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Where Is The World’s Largest McDonald’s

Where Is The World’s Largest McDonald’s?

Today we’re going to learn about the world’s largest McDonald’s. But how special can one McDonald’s be? 

As you’ll see, selecting the world’s largest McDonald’s is trickier than it may seem since there are a few criteria. But, we’ve got it covered.

Let’s dig in, McFlurry-style!

Where Is the World’s Largest McDonald’s?

Several restaurants could qualify as the world’s largest McDonald’s. For instance, the 43,000 square foot one at the Frankfurt airport is the largest based on yardage alone.

However, the McDonald’s in Moscow’s Pushkin Square has the most seating, allowing 900 to sit in the first fast-food restaurant to grace Russia. 

Also, some McDonald’s restaurants are known as “Entertainment McDonald’s,” devoting space to arcades as well as dining. 

Boy eating McDonald's cheeseburger
Head to Orlando, FL to see the largest McDonalds.

About the World’s Largest Entertainment McDonald’s

One such entertainment McDonald’s is the world’s largest, fittingly known as the Epic McD. Opened in 2016 in Orlando, FL, this restaurant thoroughly reimagines the McDonald’s menu and experience. 

In addition to the usual array of Quarter Pounders and Big Macs, this location allows diners to customize burgers and other dishes. Their menu includes the likes of Belgian waffles and wood-fired pizza, all prepared in an open kitchen. 

The entertainment area is equally epic. The world’s largest McDonald’s delivers on that front as well, boasting a 2,000 square foot coin-op arcade and a 22-foot tall play structure full of tunnels, slides, and ladders.

There’s also a 30-foot tall illuminated Ronald McDonald, though frankly, that sounds entertaining in a Pennywise sort of way. 

Mom and son eating McDonald's together
After visiting your favorite Disney characters, head over to say hello to Ronald McDonald.

Where Is the World’s Smallest McDonald’s?

The world’s smallest McDonald’s is so small that no human could ever enter it. And that’s part of the point. After all, it’s for honeybees. That’s right. In Sweden, McDonald’s commissioned the design of a tiny replica “McHive.”  

The company has been so devoted to green initiatives in Sweden that they’ve been permitting people to keep bees on their rooftops. In honor of World Bee Day, McDonald’s commissioned a Swedish designer to create the miniature McDonald’s, complete with a drive-thru.

The interior holds honeycomb trays for the bees.

McDonald’s auctioned the McHive and received $10,000 for the Ronald McDonald House.

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Where is the Original McDonald’s?

The Original McDonald’s is now a museum in San Bernardino, California. On this site, the world’s first McDonald’s opened in 1940. Later, a local chicken restaurant bought the place and converted it to a free museum. 

Person holding chicken sandwich in car
Hike off the calories from your McDonald’s meal at Shingle Creek Trail or Pine Island East Loop Trail.

Best Hikes Near the World’s Largest Entertainment McDonald’s

Shingle Creek Trail

The Shingle Creek Trail is 2 miles out and back. It’s easy and suitable for walking, running, road biking, and walking your dog. Its southern section is in wildlife habitat, so you may see eagles and gators from it.

This trail connects to some other paths if you’re hoping for a longer hike.

Pine Island East Loop Trail

Another easy trail in the area is the Pine Island East Loop Trail, which takes you by the headwaters of the Everglades preserves. The 3.4-mile trail is mainly unpaved and goes through wetlands rich with wildlife.

Dogs are welcome if they’re on a leash. 

Best Camping Near the World’s Largest Entertainment McDonald’s

Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort

Located on 750 acres of pine and cypress trees, the Fort Wilderness Resort extends the fun of a Disney getaway to the camping experience. They offer three kinds of RV sites, with the difference among them being the amount of space and price. 

Various dining options are available on-site, such as a food truck, snack bar, and diner. Swimming, archery lessons, and pony and carriage rides are just a few of the activities offered at the resort.

Rates range between $100-$130/night. 

Tropical Palms RV Resort

Tropical Palms RV Resort offers both pull-through and back-in sites, all of which include 30/50-Amp electric, cable tv, and water. Some spaces are grass, some are wood, and some are concrete.

This resort features a range of amenities, mostly outdoor activities, in addition to a library and laundry facilities.

Pets are welcome, and rates average $140/night. 

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Is a Trip to the World’s Largest Entertainment McDonald’s Worth It? 

Absolutely. If you’re touring the Orlando area attractions, this is a fun stop at a friendlier price point than dining in theme parks. It’s unlike any McDonald’s most of us have seen. 

It sounds strange to include McDonald’s as a destination, but the world’s largest entertainment McDonald’s goes a long way towards making diners rethink what a McDonald’s can be.

And if the giant, illuminated Ronald McDonald proves too stimulating, there are some gorgeous trails through the Everglades to help you unwind.

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