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Intimacy in an RV. Is It Possible?

Intimacy in an RV. Is It Possible?

If the idea of being intimate with your partner in a variety of new places makes you excited, intimacy in an RV might be for you.

There’s no reason why the adventure can’t continue in the RV while you’re camping.

So, keep reading to see if you can spice things up a bit on your next RVing adventure. 

Let’s find out how!

Challenges with RV Intimacy

While intimacy in an RV can be exciting, it can also present some interesting challenges that you may not realize. Here are a few challenges you might encounter when getting hot and heavy in the RV bedroom. 

RV Beds Can Be Awful

RV beds are notorious for being awful. The stock mattresses are far from comfortable and can be downright painful. Rolling around a horrible bed can break the mood.

Not to mention, when you’ve had an awful night of sleep for a few nights in a row, you might have a hard time getting into the mood for intimacy. 

Pro Tip: Here’s some data and tips about getting better RV sleep.

Small Spaces

RVs aren’t exactly known for their spacious qualities. Even if you’re lucky enough to have a king bed in your RV, you might end up feeling like you can’t move around very much.

There isn’t very much space around the bed.

You’ll have to get creative if you prefer to make use of the entire bedroom.

RV couple in the morning in bed.
With small spaces to work with, intimacy in an RV can require creative solutions.

If the RV Is Rocking…

You likely already know that even just the slightest movement can make your RV shake. Someone simply walking in the RV or rolling over in bed can mean others feel the movement.

Getting intimate in your RV can certainly lend credence to the phrase, “If the RV is rocking, don’t come a-knocking.”

While being intimate at night might leave no one the wiser, a rocking RV in the daytime could be a giveaway.

You could always blame the rocking on your washer if you feel the need to do so. 

Thin Walls

If you and your partner tend to be a bit vocal while having sex, you could be unintentionally clueing the neighbors in on your activities. RV walls, even the exterior ones, are very thin.

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being vocal in the bedroom, keep in mind that others might become uncomfortable, and you might find yourself embarrassed. 

If you’re concerned about noises making their way outside your RV, you can do a test to see what gets through. Have one person stand outside of your RV while the other speaks inside.

Test the speaking volume to see at what point you can hear your partner from outside.

Woman laying in RV bed.
Since most RVs have thin walls, getting privacy can be challenging.

The Benefits of Being Intimate in an RV

Should you just forgo sex while you’re in an RV? Of course not; sex has benefits regardless of where you are.

Getting Intimate in Your RV is Memorable

You likely won’t forget that amazing night of intimacy that you experienced at a bucket list destination. There’s something exciting about having sex in a new place.

A night of passion following a day of adventure can be something you look back on fondly.

Keep in mind: If public places turn you on, an overnight stay in the Walmart parking lot may be the spice you’re in search of.

It Requires an Adventurous State of Mind

Having sex in an RV can be an adventure all on its own. If you’ve lacked a bit in the intimacy department, being sexually active while traveling can spice things up.

It’s common for people to check off states they’ve traveled to, but what if you checked off the states you’ve been intimate in?

Couple standing in their RV bedroom and kitchen.
Before getting intimate in your RV, make sure to prep it with wheel chocks and good curtains.

Tips for Getting Intimate in Your RV

So how can you make being sexual in your RV a pleasant experience instead of an uncomfortable one? We have a few tips for making your experience even more enjoyable.  

Chock Your RV Wheels

Placing RV wheel chocks works wonders for stopping the bouncing and shaking that happens with the everyday motions that come with RV camping.

Wheel chocks can also give your RV some stability while getting down with your partner. If either of you feels uncomfortable with the RV shaking, you’ll be too distracted to enjoy it. 

Pro Tip: Looking for the perfect wheel chocks? These are Which RV Wheel Chocks Are Decent, Better & The Best.

Close Your Shades

While the views outside might be phenomenal, unless you’re boondocking with no one around, shut the shades. Not only could it lead to an embarrassing situation for you, but you could also get a knock on the door. Indecent exposure isn’t something to mess around with.

Families with young children will be incredibly annoyed if your adult activities are on display for the whole park.

Don’t forget that your RV becomes a fishbowl at night. Just because it’s dark outside doesn’t mean others can’t see in, even if you have tinted windows. 

RV couple sitting in bed together.
Remember to be respectful to your neighbors if they are outside at their campsite.

Know When Your Neighbors Are Out

If you know your neighbors are outside enjoying their campsite, be a bit quieter. They’ll likely appreciate not hearing the sounds of your intimate relationship.

Don’t worry, though; many people find it a thrill to feel like they’re sneaking around a bit. 

Pro Tip: Don’t be the RV neighbors everybody dreads camping next to. These are 7 Traits of Bad RVers Who Think They’re Good RVers.

Come Prepared

Don’t let being unprepared come in the way of a great night of being intimate in your RV. Bring along anything you find exciting or necessary at home. If lube or toys are your thing, have them on hand.

Don’t forget to pack the condoms so you can practice safe sex and avoid coming home with an unintended souvenir. 

Should You Try Getting Intimate in Your RV?

There’s no reason why two willing adults can’t enjoy getting busy in their RV. Being intimate while traveling can reignite passion and mix things up a bit. While some challenges can come with sex in an RV, it’s worth the effort. 

We hope that by now that you realize that intimacy while RVing is most definitely possible. Camping is a great way to bring a couple together and enhance their physical and emotional relationship.

Spending more time with your loved one is a tremendous benefit of adventuring, and you’re likely not going to hear complaints if the results are a more active sex life. Have you ever gotten adventurous in your RV?

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