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RV Dealership Employee Sheds Truth on Industry Practices

RV Dealership Employee Sheds Truth on Industry Practices

RV Dealership Employee Sheds Truth on Industry Practices

There’s no doubt that many RVers are fed up with the industry practices. 

Visit any RV online forum, and you’ll see comments from disgruntled owners. Rarely, however, do industry insiders share their personal experiences.

Today we’ve got the scoop straight from the source.

Let’s dive in.

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Who’s Spilling the Tea?

On the Reddit RV community called GoRVing, an RV dealership employee has opened up a can of worms. Their name on Reddit is u/Kirk_Hinrich, and here’s how he introduces himself:

“After 7 years of working in almost every department for rv dealerships and corporate offices, I just had my second baby and I am ready to move on to a different industry.

I think there is a lot of trust issues between customers and sales/ service employees and I hope I can help answer any questions.”

Like all Reddit posts, anonymity allows users to share more than they would in the public spotlight. 

It also means verifying accuracy is impossible. Whether you read on for education or entertainment, take it with a grain of salt and use your judgment to determine accuracy.

We can’t validate any of the following claims due to the source of the original post (Reddit). 

However, it’s not too hard to believe what is said.

Is MSRP Real, and How Much Less Than It Should I Pay?

We all know MSRP is rarely paid, but how does a dealership use that number? Well, Kirk_Hinrich says, “Depending on the dealership, sometimes that msrp is just a made up number.”

20% off the MSRP is a reasonable expectation.

If you can get the listed sale price as the actual price paid, that’s a good deal. Often fees and taxes can jack the sale price right back up to the MSRP.

Kirk_Hinrich continues, “Usually they have a sale price at least 20% lower. In my opinion, a fair deal to negotiate is to try and get that listed sale price out the door after taxes, title, licensing, etc.”

Has Quality Gotten Worse?

Redditor Fearless-Deer9250 wants to know if quality has really gotten worse over the last two years.

The OP’s response was somewhat reassuring. He says:

“The construction itself hasn’t really changed. The biggest thing is the high demand as well as parts/labor shortages. The manufacturers are pushing them out much faster without property quality checking them…”

New or Used?

Should RVers buy a new or used unit? It’s a question as old as RVing itself. And, there are people firmly positioned on either side of the argument.

The fact is, RV dealers make good money from selling both new and used.

Here’s what Kirk_Hinrich thinks about the issue:

It can all depend on your situation and plans so there isn’t really a right or wrong answer. If it was me personally, i would prefer getting one that is used but I know has been through the proper inspections to make sure everything is working and in good shape.

A lot of older models were built better, but if the previous owner didn’t care about maintenance, it won’t matter.”

What’s the most common way people get ripped off at an RV dealer?

We decided to join the conversation and ask Kirk_Hinrich a question on Reddit, too.

Our question is, “What’s the most common way people get ripped off at a dealership?”

Here’s the frightening answer:

“On the day you pick up your new camper, you will be excited and spend a good chunk of your day there. Most places are going to bring you into a finance office for a long time and wear you out with all their information. Not all of it is bogus but once you sign up for one thing, they will keep going and going. 

Just make sure you listen and know what you are signing up for. Too many times people see their first payoff amount and don’t realize there is thousands more than what you thought.

Large dealerships get kickbacks from the bank and they will sometimes sell you the camper below cost because they will make way more off of financing.”

If you see a “finance discount” price, know that something is fishy.”

He spells it out with a straightforward sentence…” They are all selling cheap units and a low price and making their money on the back end.”

Are RV Dealers Really That Bad?

Even after reading the insight from an RV dealer employee, it doesn’t seem like dealers are all to blame.

The RV manufacturers need to increase quality and quality control.

And, the consumer needs to become educated on the buying and financing process before getting an RV on a whim.

What do you think about these insights?

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Captain Quirk

Tuesday 9th of November 2021

"Has Quality Gotten Worse?

"The [industry insider's] response was somewhat reassuring. He says:

“The construction itself hasn’t really changed. The biggest thing is the high demand as well as parts/labor shortages. The manufacturers are pushing them out much faster without property [sic] quality checking them…”

Well, wait a minute.  If the mfrs are pushing them out much faster without properly quality checking them, then the construction HAS changed.  >:-( 

Not reassuring at all! :-(

D. Noar

Wednesday 27th of October 2021

As an rv owner for 25 years ( 3 travel trailers), I always tell potential buyers the same thing. This is the biggest pos, poorly made thing you will ever spend money on. As a contractor, I accept this, and start upgrades and repairs almost immediately.


Wednesday 27th of October 2021

Want to know more


Wednesday 27th of October 2021

I do have to sell my Camper first! However. I have been doing my homework, dealing with Dealers coast to coast! They all like to say, they only have a few in stock, and the B unit I'm interested in, the stock is very short! Truth is, I found 80 units on the lots! I have been told that if I want a particular unit, that's not in California, I have to pay $1,200 for shipping to me. Other Dealers will eat that fee! Steven

Richard D.Cameron

Wednesday 27th of October 2021

Camping World is the worse in Service.

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