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Donkey Lady Bridge Is a Road Trip Destination for Only the Brave

Donkey Lady Bridge Is a Road Trip Destination for Only the Brave

Urban legends abound worldwide, and the story of Donkey Lady Bridge in San Antonio is one the locals will swear is true.

The Donkey Lady legend seems rooted in more than just folklore. It’s survived decades, perhaps centuries, depending on which timeline is accurate.

Let’s take a closer look at this haunted tale!

The Legend of the Donkey Lady of San Antonio

Just like typical folklore, there are several versions of the legend of the Donkey Lady. One tells the story of a woman whose husband started a fire in their house.

This fire killed their two children and the husband. The wife was left horribly disfigured.

Legend says that when her physical injuries healed, her face was saggy, and her fingers had fused together, making them look like hooves. Thus, she earned the name “Donkey Lady.”

However, she never healed emotionally and mentally.

Legend says she went crazy mourning the deaths of her children and remained in the area of Bexar County. She haunts the swampy land near a bridge, the “Donkey Lady Bridge.”

The Donkey Lady Bridge
The legend of the Donkey Lady Bridge is sure to send a shiver down your spine.

Are There Other Versions of This Story?

Versions vary on when this occurred. Some versions claim the 1950s, while others say it happened in the 1800s. Regardless, the versions are pretty similar, with only slight differences.

One version changes the story by saying a traveler started the fire. A wealthy merchant’s son walked past the farm when he started teasing a horse or mule on the property.

In retaliation, the animal bit him. He started beating the animal until the woman and her husband heard the creature’s cries. They ran outside and threw rocks at the son, who ran away shouting that he would get revenge.

That night he returned with an angry mob and burned the house down. The woman emerged from the fire, completely scarred, chasing the crowd away before hurling herself into Elm Creek.

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Donkey on a farm.
If you feel like you’re being watched when crossing the bridge, it might be the Donkey Lady.

What Do Visitors Claim to See on Donkey Lady Bridge?

Some visitors don’t claim to see anything on Donkey Lady Bridge, but they do feel watched. This in itself is enough to scare some people away. Others have stories about actual encounters with the Donkey Lady.

Most of the stories include damage to cars, blood on the windshields, and visions of a woman with a deformed head and hoof-like hands. Locals and visitors alike tell these stories.

Two brothers and their father said they were out for a weekend camping trip when they heard animal sounds nearby and decided to move. As they packed up, the father kept his eye on the beast moving about in the weeds. He told the boys to get in the truck as fast as they could.

Suddenly, the ugliest creature they’d ever seen bounded onto the windshield, shrieking and punching the windshield with its deformed hands. The father slammed on the brakes, which sent the “thing” sailing off the car. He reversed the truck and floored it.

Eventually, the Donkey Lady retreated into the woods.

Of course, when the father and sons returned, no one believed their story until they saw the truck with its broken windshield, dented hood, and scratched paint.

Misty bridge
You can find the Donkey Lady Bridge in San Antonio.

Where Is Donkey Lady Bridge?

Donkey Lady Bridge crosses Elm Creek on the south side of San Antonio via Applewhite Road.

It’s easy to find if you’re looking for it. You can get there by starting at the intersection of Jett Road and Loop 1604 and traveling north on Jett Road about two miles. You’ll see the bridge on the left.

Another route from the east will take you via Applewhite Road. After traveling north on Applewhite Road, you’ll turn left onto West Jett Road, where you’ll run into the bridge crossing Elm Creek. During the day, it appears unassuming, but at night, visitors say they get the feeling they’re being watched.

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When Should You Visit Donkey Lady Bridge?

If you’re looking for a scare or taking a haunted road trip, visit at night. Locals say the best way to get the Donkey Lady’s attention is to honk your horn and call her name.

Sometimes she’ll show up, and sometimes you’ll only get an eerie feeling.

The bridge may be closed to traffic. You might have to pull off somewhere nearby and walk to the bridge.

Should You Road Trip to This Urban Legend Destination?

If you’re in the San Antonio area and want a scare, take a trip out to Donkey Lady Bridge.

There are other haunted places around the area that you could visit, like the Texas Killing Fields and Baker Hotel. However, if you aren’t interested in urban legends or folklore, you can probably skip a visit to Donkey Lady Bridge.

San Antonio has a lot to offer as a destination. The Donkey Lady Bridge is a different sort of attraction if you’re brave enough.

Would you consider visiting the bridge on your next trip to San Antonio?

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