it hard to be sure. 

Is the Flatwoods Monster the Same as the Frametown Monster?

The Flatwoods Monster and the Frametown Monster describe the same creature. Some people also call it the Braxton County Monster or – best of all – Braxxie.

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Appalachian Mountains at sunset.
The Flatwoods Monster has been spotted deep in the Appalachian Mountains.

Best Hikes Near the Flatwoods Monster

Elk River Trail

The Elk River Trail is an easy 26-mile crushed-stone trail. It’s very new, with the first stretch (the ten miles from Duck to Ivydale) only opening in 2020. The trail runs along the river, although dense trees block a lot of river views. 

Walking, running, cycling, and horseback riding are all permitted. They also allow Class 1 e-bikes. In addition, the trail offers some exercise stations throughout for those who want more rigorous exercise.

Cranberry Tri-Rivers Rail Trail

An older trail nearby is the 16-mile Cranberry Tri-Rivers Rail Trail with a combination of dirt and gravel. The first part may be a bit confusing to follow, though your reward will be beautiful views of the Cherry River. 

Once the trail enters the Monongahela National Forest, navigation is much simpler, and there’s even a waterfall with a viewing platform. This trail yields a lot of natural beauty, though caution is advised since it may be worn in places. 

Best Camping Near the Flatwoods Monster

Bulltown Campground

Bulltown Campground has 204 sites, of which 196 have full hook-ups. It’s on the edge of Burnsville Lake, and you can even boat into your campsite. The campground features roomy, level campsites and a good range of amenities, including WiFi and laundry facilities. 

It’s located near the historic Bulltown area, which has Civil War history attractions. There’s also a small general store by the campground; they’re said to have great ice cream! Rates are $20/night. 

Elk River Camp & RV Park

This campsite offers 26 sites with full or partial hookups, including city water and sewer. All sites are pull-through, and each site comes with a fire pit and picnic table. This park is situated by the river.

Reviewers mention the owner, Mark, as being friendly and helpful. Current rates are around $30.

Is a Trip to See the Flatwoods Monster Worth It? 

Braxxie has been feeling a little shy the past few decades and can’t promise to meet you. However, the monster’s imprint has been made on the community, and you’re sure to meet people with all kinds of stories about the Applachian cryptid.

Have you visited Flatwoods to see the monster?

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