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Can You Park Overnight at Home Depot to Sleep?

Many RVers know about Walmart, Bass Pro, and Cracker Barrel, but did you know some Home Depots allow RVs to stay overnight?

You might just need one too. It seems like everybody and their mother bought an RV in 2020. It’s not just campgrounds that are filling up.

Some RVers are having trouble getting spots through services like Harvest Hosts as well. As a result, some RVers are thinking outside the box for overnight camping spots.

Let’s take a look!

Are RVers Allowed to Park at Home Depot Overnight?

The more than 2,200 Home Depot locations in the country often feature massive parking lots. These lots are usually empty, especially later in the evening and overnight. Big construction trucks and trailers use them to load up materials, but can you park your RV there overnight?

You can try checking on popular apps like AllStays and Campendium. However, you should always ask permission from an establishment before setting up camp for the night. See if you can speak with a manager to get the OK.

Even if a big-box retailer typically welcomes RVers, local ordinances supersede any corporate policies. If a city or local municipality prohibits overnight camping, you’re out of luck. If you decide to park anyway, you may get a knock on your door in the middle of the night.

Pro Tip: We prefer Cracker Barrel Overnight RV Parking over all others.

Do Parking Enforcement Officers Kick You Out?

While many places prohibit camping overnight in parking lots, whether you get kicked out is up to chance. You may get lucky. However, you could get kicked out and receive a ticket. That will probably cost you more than a campsite.

Tips for Parking Overnight at Home Depot

If you plan to camp overnight at Home Depot, we’ve got a few tips to make the most of your stay.

Call the Store First

No matter what app or website you’re using to find camping spots, you should call the store as well. You don’t want to drive out of your way to discover that local or store ordinances prohibit camping. Calling ahead can save you from a major hassle.

When you’re calling ahead, it’s also important to make sure you talk to someone with authority. Most Home Depot employees can’t grant permission for overnight stays. Getting a manager’s permission can help protect you from potential issues in the middle of the night.

Park on the Outskirts

When picking a spot, there’s a couple of things to keep in mind. Don’t pull into any spot you can’t get out of. When you’re looking for a parking spot for your RV, make sure you know how you’ll exit it.

By parking on the outskirts of the parking lot, you provide plenty of space for other vehicles. This can prevent another vehicle from blocking you in.

Don’t Set Up Camp

It’s important to keep in mind that your overnight stop is not a campsite. It’s not the place to pull out your camping chairs, entry doormats, and lights. Maintain a clean environment and be ready to leave quickly if necessary.

Many RVers won’t unhitch to limit the work required to leave in the morning.

Keep in mind: Safety is a huge factor with overnight RV parking. Here’s the truth about how safe it is.

Is Camping at Home Depot a Good Idea?

Staying at Home Depot can be a great option, especially if you’re looking for a quick overnight stop. While it likely won’t provide an epic view or any amenities, it’s a free spot to stay for the night. 

Home Depot can be more than just a place to get lumber or a power tool. It can be a great place to park your RV for the night. Have you stayed in your RV at Home Depot or another big-box retailer?

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  1. Captain Quirk says:

    I’m always a bit wary of the (universally given) advice to call and get permission in advance. Of course, that’s the safest and most conservative approach, but it makes it very easy for the manager to say “no”.

    I tend to subscribe to the adage that it’s easier to get forgiveness than permission. Unless Campendium or the other usual sources say overnight parking is not allowed, or there are signs specifically prohibiting it, I would just go ahead and take my chances. (Using common sense, of course, to park on the outskirts of the lot and otherwise keep a low profile.)

  2. […] — with permission — at chains like Love’s Travel Stops as well as Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, and Cracker Barrel locations that allow overnight stops in their parking lots as long as […]

  3. Hope Ray says:

    Having a list of free campsites with hookups or minimal fees or for overnight parking will be handy. I have been looking for a long while for the info. Thx

  4. William says:

    The new Love’s Bloomington, Illinois has overnight for rv’s with all hookups on I55

  5. Ronnie Abrams says:

    I have a 37’ class A gas motorhome. I have to get it from the Boston, Massachusetts area to the Atlanta, Georgia area in October. I can drive it but, admittedly I do have trouble in and out of gas stations and I need a navigator and someone who can hook it up at the GA campground. I have 2 small dogs that travel with me. I am willing to drive and rest in rest stops or stay in a park on the way, if I can find one. Also would be open to having it taken for me if it can be parked and hooked up in the GA. park until I get there. Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated.

  6. Kevin Thomas Smith says:

    I was traveling up 95 a few weeks ago it was a Rainy Night I was really tired I pulled into the new Buc-ee’s to sleep for a few hours until the weather passed I got my window banged on and told I had to leave I was not allowed to sleep there I told him I was only there for a few hours then I was going to get some coffee on something to eat and then move on they told me I had to go

  7. Jeremiah McKenna says:

    The HD near me shares a rather large parking lot with Walmart. I have seen campers in the Walmart side, but never on the HD side.
    I do know we had a lotnof homeless vagabonds setting up camps and living in the sheds put front of the HD a few weeks ago, but they were kindly removed.

    I’m not sure if this HD allows it, but they do have a large area that would be able to hold about 10 campers that is rarely even used by regular shoppers. So I don’t think they have an issue, especially if you are gone early.

  8. Kim says:

    Parked in an LA fitness adjacent to Cracker Barrel (CB lot crowded)
    In Portland Oregon. Security woke us at 1:30, telling us we couldn’t park there. I called local police, they said it’s ok to park behind Fred Myers grocery, nice fellows.

  9. Brian says:

    We stayed at the home Depot in Sault Sainte Marie and the manager told me to park where the plugs where for block heaters
    We stayed three days before crossing to the US
    It was very nice of them

  10. Tony morgan says:


  11. George Salvesen says:

    Walmarts are a hit or miss..many will not allow overnight stays..they have reached their tolerance on large amounts of waste left behind by many overnighters..always best to ask in person and then pick up a few items..they appreciate that..

  12. Anonymous says:

    Home depot is a privately owned company(I work for them). Since it’s private property, any laws, or ordinances can’t be inforce by the police, unless posted. Most stores are “ok” if it’s over night(1 night) and you don’t make a mess.

  13. Kevin T says:

    We have used Walmart for a few years and only once we’re asked to leave. We found out it is not up to Walmart or HomeDepot etc it is up to the property owner where the store sits. A Walmart in WV was posted no overnight parking and at 5 am the property manager was knocking on doors and slapping stickers on RVs and trucks. Over all though we have had good luck only once in 3 years asked to move on

  14. Ray says:

    Better be really choosy , what I mean is that the thieves that roam Home Depot parking lots to pick their next victim ( breaking in to steel tools from contractors trucks early i the morning ) while they are inside shopping for their jobs also will breaking those van and take what they can or take the van altogether
    On some areas in the west , that happens on a daily bases , they are ruthless and have no rules
    If I could suggest something else , try the Lowe’s parking lots , sure they also have some break-ins , but it’s a minor % compared with HOME DEPOT

  15. Very informant and delightful to read.

  16. Jack Drues says:

    It is unfortunate that beauracrats are always sticking their snouts into everyone’s business yet doing yet doing nothing to assist us.

  17. Jojo Cox says:

    FYI Cracker Barrel is closing down in 2024.

    I feel much safer at truck stops.
    There was a grocery store that allowed us to park for a couple days while waiting on a friend to get her vacation days and travel with us. We moved almost 20 miles away to our favorite truck stop because we were being stalked by somebody. I’m sure waiting for the right time to rob us. The person followed us all the way to the highway about 3 miles away. A bit unnerving.

  18. Nicole devine says:

    I have used Walmart and Walmart shopping centers that share lots with other retail stores. It is best to try to blend in with employee or ride share parking or my favorite, to make your parking so that no one can tell whose lot your in ( the center or four stores?) . Our Home Depot in atascadero, ca- is the most liberal and least restrictive of any place I have ever parked. I would highly recommend. Also the one in SlO I have had problems with a few times, but if you have a cleaner look and less junk then I sometimes carey you will probably be fine. Even though there are laws against camping in cuty limits it’s really a matter of fitting in, not getting complaint calls, knowing when and where police do checka etc. in terms of places I find Easter to park- motel 6’s often have out of the way parking space- “ overflow”, dennys, parks for daytime use, libraries- day and night, uregent care and emergency rooms- if someone questions you – I’m waiting on picking up a friend. Who I thought had said this hospital-?? I better call him/ her and double check- or I wasn’t feeling well but I didn’t want to go in yet- seeing if I get better or worse- took an extra bp pill- something like that. Anywhere near a 24 hour store or a store wheee there is ride share/ or similiar commuter parking, train and bus depots, Starbucks or other coffee houses with early late hour, cemeteries, public toilets, golf courses and salvation armies/goodwills- outside mental health hospitals- don’t park- at schools or at any parole or probation office- dhs/ homeless organizations and vets buildings almost always seem mellow…and at car repair shops- car breaking down – gotta get it looked at ( hopefully they can take me) …oh the Lowe’s in Paso Robles, and possibly the San Paso truck stop off 101 in Paso Robles they have 15 dollar showers but wear a flannel shirt and buy sunflower seeds so they think you rally are a trucker. Don’t say you’re a passenger in a truckers truck only truckers are allowed ro shower. I have found pilots to be great for parking in and showering and some rv parks will let you buy a short amount of parking and showering. Planet fitness and other gyms- especially 24, and chruch parking lots as well as laundry matt and dollar stores all seem lax

  19. William Kilduff says:

    Looking for legal spots for RV camping . 👀

  20. William Kilduff says:

    Looking for legal spots for RV camping . 👀 I have a 30′ foot motorhome so it’s not exactly Stealth.And getting the knock sucks.